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Blackburn Toolmanator 16 Multi Function Cycling Tool Blackburn Toolmanator 16 Multi Function Cycling Tool

Blackburn Toolmanator 16 Multi Function Cycling Tool

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  • One of the most comprehensive cycling tools on the market, the Blackburn™ Toolmanator 16 Multi Function Cycling Tool has 16 functions.

    • 16-function multi tool.
    • 1-piece aluminum frame and ultra slim design.
    • Mini-shock pump for trailside adjustments.
    • Hardened, forged and drawn chrome vanadium tool bits.
    • Includes: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm hex keys.
        - Torx T25 and T30.
        - Schrader Valve adjuster.
        - Bladed and Philips #2 screwdrivers.
        - 10s chain breaker.
        - 14/15 gauge spoke wrenches.
    • Comes with a neoprene sleeve for easy storage.




Blackburn® was created in 1975, in order to give cyclists bike gear that was durable, light and trustworthy. Since then, Blackburn's founder Jim Blackburn has been proud to create the first dual stroke mini bike pump and oversized mini mountain bike pump. Blackburn was also the first to create a floor pump that is dual stage and dual stroke. By recognizing a need and creating a product that will fill that need, Blackburn has been able to add a great deal to the cycling community.

Blackburn prides itself on its high quality Blackburn bike pumps, Blackburn floor pumps, Blackburn bike multi tools, Blackburn bike bags, Blackburn water bottle cages and Blackburn bike lights. Their innovative designs have even won Blackburn the Eurobike Award, a very esteemed accomplishment.

Just because they were the first to create several different styles of Blackburn bike pumps doesn't mean that their job is done. Blackburn continues to keep its eyes open on ways to improve so cyclists can bike prepared for life's potholes. The road ahead is easier to see when there is a Blackburn bike light and easier to handle with a Blackburn bike pump.