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  • Where will we deliver next?

  • Watch as Jason Lezak and Emily Silver make a surprise delivery to a swim team!

  • Watch as Tony Azevedo makes a surprise delivery to a water polo team!

  • The first Olympians to appear for Team Gold: Matt Grevers, Ian Crocker, Garrett Weber-Gale, Maritza Correia, and Christin Magnuson make a surprise delivery to teams in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area!

  • Watch as Ryan Lochte makes a surprise delivery to a swim team!

Check out some of our Gold Medal Deliveries!

  • Lezak & Silver

  • Tony Azevedo

  • Matt Grevers +4

  • Ryan Lochte


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August 8, 11:02 PM
2 years ago.
Hiiiii I am a swimmer on the Academy Bullets Swim Club! Our team is the top team in the state of Illinois winning many back to back season championships. My team would love to receive a gold medal delivery! We have already met Matt Grevers, Allison Shmitt, and Peter Vanderkaay. I would be honored of you picked my team for a gold medal delivery! I would like to meet Ryan Lochte. I am absolutely obsessed with him!!! From my cell phone screensaver to my Ryan Lochte wall in my room covered with my favorite pictures of Ryan Lochte. You should pick my team because we have trained so hard and we all just and to meet an Olympian like Ryan Lochte! Thanks for considering my swim team! Hope you pick us!!

Age, 13
August 4, 3:35 PM
Ali Northcutt
2 years ago.
Ryan Lochte pretty please come because my whole swim team absolutely loves you it would be amazing if you came ,
August 2, 4:21 PM
2 years ago.
Dear Ryan Lochte
I am also a member of Huntsville swim assosiation we would love love love to have you in the rocket city and visit our team so take maddie age 11's advice and come to Huntsville Alabama!! It would make us all and especially maddie age 11 very vey JEAH!!,
Love ,
Anna age 10
July 30, 09:41 AM
2 years ago.
Ryan lochte please please please come
August 6, 10:31 AM
2 years ago.
Ryan lochte you did great in the Olympic happy late birthday
July 30, 09:36 AM
2 years ago.
Ryan please please please come to huntsville Alabama. Everyone on our team LOVES you. We even have viewing party's for the Olympics and for the trials. We were watching you as you swam and we cheered like crazy! It would be so exciting for our team to have you come. They would be so surprised if you came. Our team is lots of fun you would love the kids and the coaches. We have a lot of southern hospitality you might think we're a little crazy but we just love you so much! Please please PLEASE come to our team Huntsville swim association!! P.S I'm your biggest fan ever!!! Please come ,
Love ,
Maddie Age 11
July 30, 08:47 AM
Katie Hinckley
2 years ago.
I swim for Amity Regional Aquatic Club in Orange CT and this fall I will be leaving my teammates to go to college. Our Senior 2 groups is really close and has a mixture of all ages. We swim by speed and I love having the chance to be in a lane with two 13 year old and two 15 year olds and then me and my best friend Stephanie who are 18. you would think with such an age difference we wouldn't have much in common...but your wrong were a strong family with times that are almost identical sometimes to each other even with a big age gap. Everyday at practice our bond gets stronger. This past May we went down to florida to swim in a pretty big meet. We are all huge fans of LOCHTE but I happen to call him my husband. We were all really hoping he would be there or even COUGHLIN but none were there. We were a little dissapointed but still swam our very best and had an awsome trip together. I never would have imagined myself being so close to this group of girls with such an age swing and loving them as much as I do. Leaving them to go to college is going to be so rough for me and Stephanie. Our coaches have already told us they wish they had a couple more years with us so the younger swimmers had more time to look up to us. According to our coach nothing in this world is more valuable than time. At championships last weekend it was hard to walk away from them without a tear but i know if they keep up all the hard training when i get home from school and hop in the pool once again with them for summer season were all going to sync up and become one again. No matter where I go ARAC will always be the team in my heart and my hero will always be LOCHTE. More than anything I want to win this delivery not for me or my team but for my team that I call my family.
July 29, 4:31 PM
Tatyana Yurchenko
2 years ago.
I am a swim mom. my daughter is real fighter, she is diabetic. some days are really hard for her, but she never gives up. i want Ryan to surprise her swimming team at Brooklyn, NY.
July 29, 05:18 AM
Willow C.
2 years ago.
I love to watch swimming on the Olympics! I absolutely love Ryan Lochte so I bought his sunglasses off Swim Outlet! I love them and wear them every wear, even in my house! My team is NOVA (in Virginia) and I would love t if you came to our pool this September!
July 20, 3:03 PM
2 years ago.
I think that what these olympians are doing is crazy awesome! I really wish that my team could have Ryan Lochte or Nathan Adrian come to one of our practices. That would be awesome!
July 12, 5:37 PM
2 years ago.
I swim for Peak Swim Team in Gleneagle, Colorado. We are a pretty small team, and we have only been in buisness for just over a year. I love all my teammates and I think it would be so great to surprise them with a visit from an Olympian. They all work so hard, and we all push each other to do our best. They keep me so upbeat and happy. They deserve it. All the swimmers, (myself included) are big fans of Ryan Lochte. We're really excited to watch his races in London this summer, and I know we would all would be honored to meet him. I just think it's so cool what you're doing. Thanks for your consideration!
June 11, 05:12 AM
Tonya lively
2 years ago.
We are a small town that one year ago was ravaged by a cat 4 tornado. Our pool did survive. However it is in bad need of revisions. We do not have the support of the city. We do not have a facility in our county for kids to swim year round. If people want to swim year round they have to travel to another city. A visit from team gold might help us show the city counsel how important swimming is to our town. We have a kid that swam for us who had to train elsewhere but he is nationally ranked today! Please consider Ringgold tiger sharks for a special delivery! It would mean a lot and help us on our journey to a new pool as we rebuild our community! Thanks Tonya from Ringgold, Ga
June 9, 1:30 PM
2 years ago.
Hello sweethearts. I swim on Longhorn Aquatics.
We are pretty much an all girl group with the exeption of 3 boys, and we ALWAYS brag about our Swim Outlet gear. I sorta gave up on asking people where they got their suit, because, duh Swim outlet.
We don't only discuss suits. One of our main topics is how hot Olympic swimmers are.
Wouldn't it be way-cool if one came?
Thank you for your consideration.
June 6, 1:37 PM
2 years ago.
Hi I'm a swimmer on Longhorn Aquatics in Austin and we would LOVELOVELOVEEEEEE <3 it if some Olympians that we don't see often came to deliver some things for us. We would LOVE seeing Ryan Lochte, Ricky Berens, and Eric Shanteau!!!:D We also LOVEEEE Swim Outlet! It is the place where I get everything I need for swimming!!
April 30, 07:43 AM
2 years ago.
Hi there! Swim mom here that has two great girls on our Summer Swim Team! The summer coach is also the High School Coach! Dobson Dolphins Swim Team has a large number of hard working kids and Parents. Our pool was donated to the team some years back. Our Team works very hard to open and maintain the Pool! It would be awesome if you could visit this team to show them how special they all are! With the extra work they do to raise money and keep their own pool going they deserve a lil something special! Also Our Coach and her two daughters are special and work hard to make sure that not only does the summer team rise to the occasion they also do so for the School team! They could use some appreciation also! Think of the Dolphins! They range from age 4 to 18! Imagine the smiles on the faces to be chosen!
July 14, 10:51 AM
2 years ago.
Please come to see us!
April 16, 4:59 PM
2 years ago.
I am a swimmer on the Shaker Sharks. And I know that our team loves Ryan!!!! Please visit our team!!!
April 3, 6:08 PM
2 years ago.
Hey SwimOutlet! My team would love to meet Ryan Lochte! WE ARE HUGE FANS!!!!! All of our swimmers worship him!
March 14, 5:58 PM
3 years ago.
I am a swimmer on Daytona Beach Swimming. Our coaches are Steve Lochte and Kristin Lochte, so ofcourse they both know Ryan Lochte, they are related :D but us swimmers would really like to be surprised with the gold medal delievery. It would mean a lot to the team if he could do that for us. We are MAJOR fans of Ryan and it would be our DREAM to be surprised by him any minute during practice! :D
January 28, 07:00 AM
3 years ago.
Hi i am a swimmer and my team is located in Massachusetts and is called Bluefish Swim Club. It would be awesome if you came to our club!!!!! I love you guys!
October 5, 12:42 PM
3 years ago.
The videos are amazing! Swimming is so much more than just being in the water for me. I got very sick and because of my illness I had to quit all my high impact sports and I joined swimming. I fell in love with it and my team. Swimming always made my bad days turn into better days even thought I was getting sicker everyday. I got sicker and sicker and had to move away for treatment and missed two years of swimming. Last year I was manager of my high school swim team but I had to leave in the middle of the season for more treatment. My dream as a kid was to go to collage for sports and maybe the Olympics someday but my illness crushed those dreams but this year I am back on my feet and ready to swim! Come to Mountains of Colorado and see that its more than skiing and snowboarding!
October 2, 6:59 PM
3 years ago.
We are a highschool swim team that just got a new coach and last year did not have a pool. Last year we had 12 girls and this year we have 26 so we doubled our numbers We are underdogs but we work very hard and we have amazing team ethic. We are very close as a team and we would love to be vistited. It would really pump us up for City and Sectionals.
September 23, 10:58 AM
Dena Marie Picklesimer
3 years ago.
What a great video!

I am a swim mom with the Swim Lenoir Marlins of Lenoir, NC. Out of my 3 children, 2 are on team and one is well on her way. I am committed to this team and my children's success. You will find me at the gym every day showing my children that I support them. It's not just me though, It's all the parents. In a small town like Lenoir, NC, we are much more than a team...we are family. We all hold each other accountable and that makes for a great team!

We may not be the largest of swim teams but , these kids ROCK regardless. The coaches are awesome with our swimmers and really go the ex-tra mile for each and every one of these kids. Some techniques work with some kids while others don't. Coach Todd King and Pat Hites know this, and work with each swimmer individually. There are no favorites here with the Lenoir Marlins...just a love of the sport!

I know Lenoir, NC is not exactly a hot-spot on your list of places to visit but, it would mean the world t
September 10, 12:42 PM
3 years ago.
Hi, the Marlins are a highly competitive swim team with multiple swimmers going to high level swim meets every year. We would be honored by a visit by one of the Olympic swimmers, so come and visit our team!
August 23, 7:03 PM
Seth Edwards
3 years ago.
Thanks for coming! It was a great surprise and I look up to you all. Thanks for being such good examples to us and motivating us to swim with a positive attitude. You are AWESOME!!!
August 13, 1:03 PM
3 years ago.
It would be awesome if you could come to our team. Our coach resigned this past spring and ever since then our team has started to fall apart. We could really use something to help pump us back up and have hope.
August 5, 7:54 PM
3 years ago.
We have had a very bad summer here this year. We have had flooding that has kept some people out of their homes all summer. For a small town I feel that we ahe a great swim team and this would be a great way to encurage our swmmers and help forget the problems we are having.
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