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Garrett Weber-Gale, part of the "greatest" swim relay in Olympic history is on a mission to educate
swimmers on better nutrition. For more nutritional tips, visit AthleticFoodie.

  • Hydrating for Success
  • Protein Power!
  • Staying Energized
  • Sugar Cravings
  • The Grocery Store
  • Fueling After Practice
  • Spaghetti Fest Myths
  • Bedtime Eating 411
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June 12, 12:19 PM
3 years ago.
Hi Garrett ,
Thanks for posting such awesome videos , I learned so much and have been working on eating healthier . I have always used fat free choc. Milk as my recovery drink after hard practices ,but recently I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and noticed that almost every brand of recovery drink has lactose in the ingredients list!!! Do you have any suggestions as to a recovery drink I could try? I ' m currently using light soy milk ( 60 cal. 1.5 g fat, 5 g carb , 3 g sugars , and 6 g of protein ) .
June 8, 6:17 PM
3 years ago.
Very well thought out and yet laid back video! Always love finding new ways to bring better choices to my meals ,both on - the - go ( which most of my meals have to be :) and at home . Do you think you could do a small presentation about nutrition for my swim club ??? We 'd super thrilled to have you deck!!
July 20, 8:24 PM
3 years ago.
Hey Garrett!

Thanks for uploading those videos. They really helped and I am already really excited to try and eat healthy. One problemo. I have a small candy stash in my room. It is an altoids can, the regular tin, and it is a filled to the to top with skittles. That is my candy stash and every once and a while I sneak some. Tomorrow is my first j o meet and I am freaking out! I can't stop eating and I am just tonight starting to eat healthy. Do you think I can make a good time?
July 13, 12:44 PM
3 years ago.
Hi Garrett -

Your videos are inspiring! With summer JO and Far Western meets around the corner, what do you recommend for younger swimmers to eat and drink during meets to keep their energy levels strong through longer and hotter days of racing?
Thank you!
June 11, 10:32 AM
4 years ago.
What guidelines do you suggest concerning sweets? We try to limit sweets to once or twice a day after lunch and/or dinner, but if the kids could, they would consume it all day.
June 6, 9:14 PM
4 years ago.
Thanks Garrett. With your videos, my mom makes sure that I get enough of what I need. I even get really good times for the Pacific Swimming 11-12 Boys age group. I am a really big fan of you.
May 24, 01:55 AM
4 years ago.
Hey garrett I'm 15 years old and I swim and I'm just wondering if i could build lean muscle just by swimming 2 to 3 hours a day and not lifting weights and stuff like that. I want to build biceps and stuff.
April 15, 4:32 PM
4 years ago.
I am looking for a swim club here in Houston, Tx do any of you know of one?
April 19, 6:42 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
4 years ago.
Check out either the Woodlands or Fleet.
April 6, 7:31 PM
4 years ago.
Your new videos are cool! Just by watching these videos, it has changed my eating habits and really helped. Hope you make more videos soon.
April 19, 6:43 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
4 years ago.
Awesome I'm so happy to hear that. Thanks for the reply:)
March 29, 8:59 PM
4 years ago.
Garrett I'm heading off to swim in college next year and I'm kind of worried about my nutrition when i do go off. since i'm in high school and still living under my mom and dads roof they paid for the food i need to help me with my nutrition and i agree 100% with you that i felt so much better and faster when i ate college how much money did you spend on food? Did you do replacements for anything?

thank you,
alan jackman
hook em
April 19, 6:45 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
4 years ago.
My first two years of college I lived in the dorm and ate in the dining halls. You can generally find the right choices in dining halls but it can be boring at times. I don't know how much I spent of food then. I do supplements of protein because I don't eat a ton of meat. Where are you going to college?
April 19, 9:17 PM
4 years ago.

Thanks for replying. I just committed to Adams State University in Alamosa colorado. It's a small Division 2 program that is on the uprising heading into their second season. With two guys already having B cuts in there events. I'm wanting to get my B cut as well or even an A cut heading into my freshman year. I know this is going to take a lot of hard work day in and day out. how did you stay focus every day when it started to get rough. Like during December practice when it starts to get really rough.

alan jackman
March 28, 5:18 PM
Justin Woodard
4 years ago.
I have a fast metabolism, so how can I build the muscle in order to swim better?I do consume whey protein, just not everyday. Should i lift weights one day an keep a schedule of every other day, for example. Swim and Monday, lift on Tuesday, Swim Wednesday, lift thursday. I just need to find a plan or get some advice. I am about 34 yrs old, in good health, no joint damage to any part of my body. work in the medical field, let me know what u think thank u.
April 19, 6:46 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
4 years ago.
I lift weights four days a week and swim six days a week. I lift right before I swim in the afternoons. You want to eat and drink something for recover after you workout for sure. Keep working hard. Trust me, my biggest difficulty is gaining takes time and persistence.
March 27, 4:45 PM
4 years ago.
How about a series 3 of workouts(in and out of the pool) and stretching for swimmers. Good videos they helped me a lot.
April 19, 6:47 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
4 years ago.
Good idea! Thanks
March 26, 09:06 AM
4 years ago.
What are in your protein shakes? I'm finding that a 4:1 carb to protein ratio is hard to find. Most protein powders contain at least 20-24 grams of protein but very few carbs. It also seems like getting 80-96 grams of carbs in one shake is a bit much. Thanks in advance for the help, and the video series is great!
March 26, 6:32 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
4 years ago.
I use a 100% whey protein. I get the carbs also by eating something with the shake. I don't have shakes with 80-96g of protein in consume your amount over the course of the day.
March 26, 6:58 PM
4 years ago.
Thanks for the quick response! So just to clarify, the 4:1 ratio is for the whole day, not just post-practice
March 30, 09:32 AM
4 years ago.
Hi Sam. I think you're still confused about the carb:protein ratio. 4:1 means 4g carbs for every 1g protein in a meal or snack. For example, I like Clif Bars after a workout because they're almost perfectly balanced that way (about 40g carbs & 10g protein per bar). In a shake, get your carbs from blended fruit (berries, melon, bananas) or green leafy veggies (spinach, lettuce, kale) veg juice (carrot, celery, beet, cucumber, etc.) yogurt, "milk" &/or powder for the necessary protein....

If you need 80g of protein per day, you weigh about 67kg (147 lbs). That means you need 26g protein per meal if you have 3 meals/day (breakfast, lunch, dinner); adjust this amount by subtracting from each meal 1/3 of however much protein is in your post-workout & bedtime snacks. I hope that's helpful.
March 25, 09:47 AM
4 years ago.
Great video !

Your talking about eating before race, how about the race day.
What to eat for breakfast ? And during race ? My daughter is 8 year old.

March 26, 6:33 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
4 years ago.
I love having oatmeal in the mornings with berries, milled flax seeds, and maybe some peanut butter.
March 24, 7:14 PM
4 years ago.
These videos are so perfect! I've always wanted to throw food in the pool! Can I have the weenie dog in Series 2 Part 2?

Keep up the good work!
March 23, 7:56 PM
benoit normandin
4 years ago.
Garrett, Thanks a lot for your tips.
Your first serie help me a lot, this second one will probably be even better.
BTW, I am a culinary Chef, more than 17years of experience gattered in the best restaurants on Montreal Canada.
Any questions about food paring, technics, special recipes, if i can help, I will.
March 26, 6:35 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
4 years ago.
Where do you work? I've been to Pied de Cochon. Loved it. I'd love to go to Le Toque. Thanks.
April 24, 3:38 PM
4 years ago.
Hi Garrett, I only heard good comment from "Le pied de Cochon". As for "Toqué" it is a classic in Montreal, the Chef Normand Laprise has changed, by his talent, the culinary scene in Montreal.
I have worked at Laloux, Leméac, Meditérraneo grill and bar back in 2000, with a great chef called Claude, he his now owner of "le club chasse et pêche", you should consider this restaurant for you next trip in Montreal. I also work in Miami beach. I have been around all Montreal. In all honesty Garrett, the restaurant work is soon comming to an end for myself, my real passion is physical activity and my sport is swimming.

My dream, since i'm to old for the olympics, is to help young swimmers and young athletes acheive their goals, by brigning them food that will enhance their performance. I would like to run a food stand in a national training center.
March 23, 10:59 AM
4 years ago.
Thanks for the videos Gerrett. Swimming is my best sport. I swim at lest 4 time a week or more. I am over 40years old and I am not going to stop swimming. I want to join the senior Olympian. Your videos on nutrtion will help.

Your so much!!

Have a good swim everyone!!!
March 26, 6:34 PM
Garrett Weber-Gale
4 years ago.
I'm so happy you enjoy swimming so much. Keep up the good work!
April 10, 08:53 AM
4 years ago.
Hi I swim 3-4 times a week at the Y,and have discovered "the fountain of youth". I not only swim,but I dance and scuba dive!!! I was a fan of Esther Williams from the day one. Swimming helped me to play better football,hockey,softball and baseball. Eating the right foods is a real plus. No fried foods please!!!
April 15, 4:28 PM
4 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. That was nice of you.
January 23, 4:16 PM
4 years ago.
how should you make a good protein shake that can be very healthy for you
March 23, 07:58 AM
4 years ago.
Try using Greek yogurt non flavored. Use frozen fruits and ice if needed. Greek yogurt has like 2x the protein as regular yogurt.
January 4, 11:01 PM
Barbara Hupp
4 years ago.
Garrett will you help LAUSD make healthy lunches. They can't seem to make food that the sudents like to eat. 600,000+++ students need your help!!! We want healthy students that are ready to learn!
January 25, 08:23 AM
Garrett Weber-Gale
4 years ago.
I'd love to help. How can I get in contact with you to discuss??
December 23, 8:22 PM
4 years ago.
I was in one of his newest videos, my swim coach was his room mate. Haha he does an awesome job! These videos turn out really good and they're really helpful!
September 26, 08:18 AM
4 years ago.
I cant wait to start your program! As soon as I get out of this plus tankini the better! Thanks!
August 31, 10:02 PM
4 years ago.
these are great!! im a water polo player in college, but as im sure many of you know, water polo players definitely do our fair share of swimming. we're pretty much athletes in two sports. anyway, these videos answered a lot of my questions, and also made me realize that im well on the right track :]] the bedtime cereal tip is JUST what im missing. thnx garret!!
August 26, 3:33 PM
4 years ago.
July 19, 08:10 AM
4 years ago.
Excellent videos. Truly appreciated them.

I've watched videos 1 through 4, are there more? If not, are there more on the way.

Thanks for the advice.

July 20, 12:06 PM
4 years ago.
Hey Carlos! Have no fear there are more Nutrition for Performance videos with Garrett Weber-Gale on the way! :)
June 22, 5:37 PM
5 years ago.
Nice videos man. Since I've been watching these videos, I've been eating healthier than ever. Two quick questions Is eating a bowl of cereal and oj heathy before a morning practice? and What is the best thing to eat before a morning meet or afternoon meet?
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