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Creative Sunwear Products


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Creative Sunwear Flower Swim Cap
Creative Sunwear Women's Nylon Mesh Shoe
Creative Sunwear Floral Decorations on Bubble Cap
Creative Sunwear Molded Petal Cap with a Strap
Creative Sunwear Molded Petal Cap with Strap
Creative Sunwear Latex Ornament Cap
Creative Sunwear Bubble Cap with Strap
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ABOUT Creative Sunwear

Creative Sunwear can trace its roots back to the Sunwear Corporation, and to-day they are the only company in America offering an extensive range of fashion swim caps like the ones that were popular in the 1960's. True to its tradition, Creative Sunwear has preserved many of the styles available in the 1960's, but with a touch of contemporary colors and styling. In addition to the fashion caps, Creative Sunwear runs a wide range of to-day's most popular swim caps, including the basic latex cap, silicone caps and lycra caps, molded caps with straps and bubble crepe caps.



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