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Matix Men's Gripper Denim Pant
    Matix Men's Gripper Twill Short
      Matix Men's Supply Jacket
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      Matix Men's Asher Military Jacket
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      Matix Men's Daewon Gripper Denim Pant
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      Matix Men's Gripper Cargo Pant
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      Matix Men's Gripper Twill Pant
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      Matix Men's Anchorage L/S Shirt
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      Matix Men's Manderson Chino Pant
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      Matix Men's Lendell L/S Shirt
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      Matix Men's Pico Rivera L/S Shirt
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      Matix Men's Camino L/S Shirt
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      Matix Men's Sawdust 2 L/S Shirt
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      Matix Men's Double Trouble L/S Shirt
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      Matix Men's Surplus Crew S/S Tee
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      Matix Men's Cat Nap S/S Tee
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      Matix Men's Daily Hat
        Matix Men's Markett Hooded Jacket
          Matix Men's Cossey Jacket
            Matix Men's League Jacket
              Matix Men's Yeti L/S Flannel
                Matix Men's Rivington L/S Flannel
                  Matix Men's Mayhill L/S Flannel
                    Matix Men's Betters L/S Flannel
                      Matix Men's Sleepy L/S Flannel
                        Matix Men's CSC Crew Fleece Sweater
                          Matix Men's Delivery S/S Tee
                            Matix Men's Huntsman Hat
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                              ABOUT Matix

                              Matix Clothing is rooted in the heart of Los Angeles, California. We have grown up in surfing & skateboarding cultures and this is what we know. This lifestyle is brought to fruition through the clothing we make. Every day is an adventure and every weekend is a trip. Let your creative sense take hold to explore new paths. In the end, our goal is to create something unique for those who share this common bond. With each season comes new experiences and ideas.

                              Matix pulls inspiration from America’s not so distant past. Drawing from nostalgia of our heritage while referring to adventure and what it takes to build something with your two hands. The use of uncommon elements with a focus on artisanal craft and workwear styling will show throughout the line.

                              Our ambassadors are important as they represent who we are and how we live. You will become acquainted with some new faces & personalities as well as some you have come to know for years now; each one bringing something unique to the table, all with talent beyond words. Secure your foundation, take a trip, have a laugh with friends, follow your roots.

                              MATIX- FROM THE GROUND UP.