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Garrett Weber-Gale, part of the "greatest" swim relay in Olympic history is on a mission to educate
swimmers on better nutrition. For more nutritional tips, visit AthleticFoodie.

  • Hydrating for Success
  • Protein Power!
  • Staying Energized
  • Sugar Cravings
  • The Grocery Store
  • Fueling After Practice
  • Spaghetti Fest Myths
  • Bedtime Eating 411
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June 09, 16:10 PM
I love swimotlet
i swim on blast i am 8

May 03, 16:37 PM

I love the advice on nutrition. My issue is that my daughter does not get home from swm practice until 8:30PM. You mentioned not having too much protein before bedtime, but at the same time she needs to refuel after her practice.
What advice do you have for what she should be eating before practice (after school) and after.
April 29, 09:53 AM

My daughter is a 12 yr old swimmer and desires to do well this season. She seems to be attracted to sugar and particularly fruit snacks. How much sugar to you recommend and what advice can you give to cut down on the artificial sugar?

thank you
April 11, 13:48 PM
Thank you so much for telling me about foods I should eat before I swim. I am six years old, and I love swimming. Iam on a team, and I am getting better and better everyday. I work hard.
April 09, 01:33 AM
My son 12 years old , he is weight around 48 KG. , so i think it's little bit more than the regulaer weight (please advice) , We look very much to his food before and after his trainings , he is got 4 times a week swimming training , always ate after the training corn flakes (Chocolate with fiber & milk) , he is drinking around one litter skimmed milk daily , alwasy i keep him dirnk sport water throuhg his tranings , (more 5 times oxoygen) , one time bar of sweet daily after his lounch , is it good and enough for him ? please advice me
March 21, 04:48 AM
Leah Amarosa
What are some drinks you should have before a meet? Are energy drinks okay?
March 22, 12:29 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Energy drinks are fine. I generally like to have something with electrolytes and carbs before I workout and race. You could talk to a nutritionist and/or your coach to find a drink that might be specifically good for you.
March 22, 13:12 PM
Energy drinks sound kind of gross. Think about how syrupy and sugary a lot of them can be.

I'm not a professional so don't necessarily go off my advice without researching it yourself. But I'd sooner stick with a sports drink, a water, or at the very most a black coffee.

Look into a drink called "Smart Water". It's literally nothing but regular water, but they added electrolytes to it. Brew a coffee with that, and zing!
September 18, 21:07 PM
imma try that lol is there a store in chicago that sells smart water please reply :)
March 20, 10:08 AM
Sue LeGault
Hey, Garrett! Nice job! Really enjoyed the videos and the excellent nutritional tips. Enjoyed seeing your grandma's photo!
March 22, 12:29 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Thanks Sue. My Grandma is doing great and turned 90 this year!!!
March 20, 08:42 AM
Do you have any suggestions for getting my swimmers to eat something before those early morning swim practices? At 5:00 AM they are just not interested in eating anything, but I want to have them put something in their stomaches. I usually make them eat a banana at least, but that gets old fast!!
March 22, 16:46 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
If they don't want to wake up earlier to eat something try and have them eat on their way to the pool. Oatmeal bars with flaxseeds and banana mixed in are great morning snack for this sort of thing. Maybe even do something drastic like move practice to 6:00 one morning but still have them come in at 5:00 to eat with you. Once they see the dramatic difference of eating before workout they'll be more inclined to eat before practice on their own.
March 19, 21:12 PM
Great Videos!!! I have a Vitamix that makes great smoothies too... Also I have a quick Question... Is chocolate milk the BEST recovery drink for after swim? Is so... what chocolate syrup should I get?
March 22, 16:47 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I don't know if chocolate milk is the best drink for after practice but it is a good one. Vitamix is a great product...I use mine all the time. Consult a nutritionist for more specifics...
March 19, 18:50 PM
What is your recipe to cook delicious Kale??
March 22, 16:51 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
There are many ways get Kale in your diet...try different recipes to find some that you like. An easy way I get Kale into my diet is to finely chop it up and put it in salads. Also I will put it in my Vitamix or blender and add it to my smoothies or shakes.
March 18, 14:40 PM
A good series of video shorts. Thank you for taking the time to produce these videos.I have stated to incorporate these tips into my training workouts.
And I look forward to viewing ,more future videos??
March 22, 16:48 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I'm so glad you have seen a benefit from the info in the videos. I hope to make more videos.
March 18, 06:17 AM
These are great Videos. Thank you for taking the time to do this videos.
My daughter is nine . We go to a meet and you have 3 event what do you eat in between ? I give her water and fruits and some time penutbutter and jelly sandwich is that ok?
March 19, 08:48 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
It is very important to keep eating between events, especially on long days at the pool. I like rice cakes, whole grain crackers, a piece of string cheese, whole wheat bagel, fruit is good too. Snack along the way so she doesn't get hungry...but you don't want to feel full either.
March 21, 12:55 PM
Thank you once again ..Some of the kids in our team eat plain spagetti..My daughter is not crazy about plain pasta next meet I'll try the rice cake .some parent told me that cheese is not good on meet days..she did good on her meet thanks..
March 17, 17:19 PM
Hi garret your videos have inspired me to eat even healthier. i just hate candy as a fast 10 year old swimmer these were really intresting. Do you think a whole weat rasin bagle with peanut butter and choco milk is good after a hard work out ?

Thanks !
March 19, 08:49 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I'm so happy to hear you are eating healthy. Those would be good choices after workout. Check out almond butter too...
April 29, 21:46 PM
Thanks Garret....i also eat almond butter......Do you think pineapple is good before a race ? oh and the only candy i'll eat when someone gives it to me is chocolate and peanut butter. Your recipes are tasty. Do you recemond anything else because we are now in long course and practicing 4000 yards a day. And that is big for a 10 year old. Thanks Garret good luck on swimming 1
March 17, 15:02 PM
Thanks to you and to Swim Outlet for providing this great information. It has been a help - I am 82 and swim three times a week. I also do stretching three times a week and it has helped my workout. My congratulations to you for your discipline in stretching before bed.
March 19, 08:50 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Earl thanks for the note. Congrats to you on your continued success! I hope I'm as fit and healthy when I'm 82! Keep up the great work:)
March 17, 10:45 AM
Garrett, Your videos are great!! Its a great inspiration to get in the right mindset of which foods to eat.
A lot of people are telling me that before a workout, I should eat a lot of food because we will need the extra energy. Is this correct? and should we still carbo load before big meets? or just eat until we feel satisfied?
March 17, 20:45 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
You do need to eat something before working out. Have something small that gives you nourishment but does not make you feel full. Eat something with lasting energy filled with complex carbs. Before a big meet eat a well-balanced meal. You don't need to stuff yourself...remember you can always go back and eat more later. Good Luck!
March 16, 21:08 PM
Amir Eblan
Hey Garret!
Thanks for all the wonderful videos you have
Posted! Just one question, how do you feel about
Energy drinks the morning of the meet and before races?
will it help or will it cause more harm than good?
March 17, 17:12 PM
reply to amir
energy drinks have a lot of protien in them and sugar. so you have a big burst of energy then you'll just crash hope that helps.
March 17, 20:42 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I generally only drink energy drinks for recovery after racing and working out. Eating proper food before racing and working out I think is a better choice than a supplement. However, I don't know if there is harm caused by having one at least 30 minutes prior to a workout or race...
March 21, 09:52 AM
I am unable to drink most energy drinks because of allergies. And the ones I do drink (some of the gatorades), give me that burst of energy and a quick crash. I find that water with slices of fruit (oranges, lemons, limes mostly) help keep me going much better. Its also better because of the low sugar content.
March 16, 16:55 PM
Thanks for the good information. Any team can use it.
March 16, 16:36 PM
my swimmer son is 16. all he wants to eat is junk. somewhere he got the idea that chocolate shakes are great after swimming. Im a big man struggling with my weight and diabetes--so im really trying to cut sugars and carbs. I was the same size as my son at his age and i worry about him and what he puts in his body. Of course he swims so he burns a lot of calories. I was told not to worry so much, hes just a kid --what do you think? love the videos
March 17, 20:39 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I think it's a mistake for swimmers and parents to have the mentality that because their kid swims a lot and burns a lot of calories they can eat whatever they want. My guess is that your son thinks a chocolate shake is good because he's relating it to chocolate milk, which is actually good for recovery. You are right to worry about what your son puts in his body. At 16 he is starting to become a young adult, and he is forming the habits and body now, that will carry on into adulthood. If you or your son would like to email me about diet and living healthier y'all can email me from my website at
March 16, 14:32 PM
Thanks for the cereal idea before bed. I had always grown up with the rule "no eating after 8". Only when really really hungry the only thing allowed was a banana or whole wheat toast (or pregnant anything is allowed). You have reminded me that I have to pay more attention when my child indicates hunger near bed time, and that the right calories close to bed time is OK for him. He will now get more attention when he is hungry at night.

Thanks so much for doing this. Not only making the videos, but personally taking your time to answer the large variety of questions. You have provided answers for much of the athlete food mystery. Your name is now common in our house and the go-to guy for nutrition. You are one quality dude! Kudos!
March 16, 19:48 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Tammy that means a lot to me. Thanks.

I'm glad I could clear bedtime eating up for you. It's really important for young kids and adolescents to get nourishment at night so they can optimize growth while they sleep. I'm glad you liked the videos. Please share them with others so they too can benefit. I'm hoping to do more videos too:)
March 16, 12:05 PM
Kevin (surfnycla)
Noticed you using the Almond Breeze almond milk. I love that stuff (original unsweetened variety), and drink it in place of dairy milk. Good stuff!
March 16, 19:31 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Definitely. I use the original and unsweetened because I think it tastes the most like regular there's way less sugar.
August 25, 10:17 AM
We also use the Almond breeze milk. my 16 swimmer is lactose intolerant, so it works great!
March 16, 11:36 AM
Thanks for this piece of advice. I love oatmeal after I workout at night.
Joanne aka Oatmeallfreak
March 16, 19:30 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
I too love oatmeal. I usually have it in the morning. Sometimes I'll do 50% oatmeal and 50% cream of wheat! Yum
March 16, 10:43 AM

The nutritionist that works with my kids' swim club has warned the swimmers away from whole wheat / whole grain stuff, or anything higher in fibre right after practice because the fibre slows down the replenishment of glycogen stores in that critical post-training half hour. She recommends that they consume fibre-rich foods away from the time immediately after training. Does that sound right?

March 16, 11:34 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
She does sound right. I am not a nutritionist but what I eat after practice is high in simple sugars. I always have some sort of recovery drink too with protein and carbs.
March 16, 16:58 PM
Actually, chocolate milk is the best recovery snack a swimmer can consume right after practice. It helps to replenish the glycogen (muscle fuel) within 12-16 hrs verses the 36-48 hrs normally. Simple sugars are good to consume, because it's easier for the body to break down, but Complex carbohydrates are not. Complex are harder for the body to break down. Another side note, if the protein intake exceeds your carbohydrates, the excess protein stores as fat. Example: 18 grams of carbs, 30 grams of protein, if this is consumed, this is not good, it will store as fat. Right before competition & after practice fresh fruits & veggies are the best to consume, they have simple sugars, carbs, & protein, but the right amounts. Throw in the chocolate milk after practice & your golden!
March 19, 08:51 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Good info. Thanks
March 16, 09:19 AM
Thanks for the videos...very informative! I am a vegetarian, so everything looks good, except for the meat or fish. As an alternative for protein, would you recommend something with beans?
March 16, 11:35 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Totally. I eat beans all the time. Great source of protein. You could also do some tofu...
March 16, 08:36 AM
What are some good foods, drinks, or shakes to help build muscle after a long and hard workout?
I swim two times a day six days a week, but i dont have much muscle. Any ideas?
March 19, 08:54 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Part of this may be how old you are and where you are in your development. I didn't have much muscle for a long time either. After a hard workout you want simple sugars initially to replenish your glycogen stores. Protein and carbohydrates are essential so that your body can rebuild. Talk to a coach or nutritionist to see what shakes might be best for you after practice...
March 16, 08:13 AM

This is a great series - thank you so much. This type of really practical nutrition information seems hard to get so you are really filling a void.

Could you talk about any nutrition you do before workouts? I typically eat a piece of fruit in the hour before a workout so my body has some ready source of glycogen to consume. I understand this keeps the body from breaking down muscle for energy.

What are your thoughts?

Keep up the great work!
March 16, 11:39 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
Philip I'm really happy you think the videos are helpful. What to eat before workout would be a great video for the future. I love to have some sort of high carb snack before workout that also has some of my favorites is a whole wheat bagel with hummus and tomatoes. You want to eat something that has more complex carbs before working out so the energy will last longer.
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