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Garrett Weber-Gale, part of the "greatest" swim relay in Olympic history is on a mission to educate
swimmers on better nutrition. For more nutritional tips, visit AthleticFoodie.

  • Hydrating for Success
  • Protein Power!
  • Staying Energized
  • Sugar Cravings
  • The Grocery Store
  • Fueling After Practice
  • Spaghetti Fest Myths
  • Bedtime Eating 411
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March 15, 23:10 PM
great info. i swim for Hawaii Swim Club in Maui,Hawaii and i have been trying to eat better for awhile. This is just what i needed to really get started. thank you for doing these videos they really help!!!
March 19, 08:54 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
You are very welcome! Keep working hard and eating right...
March 13, 12:08 PM
Terri jones
What is a good recipe for the swimmer as far as a protein shake goes???
March 16, 11:40 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
There are a lot of good options out there for protein and recovery shakes. I'd recommend speaking with a nutritionist or a coach to find out what might be the best for you.
March 16, 20:55 PM
Kelli RD
As a swim mom an a registered dietitian I agree with you Garret that talking with a nutritionist is a good idea. While athletes do need more protein than non athletes, too much protein leads to your kidneys having to get rid of it, taking water and calcium with it. Too much protein is especially not a good thing for female swimmers who have amnorea, which is common, since it also effects calcium. Here is a good site to learn more about protein for atheletes
March 19, 08:55 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Great information. Thanks for the input:)
March 13, 11:26 AM
Julie Gray
Good job. As a registered dietitian and parent of a swimmer, I will pass your links along to other swimmers.

I'd like to suggest low-fat chocolate milk as an affordable, highly nutritious post work out drink.
March 16, 11:42 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Julie, great idea. When I was younger I used to drink chocolate milk after practice sometimes too. Thanks for your interest!
March 12, 19:10 PM
Hi Garrett, after training I do not have to much hungry, my stomach is too close. I do not like snack. I finished my workout at 9pm, and eat before my dinner at 6pm. Any suggestion? I am 47 and still swimming for hours.
March 16, 11:44 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Try and eat something before and after your workouts. If your stomach doesn't feel like it can eat a lot after workout I would experiment eating different foods to find what works for you. Instead of eating all at once try and space it out so you feel better. Good Luck!
March 12, 18:54 PM
my mom only buys organic food. i love your videos especially when you throw the snacks in the pool. i kind of like eating organic. i usually eat an orange or apple after my long practices
March 16, 11:45 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I'm so happy your parents are providing you with good and nutritious foods. An apple or orange is good, but also try and have something with some protein after practice too.
March 10, 11:15 AM
John Winters ND
What is your favorite protein drink?
March 10, 11:12 AM
John Winters ND
Excellent job,Garrett! Thank you so much. My daughter is in track,and the same ideas apply. As a Naturopathic physician, I have a lot of training in nutrition (amongst other things) and you did a great job in making good nutrition attractive and do-able! Like the MOM's comment above,I am glad someone else is saying this,too. John
March 16, 10:26 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Thanks for the support John. I'm really happy you got something out of the videos!
March 10, 10:19 AM
are raspberry and blackberrys good for an after a really hard practice? is yogurt good for you to?
March 11, 10:58 AM
felix medina
I want to know about what to eat after a hard swimming practice
March 16, 10:25 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Berries are great because they have anti-oxidants. I generally eat berries at breakfast in cereal or oatmeal.
March 09, 16:44 PM
My son is a swimmer and I too am glad to see you reinforce the things that I harp about all the time, like whole grain over white (a real point of contention at the moment) and that veges and fruits are always a better choice than something out of a package! Thanks for the advice...PS my son was in Austin last week swimming at the American Short Course Championships and said the highlight of the trip was warming up in the lane next to yours...Thanks for being a great example to a younger swimmer!
March 09, 18:25 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
No question that fresh is the way to go. Please tell your son I say hello and that I wish him tons of success! Also, please tell him to say hi next time he sees me...I'd love to talk with him.
March 09, 14:42 PM
Good points on the grocery store. If you don't have it you won't eat it. (The bad stuff.)
March 09, 14:35 PM
Great videos-
How about some recipes for protein shakes/smoothies.

Really looking forward to your next videos, planning on emailing these to my kids.
March 09, 15:10 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Great idea on the protein shakes and smoothies. You need to be careful to watch the sugar content on those...
March 09, 13:57 PM
Great video. I am going to share it with our two sons. This is how we eat in our house, but hearing it from an Olympian, not their mom, is outstanding. Hopefully swimoutlet can post the portions and instructions for the beans and rice recipe. That looked delicious! Maybe swimoutlet can have a recipe link on its site.
March 09, 16:19 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
You can check out the recipe here...
March 09, 13:55 PM
Would love to try the recipe for my picky middle school runner! What are the portions of the Red Beans and Rice meal?
March 09, 15:11 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I use about 40% brown rice and 60% red beans. Eat until you feel good, not until you're full.
March 09, 13:38 PM
Great info! My daughter is on a gluten free diet. What alternatives do you suggest to replace the whole grain wheat products like breads, pastas, crackers, etc. Thanks!
March 09, 16:22 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Honestly I don't know much about gluten-free. For this I would try and seek the help of a nutritionist who specifies in gluten-free...
March 09, 13:11 PM
Garrett, do you have any tips for a dancer who has trouble shedding weight on her legs? What foods should I avoid? What foods should I eat more of? Many of my friends tell me I should try the vegetarian thing, but I thought there might be a less drastic solution.
March 09, 15:12 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I eat a mostly plant-based diet and it works great for me. Watch how many processed foods you're eating. Try to have your fats be unsaturated fats. Minimize the amount of sugars you have at night.
March 09, 12:53 PM
Awesome videos--as a mom of three competive swimmers--your information rocks--the competition gets more and more intense, so getting their bodies to maximize their workouts is another great step in the right direction. Thanks for the good work--would love for you to come talk to our swim team in WI sometime!! hint hint!!
March 09, 15:16 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Nutrition is so important. You're exactly right; as competition gets more and more intense it becomes even more important to watch the little things to maximize their workouts. I would love to come talk in WI sometime..where are you in WI?
March 28, 09:43 AM
Just showed the videos to my daughter too....she loved them and thought it would be a fantastic experience to meet you in West Bend!!! The stretching really interested her as she has very tight muscles and hopes that will improve her times too!!
March 09, 12:19 PM
What about these high protein power bars my son insists on immediately following a hard work out? They're expensive and loaded with "other" ingredients. What are some good recovery alternatives fresh from my kitchen? Thanks.
March 09, 18:28 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I was all about the protein bars when I was younger too. Some of them are actually good. Maybe try some string cheese, beans, fig newtons, almonds, pineapple, even spinach for a snack after workout. Try and read as much as you can about healthy snacks to recover on too.
March 09, 12:07 PM
Thank you! I had my young kids watch this and they really enjoyed everything--especially seeing you throw the bad food in the pool--had to watch that about 5-6 times! They're looking forward to the next two videos!
March 09, 15:16 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Get that garbage outta here haha!!
March 09, 11:40 AM
Karen L
Great info Garrett, my daughter is dariy free. Need advise for other ideas to make sure she's getting the protein for recovery. We don't want to over do the soy thing Any suggestions to have would be great.
March 09, 14:12 PM
Kelli RD
Have you tried Quinoa ? It is plant based yet complete protein full of nutrients. All recipes has a great bean and quinoa dish. My daughter also loves Quinoa porridge made with almond milk. We add in fruits like apples, cranberries, currants towards the end of cooking. We also throw in some nuts and cinnamon for exta protein and nutrition. Be sure to soak you quinoa for at least 20 minutues and rinse well before cooking.
March 09, 15:55 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Quinoa is really healthy. I cook with it at times but probably should start making it more frequently. I like the sound of that porridge. Recipe?
March 10, 14:14 PM
Quinoa is also gluten-free, bonus!
March 09, 15:19 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I don't drink dairy milk either. I drink soy, almond, and rice. The beans after practice are really a great way to get protein. To tell you the truth, sometimes I even take a little tupperware of beans or something to practice to eat right after I finish workout.
March 09, 11:29 AM
I really like your nutrition tips because you're focused on good choices for real foods, as opposed to gimmicky diets and supplements. Have you been reading Michael Pollan? ("Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.")

It seems like I'm always hungrier after swimming than after bicycling or other physical activities. Any thoughts on how to manage the swimming appetite? I did find that eating a snack (fruit and a small carton of soy milk) right after workouts took the edge off my hunger and stopped me from raiding the refrigerator the minute I got home.
March 09, 16:02 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I have read some of Michael Pollan's and inspiring guy!

Are you eating differently before or during biking than you are when you're swimming? Eating directly after workout is essential.
March 09, 11:23 AM
Great video! Can you provide the portions for the ingredients on your bean dish? It looks delicious! Can't wait to make it!
March 09, 16:07 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Click the following link to see the red beans and rice recipe!
March 11, 08:35 AM
Phyllis Howard
Hi... Looked up the recipe but the rice wasn't mentioned! How much rice, what kind would be best to use and at what stage of the cooking do you add?

March 19, 08:56 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I like using brown rice or Forbidden rice. You can add this at the very end. I put some rice in the bottom of the bowl and cover it with the beans.
March 09, 11:12 AM
Melissa D
I am going to try your recipe tonight. As a Registered Dietitian, I am very impressed with your videos, excellent advice. I am going to make this recipe tonight for my 13 year old baseball player. And since he does not always listen to his mom regarding nutrition, I will send him your link, perhaps he'll listen to you. Keep up the great work! Melissa
March 09, 16:09 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Haha I guess that's how kids are! I'm sure I didn't listen to some of the things my Mom said when I was younger. Hopefully I can help him realize eating right is important. Thanks for the support:)
March 09, 11:06 AM
Wonderful info, helpful for athletes at any level and age. Thank you for sharing! Please share more.
March 09, 10:55 AM
Fig Newtons are a favorite post workout snack for my little ones. I often bring them to share with other kids on the team, but they shy away from them and go for the oreos. Fig Newtons are with the cookies so I do go down that isle frequently, keeping my eye on the real prize!
March 09, 16:17 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Fig Newtons are definitely a great snack. Hopefully the other kids will catch on someday...
March 09, 10:45 AM
Kelli RD
LOVE THE VIDEOS !!! So I think water would be a great topic. I am a dieititian and mother of 2 teen swimmers and it is so hard to get them to drink ! I just finished teaching 8th graders a few classes on nutrition and I found that the soccer and basketball kids drank 5- 7 water bottles per day but the swim kids were only doing 2 per day !! Are they drinking the pool or do they think they are camels ??? I think a word from you would be awesome.
March 09, 18:31 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Hydrating is very important. Part of the reason swimmers don't drink as much is because they're in the water and don't notice sweating nor heat as much. However, they still need lots of hydration. I try and always keep a water bottle near me and sip all day long. If you start your workouts dehydrated there's no way you can ever achieve maximum output from your body.
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