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Energy Gels & Chews


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Energy Gels and Chews


Energy gels are the high-intensity athlete's best friend when it comes to food. Made for quick absorption in your system, these gels are a great way to pump up your body full of the nutrients you need in a high endurance training session. Available in different flavors, there's something for every athlete that needs that extra kick in their session.

Energy gels work by fast absorption in your system so when you need the energy the most, the gel is ready to help kick start your drive to exercise. What's the best part about these packets of gel is you don't have to worry about chewing or munching on an energy bar like other on-the-go snacks. These are made to triathletes and long distance runners who need a spike of energy in the middle of their exercise routine but are worried about having to chew while they're exercising. Energy gels eliminate that worry and can be quickly washed down after you're done with the packet.





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