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  • Jul

    Michael McBroom: What's In Your TYR Bag?

    Over the next month, top swimmers will be competing across the globe in events like the 2015 Pan Am Games, 2015 World Championships and 2015 U.S. Nationals. We asked some of the world’s best swimmers to tell us what they keep in their bags for any important meet!

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  • Jul

    Top Swim Backpacks Compared by Zach Kent

    By Zach Kent, @iSwimWithIssues

    He’s back! Following up on a terrific waterproof MP3 review this winter, the swimming world’s funniest twitter account @iSwimWithIssues is back at it again reviewing one of the most important items for any swimmer: your swim backpack.

    Zach Kent breaks down our top-selling styles with his signature wit and insight. Remember, all reviews and opinions are his own! Check out more humor @iSwimWithIssues.

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  • Nov

    Fall & Winter is a great time for Swim Classes!

    By United States Lifesaving Association, a partner

    The United States Lifesaving Association reminds all of us this fall – especially parents – that it is always a good time for swim lessons! Indoor swim classes are great for a winter activity.

    As the cooler season approaches in northern climates, there may be less outdoor water activity, but it’s a great time to get kids to the pool to teach them to swim. Learning to swim is the first defense against drowning. Teach children to swim at an early age. Children who are not taught when they are very young tend to avoid swim instruction as they age, often due to embarrassment.

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  • Jul

    U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Month - July is proud of its partnership with U.S. Masters Swimming and carries a full line of U.S. Masters Swimming products from training accessories to swim gear. Each month, we look forward to highlighting some of the great swimming clubs across the U.S. that feature Masters teams for all types of swimmers. This months’ team comes from sunny California with the Mountain View Masters Swim & Social Club. features a full-service team division that offers customization and bulk order discounts. We also have a team affiliate program that allows teams to set up their own online store to earn cash back for their team or club.

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  • Jan

    2014 New Year's Swimolutions

    Happy New Years to all and hopefully everyone rang in the New Year with good times! Now that it’s 2014, it’s time to set your sights on the upcoming year and set some goals for yourself – no matter how small, large, personal or professional they might be.

    Here’s our 10 New Year’s Swimolutions for 2014!


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  • Dec

    Three Stylish Looks for the Holidays


    With the end of the year approaching, it is time to tuck away your swimsuits and pull out your sweaters. Regardless of whether you are dreaming of a white Christmas, planning a holiday in the sun, or going home for the holidays—you’ll need some cozy and festive fashions to dress for the occasion. To make your packing extra easy for your holiday away, we created a comfy-chic combo of our winter favorites. Take a look in our Christmas closet:


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  • Nov

    Six Fun Pieces for a Wanderlust Winter

    When the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, you have two options: you can either bundle up and face the frost, or retreat to a holiday in the sun. If you’re spending your holidays on the sand, instead of the snow, here’s some stylish items you just might want to bring with you.

    Regardless of the destination, you will need a trendy-tote to carry your holiday necessities with you. We love the versatility of the Physician Endorsed Anaconda Straw Bag. The bonus? This tote comes with a matching hat—so you can trade your beanie for a beach hat.

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  • Nov

    Cool Gear to Warm Up on the Pool Deck


    As swimmers we choose to expose ourselves to extreme weather conditions in the hopes that all of our hard work will soon pay off. As we tread deeper into the colder seasons, our parkas and warm-ups become vital accessories to keep our bodies warm and insulated. Nobody wants to have chills prior to diving in for a 200-yard swim. For that very reason, the Blog has selected a curated mix of cool (by that we mean hip) and functional products to help warm you up on the pool deck this winter.

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  • Aug

    5 Great Things We Loved About Summer Training

    Enough said. School has been out for the summer, but that also means double-practices. The good news? No homework, no studying and no tests. We get the summer to focus solely on practice, meets and of course, tanning. As a swimmer, taking naps is almost mandatory, even if it's for a few minutes. Between doubles, we now get to hibernate for more than 30 minutes. The added stress of school is gone, freeing up your time for summer adventures to the beach or spending the warm nights outside.

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  • Apr

    31st Wildflower Triathlon - Training Weekend

    Editor’s Note: Along with the broadest inventory of swim gear, has a full selection of gear for all your Triathlon needs (except the bikes!), so we asked if the blog could follow along with our triathlon category manager, Polly Feyereisn, as she prepares for the legendary Wildflower Triathlon in May.

    Lake San Antonio… it’s considered hallowed ground in triathlon circles. Maybe it’s the clear sunny sky or the crystal cold water. Maybe it’s 30 years of triathlon history, or my personal history with the race. Maybe it’s the 30-foot triathlete billboards. Whatever it is, this place is special. Where else can you get up at the crack of dawn, roll in for a training day and be treated with the sight of more triathletes than most local races.

    As we pull up to the entrance gate, we are greeted by the massive cut out of a runner baking in the sun, a reminder of what is to come. Rolling down to the parking lot – which in four weeks will be one of the largest transition zones I've ever witnessed – I see a stage of swimmers stretching out their wetsuits from a winter of neglect, runners lathering pale winter skin with sunscreen and cyclists pumping up the tires of mountain bikes, road bikes and carbon master pieces. All attracted to this location for their own preparatory reasons, but also for the same reason I'm here: this place is awesome.

    Photo: One of Wildflower's famous billboards posted in the park. 

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  • Nov

    Work Out with Ryan Lochte!

    Check out the workout that’s been written up nation-wide by Men’s Fitness, USA Today... and even WebMD!
    Eleven-time Olympic medalist and our favorite grill-wearing swimmer, Ryan Lochte, is legendary for his tough and fanatical dry land work-outs. Now you, too, can follow along with the same training regimen that helped Lochte win multiple golds at the 2012 London Games.
    Ryan Lochte’s Hard-CORE workout focuses on strengthening the core, an important part of a swimmer's body. Sculpt the core of your physique and allow the rest of your body to follow.
    You can do the workouts in the comfort and privacy of your own home -- with no need to buy weights.
    It’s the perfect stocking-stuffer for winter training or to prepare for the upcoming summer season. Competitive or recreational swimmers and fitness buffs alike will all enjoy Ryan Lochte’s Hard-CORE training video, helping them achieve their desired physique and “abs of steel.”
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