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ABOUT CocoHydro

Ben Ripple and Frederick Schilling are the dynamic duo responsible for the vision of Big Tree Farms. Ben, an expert in sustainable and ethical supply chains and Frederick, a passionate and innovative chocolate expert navigate the tricky waters of sustainable, ethical, and organic tropical food stuffs with an elegance that belies the true effort and determination it takes to do things right. Yet, after extensive trial and error, Big Tree Farms became the first company in the world to produce a truly raw cold processed organic cacao powder and butter.

Despite the success of pioneering the world’s first truly raw and cold pressed cacao products, Ben and Frederick were determined to set their sights even higher. The sum of their strengths, once applied to the passion of raw cacao products exceeded the passions of these two as individuals.

Frederick founded and built Dagoba Chocolate based on breaking the boundaries of the chocolate industry and innovating what people didn’t know they wanted. Ben is a master at working and building supply chains for multiple commodities. What emerged was a company that not only worked with artisan groups, but is able to take these traditional ingredients and transform them to finished products that once again would push the industry into categories and products that consumers didn’t yet know they wanted.

Today, Big Tree Farms helps set the stage globally for demand of nutritious foods, being the first to offer on-demand coconut water, a more sustainable option than bottled; to pioneer cold-processed cacao products; Dr. Oz remarked of Big Tree Farms coconut sugar that it is "the best alternative to cane sugar"; Thanks to the passion and drive of its founders Ben and Frederick, Big Tree Farms continues to innovate and lead in emerging categories.



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