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    Amanda Beard Mother's Day Contest

    Celebrate Mother's Day by going swimming with your kids!


    Swimmer Amanda Beard is not only a four-time Olympian and seven-time Olympic medalist, but also a mother to son Blaise, age 3. She recommends introducing your kids to swimming and water safety at a young age and explains that learning to swim at an early age opens up a lifetime of healthy activities in-and-around the water.

    Amanda will be taking her son swimming on Mother's Day, what will you do with your kids this Mother's Day? 

    Tell us your favorite Mother's Day activity by leaving a comment below and you will be entered for a chance to win $100 worth of Aqua Sphere product. The winner will be selected by Amanda Beard for her favorite Mother's Day activity suggestion by May 12th! This contest is in partnership with Aqua Sphere, visit their brand page to see a full assortment of product. 

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    2 years ago.
    I'll be wearing my white shirt and name tag, officiating both sessions of an Illinois swim meet. Hopefully I won't have to disqualify (unlikely) anyone else's child. Don't want to disappoint another mother on our special day!
    Tanya Campbell
    2 years ago.
    I am a busy mother of three, 11, 9, 8 and all of them love the water. My daughter and youngest son swim competitively and my middle son does waterpolo. This mother's day I will be at a swim meet with my youngest son in Etobicoke :) And We are gearing up for the summer by the pool as well :)
    2 years ago.
    Didn't know it was Mother's Day when I entered my daughters in a swim meet. Having a good start to LC season. But, I have to make time for my MOM.
    2 years ago.
    I will be with my daughters at a swim meet. My girls will swim, I will coach! A great interactive way to celebrate our succeses!!
    2 years ago.
    I have 2 sons and they have a swim meet that day! Decided I was the mom and there wasn't a better way to spend the day with my family!
    Evelyn Delgado
    2 years ago.
    We are all going to a ribbon cutting ceremony on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore and then they are taking me to eat at my favorite restaurant Water and Wine.
    2 years ago.
    I will be celebrating swimming with my kids. We recently joined the YMCA and I started my 3&5 year old in swimming lessons. My 5 year old has the longestttttttt eyelashes and has lots of trouble with goggles. Someone suggested Aqua Sphere because of the wide lens, and I cannot wait to order my first pair! I feel so bad watching him wipe and wipe his eyes and the chlorine irritates them so much. I would love to win anything by Aqua Sphere!!
    Sharon W.
    2 years ago.
    I am a caregiver for my 88 year old mom. We both belong to a local aquatic center, and this Mother's Day I'm taking my mom swimming :o)
    2 years ago.
    My son is a third grader. He was diagnosed with SPD at 3.5yo. It has been quite the journey, but he no longer qualifies for any diagnosis. I love him more than words can say, and something we both love is the theater. We are going to go out for brunch and see a matinee play. He still wants to spend time with me, so I want to enjoy it while I can before he is too old to hang out with his mom ;-)
    2 years ago.
    I will be camping on the beach at South Carlsbad with my husband and kids on Mother's Day. We will be surfing and boogie boarding!
    2 years ago.
    I coach a Special Olympics Swim Team, we love getting together at practice with the Athletes. My love for the water is endless, I enjoy teaching my kids, athletes and adults to love the way the water makes you feel! This mothers day I will be doing my favorite thing, SWIMMING!
    2 years ago.
    I will be celebrating my first Mother's Day ever with our new baby girl that is due this Saturday the 4th! :-) So most likely I will be soaking Mother's Day in for the first time with our beautiful baby girl!
    Erin Quinn
    2 years ago.
    I'm the Head Coach of Hawks Swimming and have the honor of coaching 120 young swimmers including my own three children. What's great about being a swim family is that we all swim together, train together, travel together---on Mother's Day our local, public pool opens and that's my favorite way of celebrating--swimming outside with my family and friends. Happy Mother's Day to all!
    2 years ago.
    This mother's day i will treat my mother to a spa since she has been such a hardworking person and deserves to be pampered.
    2 years ago.
    This Mother's Day I will be doing my first triathlon. I will be supported and cheered on by my kids. They are the best!!! They are triathletes as well. Love it!!!!
    2 years ago.
    This Mother's Day my husband has arranged for our family to do our first big cycling event! My 5 year old will ride her first >40 mile cycle in NYC! I love that my daughter is growing up to know that being fit and active is a normal, wonderful part of life. She knows that her Momma has done a triathlon and is currently training for her own kids' triathlon. She makes me proud to be her Momma every day just by being her little sweet self.
    Gale Browning
    2 years ago.
    I will wake up to a surprise breakfast served by two of my three sons and will talk to my other son on skype who is deployed in the Middle East. Later, neighbors and friends with their kids will join us in our backyard for a low key pool party serenaded by a string quartet.
    2 years ago.
    My favorite Mother's Day activity is my kids bring me breakfast in bed. My husband makes latte and turkey eggs benedict with fresh fruit and they make cards or coupon books and bring it up. Sometimes the coupons are very funny - like I get a coupon to take my daughter skiing or to a movie (with me paying). Some of them are great - like they will make me a meal etc.
    But always get some great hugs and cuddles :).
    2 years ago.
    Mom's choice is to spend the day under the umbrella at the beach - and then picnic in the park under the stars for a symphony concert! Relaxing day for mom!
    2 years ago.
    My mom's tradition is having all her kids help her pick out flowers, then she plants her spring garden! The kids in our family are lifeguards, so we practically live at the pool. My mom knew it was important for us to swim so she started us in parent tot classes, then all the way through to lifeguarding and now we teach swimming to more kiddos! It's so wonderful how we were swimming before we could walk, thanks for giving us the gift of water, mom! :)
    2 years ago.
    We live on the lake, and I know that the first thing my 3-year-old grandson will do is put on the goggles and fins! He won't leave the water, and the goggles and fins will be on for the entire day!
    2 years ago.
    This will be my 10th Mother's day since I had my amazing son who is a club swimmer and after seeing your video, I have decided to go enjoy my day at the pool with him and my loving husband! Last year, I pushed myself to go to the pool and told my son that I will race him to a 25 yard freestyle, well guess what? He beat me so bad, I nearly drowned trying to catch up!! Iam so proud of him, like you, we had him in the warm water in Honolulu at a very young age and this year he was selected in the All Stars swim meet. Happy Mother's Day and I will be enjoying my day at the pool!!
    2 years ago.
    For Mother's Day, our family will spend it having brunch with in-laws and/or with one of my husband's grandmothers. My daughter gets to spend a day with lots of mothers and she is fortunate to get to spend time with her mother, grandmother, and a great-grandmother.
    Maggie Land
    2 years ago.
    I'd love to win! Amanda Beard is so cool!
    2 years ago.
    My wife is pregnant with our 3rd...a boy who will surely be a swimmer! We will spend Mothers Day awaiting our child to be born shortly after. The best gift a mother could receive!
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