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Liberty Garden Products

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ABOUT Liberty Garden

Liberty Garden is a brand that exudes freedom and liberty as well as the beauty and growth of a garden. Their clothes have a presence and a mission with each and every single item that they sell. Their clothes have a comforting charm to them. With flowing fabrics and rich colors that sing when they're worn, every piece whether it's a top or a bottom, you can be sure to know that it's quality that you're wearing. Their loose design is one that can be appreciated by any woman who knows the feeling of ultimate luxury. Each garment is handcrafted and designed so whenever they're worn, they are cherished.

The mission behind Liberty Garden is one of determination and strength. Their brand was started by their CEO Daniel Bohbot. With his successful career, he decided to use his fashion platform as a way to spread awareness and hope for children who live in Africa and suffer from malaria. He decided that with each piece of clothing sold, a kit to help save lives would be sent to one person in Africa. That's right, with every article you buy, you help save one life. The brand Liberty Garden is proud to be working with the organization Doctors without Borders to help make this possible. So with each item you purchase, you're helping yourself with style, and helping someone else get their life back.



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