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Founded and established in 1996, by Gurudutt Ramakrishna, Robust Systems Solutions, Inc., offers over 50 years of executive industry experience to support product development, distribution and marketing. Their offices are located in San Marcos, and Las Vegas, Nevada, and their manufacturing facilities are located in Concord and Chatsworth in California.

Robust, LLC manufactures the finest and the best nutrition supplements for Power Strength and Endurance Athletes. Based on the latest research and scientific findings, only the highest quality and most active pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used in the manufacturing process. They make sure that the finished products are synergistic and efficacious and accelerate gastric clearance, absorption and utilization. Specifically designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the products are clinically profiled to deliver a desired effect, at a specific time for a particular activity. Each formula is designed to stand-alone, and yet work in conjunction with the rest of the product line to achieve an optimal level of performance.