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Cressi Products


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Cressi Nose Clip
Cressi Clio Fins
Cressi Supernova Dry Snorkel
Cressi Women's Tahiti Shorty Wetsuit
Cressi Ultra Stretch Swim Fins Socks
Cressi Palau Saf Fin
Cressi Perla & Dry Snorkel Set
Cressi Mask Strap Cover
Cressi Pluma Snorkeling Fin
Cressi Gringo Black Snorkel
Cressi Cobra Kids' Goggle
Cressi Clio Kids' Fins
Cressi Men's Tahiti Shorty Wetsuit
Cressi 3mm Palma ST with Grip Short Boots
Cressi Kid's Crab Goggle
Cressi Skylight Clear Lens Swim Mask with Free Swim Cap
Cressi Unisex Skin Suit
Cressi Palau Adjustable Snorkeling Fin
Cressi Boys' Swim Wetsuit (2yrs-7yrs)
Cressi Perla Jr. Mask
Cressi Palau Bag Mask, Snorkel, and Fin Set
Cressi Termico Lady 2mm Thermo Suit
Cressi Light Swim Fins
Cressi Kid's Swim Goggle Neoprene Strap Cover
Cressi Right Goggles
Cressi Girls' Swim Wetsuit (2yrs-7yrs)
Cressi Kids Snorkel Vest
Cressi Agua Short Swim Fins
Cressi Women's Morea Diving Wetsuit
Cressi Focus Scuba Mask
Cressi Planet Clear Lens Swim Goggle
Cressi Boys' Rocks Long Sleeve Rashguard (7yrs-15yrs)
Cressi Scuba Beta Dry Snorkel
Cressi Flash Small Fit Goggles
Cressi Flash Small Fit Tinted Goggles
Cressi Saturn Crystal Tinted Lens Swim Mask
Cressi Palau Saf Bag Snorkel Combo
Cressi Frog Plus Adjustable Diving Fin
Cressi Termico Man 2mm Thermo Suit
Cressi Newton Scuba Dive Computer
Cressi Men's Morea Diving Wetsuit
Cressi Drake Titanium Free Dive Scuba Computer
Cressi Apnea Two Piece 3.5mm Spearfishing Wetsuit
Cressi Kids' Lido 2MM Junior Wetsuit (6yrs-14yrs)
Cressi Saturn Crystal Swim Mask Tinted Lens
Cressi Girls' Rocks Long Sleeve Rashguard (7yrs-15yrs)
Cressi Girls' Babaloo Rashguard Onesie (6mos-24mos)
Cressi Boys' Babaloo Rashguard Onesie (6mos-24mos)
Cressi Tropical Gloves
Cressi Boys' Classic Short Sleeve Rashguard (7yrs-15yrs)
Cressi Boys' Pequeno Long Sleeve Rashguard (2T-7yrs)
Cressi Girls' Pequeno Long Sleeve Rashguard (2T-7yrs)
Cressi Girls' Classic Short Sleeve Rashguard (7yrs-15yrs)
Cressi Boys' Infant Warmer Suit (6mos-24mos)
Cressi Girls' Infant Warmer Suit (6mos-24mos)
Cressi Fox Small Fit Goggles
Cressi Supernova Scuba Dry Snorkel
Cressi Bonete Snorkeling Fin
Cressi Bonete Bag Mask, Snorkel, and Fin Set
Cressi Flash Goggles
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ABOUT Cressi

Founded in 1946, Cressi made its mark in the aquatic world as a diving company. Family owned and operated as an Italian brand, Cressi was the first company to produce diving items like the diving mask with dedicated nose pocket. Their innovative and superior development in the diving world spans across multiple sports including diving, spear fishing, snorkeling and swimming.

In 2005, Cressi dove into the world of swimming and established a separate brand specifically for swimming products. The first swimming goggle produced by Cressi was the Nuoto Goggle in 1950. During that time, European swimming champions used Cressi products like goggles and swim fins. Since then, Cressi has expanded their swimming product line to feature swim masks, goggles, fins, caps, swim suits and swimming accessories.

To this day, Cressi still manufactures the majority of products in Genova, Italy, allowing the company to achieve a high level of quality control for their customers. Cressi's mission is clear. Their goal is to create the highest quality products and high hopes that everyone who uses a Cressi product will enjoy his or her water sports experience.



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