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Human Kinetics Products


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Water Exercise by Martha White
Swimming Anatomy
Human Kinetics Fantastic Water Workouts 2nd Edition
Human Kinetics Fitness Swimming 2nd Edition
Lifeguard Training Activities and Games Book
Human Kinetics Swimming Fastest
Mastering Swimming
Human Kinetics Triathlon Training
Human Kinetics Coaching Swimming Successfully
Human Kinetics Championship Swim Training
Human Kinetics Springboard and Platform Diving
Human Kinetics Janet Evans' Total Swimming
Human Kinetics Water Learning
Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual  Book
Jumping Into Plyometrics-2nd Edition
Woman Triathlete Book
Human Kinetics Scuba Diving
Advanced Sports Nutrition
Starguard: Best Practices for Lifeguards Book
Human Kinetics Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook 4th Edition
Aquatic Rescue and Safety - How to recognize, respond to, and preven
Cycling Fast Book
Safe Chemical Handling for Lifeguards and Pool Operators DVD
Human Kinetics Complete Conditioning for Swimming
Adapted Aquatics Programming Book
Stretch to Win
In Pursuit of Excellence-4th Edition
Aquatic Facility Management Book
Complete Emergency Care Book
Fuel for Young Athletes
Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook 5th Edition
Cycling Anatomy Book
Runners on Running Book
Scuba Diving 4th Edition Book
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ABOUT Human Kinetics

Along with physically training for sport or exercise, studying theory and learning psychological technique is an integral part of progressing in your discipline. Human Kinetics provides in-depth literature for swimming exercise and fitness training, maternity swimming, learning how to swim, teaching water safety and lifeguard essentials. Human Kinetics recognizes that some people learn by reading words, while some prefer action and images; this line of illustrative and informative reading materials contains ample pictures and exercises, and is bound to be beneficial for all swimmers, no matter whether you are a novice or an advanced competitor.