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ABOUT Free People

The Free People brand started in the 1970's, when a young man named Dick Hayne opened up a shop in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The store was called Free People, and it helped give style and fashion to the young people who lived there. They believed that with each article of clothing, the customers looked for a bit of freedom in the clothes that they wore. But after they opened up another shop, they changed the name to Urban Outfitters. Customers loved the shop and the brand and they decided to create a wholesale line and it immediately took off.

In 2001, the founder, along with his wife Meg, realized that Free People was the image that they favored. It encompassed that of femininity, courage and spirit. They knew that it was time to get back to their roots. After that, they decided to shed the junior clothes image and start catering towards 20-something women who have intelligence, creativity and most importantly, individuality. They draw, sew and design their clothes after her and love that she is what represents their brand. With more and more styles that pop up season after season, Free People has shaped their image to be one of the best, most spirited brands to represent a freedom of style and fashion.