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Deja View Video Swimming for Fitness with Donna de Varona

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    Two-time Olympic Gold medalist Donna de Varona guides you through three levels of fitness swimming.

    • Made for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced swimmers.
    • All strokes and their variations are also included.
    • Each interactive level is divided into technique, drills and workout routines.
    • Color coded on-screen guides and numerical index window assist with fast forward, rewind and search functions.
    • 53-minute run time.



Deja View Video

A play on deja vu, Deja View™ Video Productions creates instructional videos that help people get off of the couch (after the DVD is over) and moving around. Especially helpful for people who are starting a sport as beginners, Deja View's videos come with clear explanations, examples, workout tips and drills for those who want to refine skills on their own.

Deja View's Swimming for Fitness DVD is perfect for the swimmer who wants to improve their technique and have better water-based workouts. Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Donna de Varona walks viewers through everything from stretching, to drills, to skills like flip turns and starts. Easy to navigate, and with tons of over and underwater footage, swimmers of nearly any skill levels can learn something from this DVD.

Deja View Video Production Instructional DVDs give everyone the chance to go from beginner to skilled athlete. Their instructional DVDs are a great way to learn about a sport without the high price of a personal coach or gym membership. The high quality content and helpful demonstration footage makes Deja View instructional DVDs a great choice for anyone who is motivated to improve their athleticism on their own terms.