Barracuda Sworkel Goggle Make your snorkeling adventures memorable with this innovative Sworkel Goggle from Barracuda™. • Silicone seal creates a watertight, comfortable seal. • Wide-angle field of view. • Anti-fog coating. • Lightweight and packable.
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Barracuda Sworkel Goggle Barracuda Sworkel Goggle Barracuda Sworkel Goggle Barracuda Sworkel Goggle Barracuda Sworkel Goggle Barracuda Sworkel Goggle Barracuda Sworkel Goggle Barracuda Sworkel Goggle

Barracuda Sworkel Goggle

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  • Make your snorkeling adventures more memorable with the innovative Barracuda Sworkel Goggle. With this snorkeling mask, you’ll have a clear view of the underwater world.


    • Silicone seal creates a watertight, comfortable seal.
    • Wide-angle field of view.
    • Anti-fog coating.
    • Lightweight and packable.

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  • 4 star rating (8 Reviews)

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  • 4/26/2015 Sworkel - a godsend product for my sinuses!

    rating star By Dave M

    For many months, I have had to deal deal with a problem where I would become completely congested after about an hour or so of swimming at my local pool to the point of being uncomfortable, getting sinus headaches, and being unable to sleep if the swim was in the evening.  I attributed this to an allergic reaction to whatever they were using to treat the water.  I could not use a nose plug as my sinuses need to drain when I swim Freestyle and drainage buildup would lead to a headache after the swim.  Decongestants only offered some temporary relief and I was also starting to do the spray more often than I really should.  As I'm a triathlete, not swimming wasn't an option but I was near to the point of dreading going to the pool for practice. Then through, I found the Sworkel!  Read the reviews and decided that this is what I was looking for, i.e something that wouldn't let pool water in my nose but also allow my sinuses to drain and not be plugged.  Took some getting used to as I do breathe through my nose a bit when swimming.  But, I no longer have the problem!  Breathing is so much better and with greatly reduced congestion (if any sometimes)!  I don't really notice any issue with training with these vs regular goggles wrt streamlining and I'm swimming up to 2600 m with them Freestyle.  I did write to Barracuda as well letting them know and also suggested perhaps adding a purge valve if that was feasible.  When I breathe out, I also breathe out through my nose and that separates the mask from my face.  But, no water leaks in because of the air leaving and it seals back up once I'm done.  I do notice a bit of leakage if I'm pushing hard.  The mask is fairly comfortable, but as with goggles, the contact area will leave a ring around your face and can bite into the skin a bit after an hour of use.  Still, the trade off of not having the terrible congestion post-swim and being able to breathe better is well worth it!  I'd give it 5 stars if there would be a purge valve or some better way to breathe out with my nose.  That's minor and really could be a 4.5 rating if I could give that.  Highly recommend giving it a try if you're having similar issues!  Again, Sworkel has saved my sinuses as well as my swim workouts!

    Dave M
    Frederick, MD

  • 11/21/2014 I love em.

    rating star By Nash

    I swim laps every morning. Hate nose clips because they come off mid swim. These goggles are pretty good, no water inside after 40 laps, or 80 trips across the pool.  Very comfortable. I say it is a good investment.

    Sun City, CA

  • 11/2/2014 I Have Not Yet Used, But-

    rating star By Wm.

    The seller could not be aware- these are absolute maximum safe depth, of 2M; the snorkeling gets a bit deeper, ideally, for me.
    They might have potential for swimmers in cold water, over goggles, and do look excellent in package, notwithstanding any otherwise unmentionable's, innovative eco-friendliness, perhaps, may have been left out to save ink, add humility!  : )


  • 8/13/2014 55 Yr. Old Swimmer from Riverside, CA

    rating star By Nash

    I swim 40 laps daily in an Olympic Pool. The Combat Swimmer Stroke.
    Vision is excellent and crystal clear. I have a med-large face? Perfect fit, no leaks, comfortable and almost zero drag. Swim time was much improved due to this feature. I will carry this as an extra when I go Scuba. The Combat Swimmer Stroke involves a lot of movement. Most masks tend to leak.  Not this one. The strap stayed in place and did not move. I may get another one. Thanks Swim Outlet! Everyone else has theirs priced much higher.

    Riverside CA

  • 7/29/2014 sworkel

    rating star By michelle

    I use to swim in lakes training for tri's.  Works well since i have a hard time breathing out my nose while swimming. The only complaint is that my face is more round and sometimes some water will seep in, not enough to cause problems but it noticeable. My husband does not have problems.  I did have to tighten the strap as small as it would go.. might need different strap.


  • 7/4/2013 An interesting change

    rating star By Senior swimmer

    I use the sworkel to swim laps.  So far I really like the comfort, the fact that water is highly unlikely to get in, the larger field of vision, and that the mask leaves no marks on my face.  

    What is not so great (so far) is that I am having to adjust my breathing.  Apparently, with normal goggles, when I come up for air, I nose breathe as well as mouth breathe, but with the sworkel your nose is covered, so you can only nose breathe.  I feel like this makes me have to lift my head higher also to keep water out of my mouth with each in breath.  So far, I use the sworkle for a some laps and finish up w/ my regular goggles, but each time I'm using the sworkel for more laps.  I'm hoping to make a complete transition to it one of these days.

    Senior swimmer
    Cammack Village, AR

  • 5/29/2012 LOVE THEM!

    rating star By Jennifer S.

    Best goggles ever!  They don't leak, and they don't have to be so tight they give me a headache.  Highly Recommend!

    Jennifer S.
    Deputy, IN

  • 5/19/2016 If yo don't mind the full face look - these are comfortable and keep water out.

    rating star By Chris_Coy

    Everyone's facial bone structure so goggles probably a hit or miss for some. These Sworkel's will fit you and not leave you with rings or soreness around your eyes/sockets. Great fit and it's probably not the best for speed racers; but for me it's perfect for a steady swimming pace. I haven't had any problems when I do a quick rush, but I''m don't keep or work at a fast pace.

    Austin, TX

  • 12/7/2015 returned it, not OK

    rating star By M. PHELPS

    didn't fit well. I'm used to swim masks; nothing over the nose.

    san francisco, ca

  • 9/30/2015 Barracuda Sworkel Goddle

    rating star By Anita

    Seeing out of them is going to take some getting used to.  But I do like them very much - I have a larger "window" of sight!.  I also like having a case in which to store them.

    Charlottesville, VA

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Barracuda's unique line of swim gear is versatile enough to suit all of your swimming needs. Combining advanced technology with leak proof protection, Barracuda goggles are the some of the finest on the market. Not only are they known for their groundbreaking Positive Pressure frame, they offer a complete selection of hair and body care products for the swimmer. With over 28 years of dedication to swimming equipment under their belt, you can trust that Barracuda is going to be there for you every stroke.

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