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Garrett Weber-Gale, part of the "greatest" swim relay in Olympic history is on a mission to educate
swimmers on better nutrition. For more nutritional tips, visit AthleticFoodie.

  • Hydrating for Success
  • Protein Power!
  • Staying Energized
  • Sugar Cravings
  • The Grocery Store
  • Fueling After Practice
  • Spaghetti Fest Myths
  • Bedtime Eating 411
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March 9, 10:42 AM
Great video! Thank you for sharing this info. Do you have any advice for swimmers that can't eat immediately after practice? I get heartburn after tough workouts, and it can take awhile before I can stomach any food or drink.
March 10, 10:01 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Does this heartburn happen with all foods? Maybe try and experiment eating different foods to see if certain ones work for you. If you can't eat something maybe some sort of smoothie or recovery shake would work well for you!
March 9, 10:42 AM
I am obsessed with healthy food for my 10 year old dolphin. A great thing I learned recently is braising meat such as top round. Braising is a fancy term meaning throw seared meat in a 300-350 oven with wine, broth, onions and garlic tightly covered for a really long time (until the meat is fork tender). Serve a small amount of meat with noodles and the defatted (very important) cooking liquid. This has been a great addition to our diet.

Thanks for your video and justifying my obsession!
March 9, 18:32 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Braising is awesome! A super easy way to cook, and the results are very tasty. Try experimenting with different veggies in the pan so you can up the nutrient content.
March 9, 10:37 AM
Thank you so much for providing such useful information. I am continuously looking for nutrition tips for my swimmer. Recipes with measurements would be helppul. Also, how about a weekly sample diet that Garrett's follows.
March 10, 10:03 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
For some healthy recipes check out the ones I recently made at a cooking class!
March 9, 09:50 AM
Good job Garrett! I like your comment on getting that high quality post-workout meal in quickly so that the body starts recovering. I'd like to see you do one on foods to prepare ahead (like the beans and rice) so that the athlete can throw it in the microwave and eat as soon as they get home.
March 9, 10:04 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Great idea! Preparation is crucial to continuing to stay healthy when you're really busy
March 9, 11:05 AM
My daughter loves pancakes and french toast after a long morning practice before school. What are some great meals for breakfast?
March 9, 18:35 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Breakfast for me is generally a mix of oatmeal and cream of wheat. I also mix in milled flaxseeds, blueberries, and a banana.

Also look for whole grain cereals that are lower in sugar and sodium. Fresh fruits are great in the morning. Remember to hydrate in the morning too as your body just went a long time without drinking.
March 9, 09:40 AM
How far ahead can you make the rice and beans? Do you think it would be okay to substitute black beans for red?
March 9, 18:37 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I will generally make the beans on a Sunday and eat them on and off until Wednesday. Sometimes I even double or triple the recipe and freeze some of them for future use when I'm in a jam!

You can definitely try substituting black beans. Remember, you are the boss in your own what you like. Recipes are only a framework.
March 9, 09:35 AM
What about nutrition for swimmers at college? What do I look for in my school cafeteria since there are high sodium and fat based foods and limited options?
March 9, 10:08 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Good question. Look for foods that are not sitting in sauces. Try to get steamed veggies, plain grilled chicken breasts and fish filets, brown rice, pasta with marinara, a huge salads, fresh fruits. Ask them to make certain things you like...maybe they'll help you out.
March 9, 09:29 AM
This is great for young swimmers to see and hear. It helps them "buy in" to the nutrition advice they are hearing from parents. Advice means a lot more coming from a role model! Thank you!
March 9, 18:38 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
My pleasure. What else would you like to see covered? Any particular topic?
March 9, 09:23 AM
Thank you for all the awesome advice ! This is another great way to educate our swimmers to make good choices . The way you prepare and chop the vegetables, it looks like you are not just a great swimmer but a good chef too !Keep up the great work ! We look forward to the part 3 and 4 videos.
March 9, 18:38 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Thank you. I have worked hard to refine my skills in the kitchen. I still have a long way to go;)
March 9, 09:19 AM
I truly enjoyed the video.....hoping to see recipes. I am always surfing the web looking for good recipes for swimmers. Recipes for a before and after hard swimming workouts or just an easy day swim. thanks
March 9, 18:45 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I'm so happy you liked the video. Click the following link for the beans and rice recipe and other healthy recipes too!
March 9, 09:07 AM
I love this series! My swimmer thinks all he needs to eat is pasta, pasta, pasta. I hope your advice helps dispel this myth.
March 9, 10:10 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Well balanced meals...the fuel necessary for fast swimming
March 9, 08:56 AM
Great video, got the healthy eating covered! Now only If I knew how to fix my catch and reduce my feet drag, I will be a great swimmer:)!
March 9, 10:11 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Do you have a coach or training partner who can help you out? Where do you live?
March 9, 08:45 AM
This is great! Just what I have been looking for. I can't wait for the organics snacks! Keep up the great work. I'm hooked!
March 9, 08:36 AM
Best grocery information. You've given a lot, by showing what this has done for you. Please include other grain types as brown rice, for those who cannot tolerate wheat..
March 9, 09:05 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Brown rice is a great choice. I like any type of brown rice really...Forbidden rice might be my favorite
March 9, 08:33 AM
Good tips, thank you.
As usual, the key is portion control; easier to say than doing, I find myself struggling when I have a piece of chocolate in front of me...
keep it up!
March 9, 09:04 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Portion control is key. I always eat until I feel good not until I feel full...
March 9, 08:10 AM
Great start, don't forget to include fish in the diet and perhaps discuss the difference of wild and farm rised and why wild is the choice! I am surprised that quinoa wasn't mentioned-it is a complete protein! Very affable guy, looking forward to more tips, now if I could only swim as well as he does!
March 9, 08:15 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Brooke I'm so glad you enjoyed the tips. Including fish in future videos is a great idea! Thanks
March 9, 08:04 AM
Great videos! Get Garrett to do a video on what he eats before and during a race to give you energy, something my son suffers from all the time.
March 9, 08:11 AM
Hi Kim,

Part 3 and Part 4 will cover that. Those will be released next Wednesday. Thanks.
March 9, 08:58 AM
I would also love some tips for energy during a meet, unfortunately the 17th is too late...the meet is the 12th!
March 9, 18:47 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
My favorite pre-race meal/snack is a plain sweet potato. Go for whole grains and complex carbohydrates. A whole grain bagel with hummus is a great thing to pack for the meet!
March 9, 08:00 AM
Watching this is very motivating! Can't wait to try the red beans and rice variation Garrett presented in the video! The nutrition video series is simply another great tool I'm using to help boost my energy, get fit and feel better overall! ROCKS!
March 9, 08:16 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I absolutely love red beans and rice. Such a perfect meal after workout. What other concepts would you like to see in future videos?
March 9, 11:03 AM
I would like to see what to eat for long meets. Prelims that end at 5:30pm and finals that start at 6 or 6:30 or meets from 10-4 or 5 are a huge concern at the moment. Homemade Chicken Noodle soup heavy on the noodles and veggies with some chicken or just plain noodles or rice? And how long should the choice digest before the next event?
March 9, 18:49 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Try to eat a bigger meal before the meet starts. Pack a lunchbag full of the snacks shown in the video for post workout. Wheat thins and Fig Newtons are great to eat during the meet. Totally make the red beans and rice and eat it during the middle of the meet. You don't need to eat a lot at a time. Constantly graze!
March 25, 11:26 AM
Your advice was spot on. With a little rice and beans before finals we got a PVS record!
March 9, 07:12 AM
Wow, what a great start to the series. Fundamentally sound nutritional science on a platform that is easy to follow, while putting a premium on eating all food groups to fuel your body. This is refreshing to see.
March 9, 18:50 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Thanks so much for the feedback. What else would you like to see us cover? What could we do better? Thanks
March 9, 07:03 AM
Love grocery shopping where all good nutrition starts. Video really helps explain the basics shopping heatlhy. Thanks
March 9, 07:54 AM
I couldn't agree more! It's so helpful to know what to shop for at a grocery store. For me, that can be one of the biggest challenges.
March 9, 08:17 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Grocery shopping is one of the biggest challenges for most people. It's really difficult to decipher what is healthy and what's not. If you make the right choices in the store you have no choice but to eat those healthy foods at home!
March 9, 07:02 AM
What an awesome, informational video to help our swimmers make wise choices! Keep it up. Thank you swim outlet for providing this.
March 9, 06:56 AM
No Name
Thank you for the good information. Cool guy.
March 9, 06:46 AM
Eating healthy always starts in the grocery store. Super informative video. Thanks
March 9, 06:06 AM
Great info. Garrett, you look good on the screen.
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