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    HYDRO-FIT Hand Buoys
    HYDRO-FIT Wave Web Pro Gloves
    HYDRO-FIT Wet Sack
      HYDRO-FIT Easy Close Wave Belt
        HYDRO-FIT Classic Cuffs
          HYDRO-FIT Classic Wave Belt
            HYDRO-FIT Wave Mitts
            HYDRO-FIT Easy Close Mini Cuffs
              HYDRO-FIT Comfort Cuffs
                HYDRO-FIT Easy Close Cuffs
                  HYDRO-FIT Classic Mini Cuffs
                    HYDRO-FIT Wet Vest II Adult
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                    ABOUT HYDRO-FIT

                    HYDRO-FIT® was founded in 1987 by Craig Stuart, a certified fitness instructor with AEA and ACE. As director and teacher Stuart leads the water exercise industry as an innovator, specialist, educator, and fitness professional.

                    Stuart began HYDRO-FIT® with the goal to create a place on the web for people to find complete and thorough information for aquatic fitness professional and exercise enthusiasts and with their selection of equipment, online tools and assistance, and class schedules, Stuart has done just that.