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The company’s extensive product range--more than 20,000 strong--and its focus on innovation, service, and value have strengthened its market position. Today, Hilsinger, through its Hilco®,Wilson Ophthalmic, and Leader® Sports businesses, is the leading supplier of eye wear and eye care accessories, supplies, and equipment in N. America, the United Kingdom, and Australia and serves numerous major customers in continental Europe and S. America. The company has strong market positions in professional and consumer eyewear accessories; protective eyewear--sports and industrial safety; and eye care products. Hilco’s Leader brand Rx sunglass line is one of its fastest growing categories. Hilsinger has demonstrated an uncommon ability to innovate new products across many different, yet contiguous categories; to manage the supply of those products efficiently; and to deliver them with unparalleled speed and accuracy. The company has been granted a number of patents for various accessory and eyewear products and has won numerous industry awards for innovation.



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