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KEMP Bengal 60 Whistle
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KEMP 24 Coast Guard Approved Ring Buoy
KEMP Heavy Grey Blanket
KEMP Small Foil Emergency Blanket
KEMP Pocket Mask with O2 Inlet in Case with Logo
KEMP 24 Lifestyle Ring Buoy
KEMP Guard Essentials Hip Pack
KEMP 60' Throw Line w/Ball
    KEMP AMBU Pocket Mask w/O2 Inlet & Kit
    KEMP Guard First Aid Hip Pack
    KEMP CPR Mask in Red Pouch
    KEMP Head Immobilizer
      KEMP 25 Watt Megaphone
      KEMP Lifeguard Cap
      KEMP Body Fluids Kit
      KEMP 10 Person First Aid Kit
      KEMP 24 Unit First Aid Kit
      KEMP 3x9 10-Pound Diving Brick
      Kemp USA Velcro Spine Board Straps
        KEMP Ambu CPR Mask in Red Pouch
        KEMP 50 Rescue Tube
        KEMP 24 Economy Ring Buoy
        KEMP Lifeguard Umbrella
        KEMP 19 Lifestyle Ring Buoy
        KEMP 2 PC Spineboard Strap
          KEMP Ambu BVM Pediatric Resuscitator
          KEMP CPR 7 Pack Manikins
          KEMP Training Manikin
          KEMP NJ State Approved First Aid Kit
          KEMP 10 Watt Megaphone
          KEMP Spine Board Mounting Bracket
          KEMP Lung Bags Infant Box of 100
          KEMP Lung Bags Adult & Child Box of 100
          KEMP Responder Bag
            KEMP Intubation Bag
              KEMP Pediatric Immobilizer Pillows
                KEMP 2 PC Spineboard Strap Metal Buckle & Loop Ends
                  KEMP Lifeguard Visor
                  KEMP Leg Immobilizer
                    KEMP Fleece Blanket
                    KEMP Umbrella
                      KEMP One Piece Spineboard Strap with Plastic Buckle
                        KEMP 40 Rescue Tube w/Plastic Clips
                          KEMP Ultimate EMS Backpack
                            KEMP  20 Coast Guard Approved Ring Buoy
                              KEMP Rescue Tube Cover
                              KEMP Oxygen Cylinder Bag
                                KEMP 8 Watt Megaphone
                                KEMP First Responder Bag
                                  KEMP 8 oz. Air Horn with Power Pack
                                  KEMP 18 AB Spineboard
                                    KEMP Marine Rescue 28 Rescue Can
                                    KEMP 36 Unit First Aid Kit
                                    KEMP Rescue Tube w/Brass Clips
                                    KEMP 53 Cut-A-Way Rescue Tube
                                    KEMP 10 Point Straps
                                      KEMP Competition Manikin
                                      KEMP EG Board Replacement Head Blocks
                                        KEMP CPR Board
                                        KEMP 40 YMCA Rescue Tube
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                                        ABOUT KEMP

                                        KEMP manufactures high-quality equipment for pool lifeguards, beach lifeguards and emergency medical technicians. Founded in 2007 and based in White Plains, NY, the company specializes in products that are vital to life-saving and rescue efforts.

                                        KEMP features a variety of lifeguarding accessories and gear that contribute to preserving safety on the beach and in the water. This includes everything from KEMP rescue cans, tubes, and lifeguarding fanny packs, to KEMP umbrellas and rescue blankets, to megaphones and air horns. The company also produces rescue boards, training manikins, and Coast Guard-approved buoys.

                                        In addition, KEMP encourages safety away from the water by offering fully-stocked first aid kits. EMS utilizes a variety of KEMP products, including KEMP bandages, gloves, and gauze, as well as KEMP head and leg immobilizers and resuscitation masks. The company boasts low prices and unbeatable customer service under the mission of providing durable items that help keep swimmers, surfers, and beachgoers safe.