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OverBoard Waterproof 20 LTR Dry Tube
OverBoard Waterproof Earphones
    OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case
      OverBoard Pro-Sports Waterproof Belt Pack
        OverBoard Waterproof 60 Ltr Duffel Bag
        OverBoard Waterproof Smart Phone Case
          OverBoard Pro-Sport MP3 Case with Sports Arm Strap
            OverBoard Waterproof Zoom Camera Case
              OverBoard Waterproof Small Phone Case
              OverBoard Waterproof Waist Pack
              OverBoard Pro-Sport Waterproof Earphones
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                ABOUT OverBoard

                OverBoard founders Dan and Joel were enjoying the wet and sandy fun of travelling in Thailand when inspiration struck.

                Surfing, sailing, leaping between boat-taxis and hanging out on the wet decks of dive boats had been endangering their valuables for weeks before they discovered the yellow waterproof bag that was to change their lives. Suddenly everyone they met wanted to know where they could get one of those handy bags, and the entrepreneurial light went on.

                OverBoard now produces a wide variety of water-proof bags in every color, shape and size you could need, and they continue to tirelessly explore new ways to provide the highest quality and sharpest looking, waterproof protection.