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Hydro Tech 2 Silicone Surf Swim Fin
Hydro Original Swim Fin
    Hydro Classic Fin
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      ABOUT Hydro

      Australian Surfer's innovation and decades of dedicated development have gone into Hydro's collection of Swim and Surf Finz. Introduced in 1986, the Hydro Original Finz made a splash on the bodyboarding scene as the first surfing fin made specifically for tube riding. The Patented "V" Rail—first appearing on the Hydro Original Finz—provides an increased kick to thrust ratio and creates traction for trimming & stabilizing. Hydro continues to evolve their designs: their new Tech 2 Swim Finz are made of a super-soft silicone, and are designed not only to flex laterally, but also to TWIST during both the up and down kicks, emulating several sea animals' evolved aquatic propulsion methods. Hydro fins are now used all over the world for training and recreation, an even out in the most extreme open-water conditions by Australian Helicopter Surf Rescue Teams and Lifeguards.



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