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CatEye Products


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CatEye Padrone CC-PA100W
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CatEye Reflex (TL-LD560-R) Cycling Tail Light
CatEye Nima Front Chrome Black (SL-LD 130 F)
CatEye Nima Front Matte Red (SL-LD 130 F)
CatEye Rapid5 (TL-LD650) Cycling Tail Light
    CatEye Jido (HL-AU230) Cycling Headlight
      CatEye Solar (SL-LD210-R) Cycling Tail Light
      CatEye Urban Wireless (CC-VT220W) Cycling Computer
        CatEye Nano Shot Plus (HL-EL625RC) Cycling Headlight
        CatEye Volt 300/Rapid X
        CatEye Strada Smart CC-RD500B
        CatEye Q3a (MSC-CY300) HRM, Altimeter and Cycling Computer
        CatEye STEALTH 50 (CC-GL50)
          CatEye INOU (MSC-GC100) GPS Camera
          CatEye Strada Smart Bundle CC-RD500B
          CatEye VOLT 300 (HL-EL300 RC)
          CatEye ANT+ SPEED/CAD SENSOR (ISC-11)
          CatEye Enduro (CC-ED400) Cycling Computer
          CatEye Go-Kit (EL135/LD135/VL520)
          CatEye URBAN WIRELESS (CC-VT220W  BLACK)
          CatEye Rapid 3 (TL-LD630-F) Cycling Headlight
          CatEye Nima Rear Matte Red (SL-LD 130 R)
          CatEye Nima Rear Matte Silver (SL-LD 130 R)
          CatEye ANT+ HR STRAP (HR-11)
          CatEye HL-EL135N Cycling Headlight
          CatEye Fit (CC-PD100W) Cycling Computer
          CatEye Uno (HL-EL010) Cycling Headlight
          CatEye MSC-CY200 Q3 HRM and Cycling Computer
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          ABOUT CatEye

          Created in 1954 in Osaka, Japan, CatEye has been a constant innovator with technological products among the cycling community. Although CatEye now produces major products such as cycle computers, reflectors, and lights, they became a main contender within the cycling market when they created the first flashing lamp for bicycles in 1964. Following the release of the first flashing lamp, CatEye went on to produce the first bicycle head lamp and cycle computer.

          Currently, CatEye uses cutting-edge technology to produce a full line of computers and other tech products for cyclists. They manage two factories in Japan and another one in China that are both ISO approved. CatEye continues their commitment to innovation by using leading edge technology to create safe and comfortable products.