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Easy Freestyle: 21st Century Techniques for Beginners to Advanced Swimmers Easy Freestyle: 21st Century Techniques for Beginners to Advanced Swimmers

Easy Freestyle: 21st Century Techniques for Beginners to Advanced Swimmers

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  • A refreshing take on "self-help swim-improvement," the Easy Freestyle DVD offers a practical progression of instructions, leading you through concrete steps towards minimizing energy waste before focusing on increasing fitness or power, and emphasizes minimizing drag in every aspect of the stroke,  including pulling, kicking and breathing. Providing a coordinated guide to stroke development, Easy Freestyle also offers enhanced presentation tools for learning each step and answering every question, including: clear links between every lesson and the full stroke; side-by-side comparisons of correct and incorrect techniques; graphic enhancements to clarify every critical position and movement path; and a review/practice segment for each lesson.

    Lesson Summary
    • Lesson One: Cooperate with Gravity
        - Learn to use, not fight gravity
        - Find your natural equilibrium in the water
        - Achieve a sense of support, comfort and confidence
        - Break the cycle of exhausting overkicking
    • Lesson Two: Take the Path of Least Resistance
        - Learn sleek "fishlike" body positions
        - Hone your alignment to minimize drag
        - Learn "active" streamlining
    • Lesson Three: Swim with your Body
        - Learn to use your hands to "cut a path" through the water
        - Lessen resistance for your torso and legs
        - Use rhythmic weight shifts
        - Propel yourself with effortless power
    • Lesson Four: The "Perpetual Motion" Stroke
        - Learn to use your "powerhouse" (core-body rotation)
        - Achieve maximal speed with minimal fatigue
    • Lesson Five: Channel your Energy
        - Integrate a compact, relaxed recovery
        - Coordinate core-powered movement
        - Minimize unnecessary muscle activation
        - Increase ease of movement
        - Channel energy where it is most effective
    • Lesson Six: Seamless Breathing
        - Learn breathing skills that get your muscles the oxygen they need
        - Make your stroke more powerful and effective
    • Lesson Seven: Turns that save Energy and Time
        - Learn the secrets of a fast, easy turn
        - Three versions of the "touch" or "open" turn
        - Two versions of the flip turn
        - All turns comprehensively illustrated  
    • Lesson Eight: Swim Faster Efficiently
        - Swim fast the smart way instead of the hard way
        - Learn to increase stroke tempo in a controlled and incremental way
    • Running Time: 73 minutes


  • 4.5 star rating (8 Reviews)

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  • 8/23/2010 Learn to swim the Free style video

    rating star By Earl

    This is my first swim video.  I selected it because all the others advertised seem to be about swimming faster.  This video starts with basics to help someone like me who can swim but never was taught to swim with proper techniques.  I look at the video the day before I swim, most of the time just before I leave home to go to the athletic club.  The instructions are terrific because you can do what you see on the video as instructed and see that it works.  The instructions are simple to understand.  Getting the technique right is up to the swimmer.

    New Orleans

  • 8/16/2013 Very Helpful

    rating star By W.

    Watched pieces several times so far, and some of the practice exercises given are very helpful in improving technique.

    Menasha, WI

  • 3/2/2013 Great instruction to help rewire your freestyle

    rating star By PK

    In triathlons, the swim has always been my slowest event, so I'm using this DVD to improve my stroke, increase my swim confidence, and hopefully gain some speed. It shows a step by step breakdown of the stroke to practice in increments.

    Framingham, MA

  • 2/20/2013 Good Training Aid

    rating star By Ronnie G.

    I view this CD frequently---at least weekly prior to my first workout.  It's a great way to refresh on fundamentals with emphasis on good techniques.  There are language ques in the DVD that serve as reminders of the proper swim techniques.

    Ronnie G.
    Corinth, Texas

  • 1/30/2013 swem free style

    rating star By Luther

    Not that great


  • 4/23/2012 Really helped improve my stroke tremendously, know where to place my arms.

    rating star By Daniel K.

    Real useful stroke drills.  I swim with more finnese, not beating the water into submission.

    Daniel K.
    Paris, KY

  • 3/19/2012 Really Helps!

    rating star By sabotage7302

    I loved it, it's helped me out so much. Swimming is starting to click with me.

    Dubuque, Iowa

  • 4/26/2010 I CAN swim!

    rating star By BurlGRL

    The program starts with getting relaxed in the water and being comfortable, and builds through eight lessons, your freestyle stroke.  Great instruction, excellent demonstrations and memorable words & phrases for when you get to the water.  So glad we got this because swimming is now easy and enjoyable; I wish I could find the same caring and thorough approach for cycling.  Only trouble is that the music lulls me to sleep sometimes; but I think I'm training-tired too!  Love TI!

    East TN

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