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Oakley Products



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Oakley Men's Classic 22 Boardshorts
Oakley Men's Gnar Shock 21'' Boardshort
Oakley Men's Transducer 19'' Boardshort
Oakley Men's Voyage Vagabond 18'' Boardshort
Oakley Men's The Point 21'' Boardshort
Oakley Men's 50's Walkshort
Oakley Men's Classic Colorblock 19'' Boardshort
Oakley Men's Gnarley Wave 22'' Boardshort
Oakley Men's Overdrive 21'' Hybrid Walkshort Boardshort
Oakley Men's Foundation Cargo Short
Oakley Men's Blade Razor Pro Boardshort
Oakley Men's Frequency Hybrid Walkshort Boardshort
Oakley Men's Gridlock 21'' Boardshort
Oakley Men's 50's Pant
Oakley Men's Kaleidoscope Boardshort
Oakley Men's Hybrid Cargo Short
Oakley Men's Gridlock 21'' Boardshort
$44.96 - $60.00
Oakley Men's 50's Pant
$35.75 - $48.75
    Oakley Men's Hybrid Cargo Short
    $30.22 - $46.49
    Oakley Men's The Point Hybrid Boardshort Short
    Oakley Men's Slats Hybrid Boardshort Short
    Oakley Men's Blade Straight-Edge Boardshorts
    Oakley Men's Rad Short
    Oakley Men's Blade Razor-Pro Boardshorts
    Oakley Men's Agro 19 Boardshorts
    Oakley Men's Scallop 19 Boardshort
    Oakley Men's Classic Boardshort
    Oakley Men's Operation Pant
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    Oakley Men's Operation Pant
    $35.79 - $40.69
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    ABOUT Oakley

    Among the many surf-style clothing companies, Oakley™ is becoming increasingly well-known for their men's and women's clothing, Oakley board shorts, Oakley sandals and Oakley backpacks. Oakley combines technology with art to make their products the most appealing on multiple levels. They claim that "Mad Science" drives them to find problems, create revolutionary solutions and package the finished product in eye-catching art.

    Centered in Orange County, California, Oakley headquarters looks like a space station. In the Oakley research labs, over 600 patents have been awarded which have increased comfort, style and use. Take a pair of Oakley sandals for example. Its product description has an unbelievable amount of technology: Compression molded footbed with foam and laser-etched graphics for traction, Unobtanium® rubber for durability and Microban® antibacterial material to kill bacteria. It sounds more like an astronaut's boot than an affordable Oakley sandal.

    The surfing world needs surfing fashion that can withstand the rigorous waters without compromising style. And with Oakley's technical achievements, the science fiction world meets the sporting world. Now, Oakley is worn in over 110 countries by surfers, beach goers, pool people and anyone who loves water sports. Oakley's line of board shorts, bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and sandals have the best mix of technology and style.



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