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ABOUT Gogglies

Say goodbye to tangled, sticky goggle straps. Made of patented Neoprene, Gogglies™ replaces your traditional rubber goggle straps with a comfortable, non-slip backing that is easy to adjust. The Gogglies has Velcro adjusting side straps, making tightening or loosening easy and fast. Children and adults can adjust the Gogglies with the goggles still in place on the head.

The Gogglies are also buoyant, floating at the surface if accidentally lost instead of heading straight for the bottom of the pool. The benefits of Gogglies include: Elimination of hair pulling and tangles, a more comfortable fit than rubber goggle straps, they can be adjusted while worn, can be personalized to prevent theft or loss, buoyant and an easy target to locate your kids in the water.



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