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FOX Men's Overhead Boardshort
FOX Men's Slambozo Cargo Camo Walkshort
    FOX Men's Exhaust Boardshort
      FOX Boys' Legacy Solid Pullover Hoodie (8yrs-20yrs)
      FOX Men's Barranca Boardshort
        FOX Men's Horizon Boardshort
          FOX Men's Throttle Chino Pants
          FOX Men's Essex Walkshort
          FOX Boys' Flight Boardshort (8yrs-20yrs)
            FOX Boys' Camino Boardshort  (8yrs-20yrs)
              FOX Mr. Clean Velcro Wallet
              FOX Image V Neck Tee
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              FOX Men's Thermbond Threat Hooded Jacket
                FOX Burner L/S Swim Skin One Piece Swimsuit
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                Fox Men's Slambozo Cargo Short
                  FOX Excursion Rucksack
                    FOX Men's Change Mesh Short
                      FOX Men's Pride Mesh Short
                        FOX Men's Freakout Beanie
                          FOX Boys' Overhead Boardshort (8yrs-20yrs)
                            FOX Men's Pinned Tank Top
                              FOX Freefallin Multi Strap Top
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                              Fox Core Wallet
                                FOX Men's Savant Flexfit Hat
                                  FOX Men's Granger Tank
                                    FOX Men's Fremont Jacket
                                      FOX Men's Crockett Sasquatch Zip Fleece
                                        FOX Men's Marauder Sasquatch Zip Fleece Hoodie
                                          FOX Men's Glamis Jacket
                                            FOX Men's Straightaway Hooded Jacket
                                              FOX Men's Hemlock Fleece Zip Hoodie
                                                FOX Men's Zealot Zip Fleece Hooded Jacket
                                                  FOX Men's Koal Long Sleeve Shirt
                                                    FOX Men's Burnout Pullover Fleece Jacket
                                                      FOX Men's Erratics Lined Woven Longsleeve Shirt
                                                      FOX Men's Legacy FHeadX Zip Fleece Jacket
                                                      FOX Men's Brapp Zip Fleece
                                                        FOX Men's Prepare Pullover Fleece
                                                          FOX Men's Jurassic Longsleeve Pullover Hoodie
                                                            FOX Men's Tidal Longsleeve Flannel Shirt
                                                              FOX Men's Downhall Pullover Fleece Hoodie
                                                                FOX Men's Camo Slambozo Tech Short
                                                                  FOX Men's Jagger Long Sleeve Flannel
                                                                    FOX Men's Lateral Sweatpant
                                                                      FOX Men's Hamhock Longsleeve Flannel Shirt
                                                                        FOX Active Vicious Track Jacket
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                                                                        FOX Men's Sangre Long Sleeve Shirt
                                                                          FOX Men's Silt Long Sleeve Flannel
                                                                            FOX Men's Legacy Foxhead PO Fleece Jacket
                                                                            FOX Men's Savant Track Jacket
                                                                              FOX Men's Ledge Boardshort
                                                                                FOX Men's Slingshots Boardshort
                                                                                FOX Men's Escapade Boardshort
                                                                                FOX Men's Camino Stacker Boardshort
                                                                                  FOX Men's Sekwel Zip Fleece
                                                                                    FOX Men's Edge Line LS Flannel
                                                                                      FOX Men's Swisha Fleece Sweatpant
                                                                                        FOX Men's Johnburg SS Woven
                                                                                          FOX Men's Cohesion Thermal Longsleeve Shirt
                                                                                            FOX Men's Drafted Longsleeve Knit Shirt
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                                                                                              ABOUT FOX

                                                                                              Best known for their motocross roots, Fox is a widely recognized athletic brand in the world today. Geoff Fox, a Ph.D who taught physics at the University of Santa Clara, knew that handmade, quality products were the best way to go because they would provide for maximum performance and freedom of movement.

                                                                                              With increased support from some of the best riders in motocross, Fox began getting a high demand for his apparel and soon enough he knew that he was on to something big. By utilizing the best technologies and remaining committed to personal opinions of championship riders, Fox continues to be a world leader in the production of racewear, gear and sportswear. Now Fox has branched out to girls' swimwear, girls' clothes, men's board shorts, men's clothes, backpacks and purses.

                                                                                              Fox remains a family-owned and operated business, with all four of Geoff Fox's children working full-time at the company. While Fox continues to stick to its roots in the motocross industry it has expanded to include BMX, mountain bike apparel and everyday wear.