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  • Sep

    Preparing for the Open Water Challenge of the Tiburon Mile

    Preparing for an open-water swim is both mentally and physically exerting. Swimming in a large body of water, as opposed to a pool, can also be an extremely rewarding experience. However, the preparations and training leading up to the event are crucial.

    A few swimmers here at are getting the chance to swim the popular RCP Tiburon Mile at the end of September -- so it's been a crash course to get ready. The RCP Tiburon Mile is one of the best-known swim races in the San Francisco Bay. This particular event features a mile of swimming in open waters, and solid preparation is key.

    Regardless of whether you swim every day, or haven’t trained in years, getting in the pool is an essential component in preparing for any race. Generally speaking, participating in an open water swim takes a greater toll on your body than swimming laps in a pool. Why? In open water you are constantly fighting currents, waves and other athletes. First and foremost, you should work on building (or regaining) your endurance and strength. This can be done by increasing your distance and training more frequently. We suggest swimming double the distance of the actual race, a few times a week in the weeks before.

    Second, you will want to test the waters -- literally. It is important to take your training to the ocean, bay, lake or reservoir leading up to the event. Getting a feel for the temperatures, currents and overall environment of the event location will help prepare you mentally and physically. The confidence of knowing what to expect is a big boost in a race like the Tiburon Mile.

    In most open water swim competitions, wearing a wetsuit is grounds for disqualification. To prevent shock, and ensure comfort, we recommend testing the waters to determine which gear you will need. For example, due to the lack of body insulation, you may want to choose a neoprene swim cap to maintain and regulate head warmth.

    These are just a few top line tips when preparing for any open water swim: 1.) train double; 2.) test the waters; 3.) try out your gear.

    With that said, our SwimOutlet participants will be hitting the San Francisco bay this weekend in preparation for the “fastest open water swim in the world.” The Tiburon Mile, on September 29th, will be a nautical mile beginning at Angel Island and ending on the shore of Tiburon. How many of you will be there? Stay tuned for live updates from the SwimOutlet team.

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    1 year ago.
    I'm so impressed with everyone who is competing in the Tiburon race. I would love to compete as well. But, I'm really afraid of sharks. How do the competitors avoid being attacked, especially in San Francisco Bay.
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