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Creatures Products


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Creatures Wetsuit Bag
    Creatures SUP 10 Coil Leash - Ankle
      Creatures Backdoor Leash
        Creatures Reef 8 Leash
          Creatures Single Wrap Rax
            Creatures Fin Tethers
              Creatures SUP - 8 Piece Traction Pad
                Creatures Aero Pad - Long
                  Creatures Rax Pad Round - Long
                    Creatures Ryan Hardy Bodyboard Leash
                    Creatures Neo Fin Sox - Hi Cut
                      Creatures Comp 6 Leash
                      Creatures Longboard 9 Leash - Knee
                      Creatures Universal Lite Board Bag
                        Creatures Double Wrap Rax
                          Creatures Neo Fin Sox - Lo Cut
                            Creatures Longboard Lite Board Bag
                              Creatures Aero Rax With Tie Down Straps
                                Creatures Lite 5 Surfboard Leash
                                  Creatures Pierre Louise Costes Bicep Bodyboard Leash
                                  Creatures Pro 6 Leash
                                  Creatures Deluxe Wrist Bodyboard Leash
                                    Creatures Retro Fish Lite Board Bag
                                      Creatures Retro/Fish Travel Board Bag
                                        Creatures The Five Traction Pad
                                          Creatures Longboard 9 Leash - Ankle
                                            Creatures Retro Fish Double Travel Board Bag
                                              Creatures Universal Travel Board Bag
                                                Creatures SUP Day Use - Paddle Cover
                                                  Creatures Outer Reef 10 Leash
                                                    Creatures Nat Young Traction Pad
                                                      Creatures Kai Barger Traction Pad
                                                        Creatures SUP 10 Coil Leash - Knee
                                                          Creatures SUP 10 Leash - Knee
                                                            Creatures Longboard 10 Leash - Knee
                                                              Creatures Longboard 10 Leash - Ankle
                                                                Creatures Tailgate Pad With Tie Down Straps
                                                                  Creatures Pro Traction Pad
                                                                    Creatures Pro 7 Leash
                                                                    Creatures Lite 6 Leash
                                                                    Creatures Rax Pad Round - Short
                                                                      Creatures Tie Downs
                                                                        Creatures Comp 5  Leash
                                                                        Creatures SUP Day Use - Blade Cover
                                                                          Creatures Aero Pad - Short
                                                                            Creatures Mitch Coleborn Traction Pad
                                                                              Creatures Taylor Clark Traction Pad
                                                                                Creatures Half Pad
                                                                                  Creatures XL Traction Pad
                                                                                    Creatures Panel Traction Pad
                                                                                      Creatures Tail Block
                                                                                        Creatures Nat Young Vert Series Dual Tab Fins
                                                                                          Creatures Nat Young Arc Series Single Tab Fins
                                                                                            Creatures Nat Young Arc Series Single Tab Fins
                                                                                              Creatures Mitch Coleborn Arc Series Dual Tab Fins
                                                                                                Creatures Mitch Coleborn Arc Series Dual Tab Fins
                                                                                                  Creatures Universal Shortboard Day Bag
                                                                                                    Creatures Ryan Hardy Bicep Bodyboard Leash
                                                                                                      Creatures Bodyboard Leash Plugs (30 pack)
                                                                                                        Creatures Skim Arch & 3 Piece Traction Pad Combo
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                                                                                                          ABOUT Creatures

                                                                                                          Yallingup, located in Western Australia, provides the backdrop for the creation of Creatures. Yallingup is a prime surfing spot with waves that rival the mighty waves of Hawaii. In the 1970's, John Malloy traveled to Yallingup to experience the superior surf. After many years in Yallingup, Malloy and a friend created the first urethane leash which withstood the strong, Yallingup waves.

                                                                                                          The creation of the urethane leash was only the beginning. Soon, Malloy and his friend created a line of great surfing products. Each product is thoroughly tested in the water by the staff of Creatures, sponsored riders, and members of their international surf team. Creatures continues to utilize the very best materials to create durable surfing accessories to satisfy customers.