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Aloe Up SPF 45 Lil' Kids Continuous Spray Sunscreen Aloe Up SPF 45 Lil' Kids Continuous Spray Sunscreen

Aloe Up SPF 45 Lil' Kids Continuous Spray Sunscreen

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Don't fuss with ordinary lotion sunscreen and try the Aloe Up® SPF 45 Lil' Kids Continuous Spray Sunscreen to let your kid go out and play as soon as possible.

• Quick and easy application.
• Non-greasy formula requires no rubbing.
• Water- and sweat-resistant.
• Only use on children 6 months of age or older.
• UVA / UVB protection.
• SPF 45 protection.
• Free of CFCs.
• 6oz.



Aloe Up

Organically grown and processed in the USA, every product made my Aloe Up begins with Aloe plants. For hundreds of years people have been using the soothing effects of aloe on chapped and dry skin to heal damage that's been done to the skin either from water, the sun or even wind. Their aloe products contain some of the highest concentrated amount of aloe on the market, with a minimum ranging from 25 percent volume for up to 96.9 percent by volume. In addition to the soothing and healing properties, Aloe Vera Gel has the same PH as your skin, which means more effective soaking into your skin.

Aloe Up states that, "The Aloe Up difference is literally rooted in nature." With their products coming from the heart of Texas in Rio Grande Valley, their Aloe Vera plant is used exclusively by them due to its hardy nature not requiring pesticides. Using the Aloe Vera Gel as a base to their products is a great way to moisturize while you protect, it's sweat resistant and it's a non-greasy formula. With a difference rooted in nature, it's a wonder why nature doesn't use this Aloe Vera themselves.