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  • Jun

    Swimmy the Bear Tours the Aqua Zone in Omaha!

    The official mascot, Swimmy the Swim Bear, decided to make the trek to Omaha this summer for the first time ever in order to visit the 2016 Swim Trials!

    It’s been non-stop fun for Swimmy since he first set foot in the Aqua Zone visiting booths and activities for USA Swimming, U.S. Masters Swimming, the International Swimming Hall of Fame, the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour, the Last Gold Movie while taking photos with fans and giving hugs for kids.

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  • Jun

    Win Connor Jaeger Signed Trials Shirt from Arena!

    Photo Credit: Mike Lewis

    Connor Jaeger was just the second swimmer to book his Rio ticket to the Olympics at the Swim Trials when he finished first in the 400m freestyle on Sunday night.

    The 2012 Olympian who finished 6th in the 1500m in London will be swimming his speciality later this week.

    We're giving away a special Arena shirt available only in Omaha with Connor's autograph!

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  • Jun

    Third Trials: Omaha A True Spectacle

    For the third consecutive time, Omaha, Nebraska is hosting the U.S. Swimming Olympic Trials. Every four years since 2008, Omaha, known for it's pioneer history and museums, turns their town into the city of dreams for thousands of athletes nationwide. With over 1,800 swimmers competing for a spot in Rio and state-of-the-art indoor pools filled with nearly two million gallons of water, the swimming Olympic Trials hosted at the CenturyLink Center has turned in to a true spectacle and must-see event.

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  • Jun

    Live From Omaha: Day 1

    Day 1 is a wrap from the 2016 Swim Trials in Omaha -- and what an exciting first night of action at CenturyLink Center!

    The first member of the U.S. Olympic swim team was honored as Chase Kalisz swam to victory in the men’s 400m IM. It was a surprise that Ryan Lochte decided to even swim the grueling event -- but it was also surprising to see him chased down in the final leg and miss out on the second Olympic spot to runner-up Jay Litherland who is known for his closing speed. Lochte is the 2012 Olympic gold medalist in the 400m IM, but he won’t be defending his title in Rio. He still has the 200m IM and several other events to qualify.

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  • Jun

    10 Reasons We're Pumped For Trials

    1) Rowdy Gaines & Dan Hicks, NBC Announcers – These two are not just the best announcers in swimming but one of the best duos in the TV broadcast booth in any sport, period. Their energy feeds off each other and they are wonderfully entertaining and well-prepared. Hicks’s measured delivery balances well with Gaines’s tonal range, and the 3-time gold medalist is able to maintain that fine balance of being pro-American without being a cheesy rah-rah cheerleader for the U.S. Check out the TV schedule here.

    2) The Suits on Deck - Every Olympic cycle brings a fresh new selection of stylish racing tech suits featuring new designs, eye-popping colors and unique patterns. From Michael Phelps’ new MP brand to Speedo’s latest colors of the LZR X to the wide range of Arena’s Carbon line of suits. We can’t wait to see them on-deck next week. Hey, we’re suit people!

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  • Jun

    Countdown to Omaha: The Raw Emotions Before Trials

    By Michael Andrew, World Junior Champion

    With only a few days to go before Trials there are a lot of thoughts racing through my mind... I am so excited and ready to unchain my fastest, and race with everything I have to make the Olympic team.

    I’m also very nervous and even afraid of coming to race and the result isn’t what I have in mind. I believe whole-heartedly that I have what it takes to make the Olympic team and I believe that I will make the team. The reason I say that is, if you don’t mentally believe in yourself, and the gift God has given you, there would be no point in going to race for a spot, because you would already have accepted not making the team.

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  • Jun

    Countdown to Omaha: Rowdy Gaines

    The 2016 Olympic Swim Trials begin Sunday on NBC with coverage nightly in prime-time. We caught up with the man who will be calling the action, Rowdy Gaines. Gaines is a three-time Olympic gold medalist and has been NBC’s swimming analyst since the 1992 Barcelona Games. A tireless ambassador for the sport, his call of the 4x100m men’s freestyle relay from Beijing in which Jason Lezak out touched his French opponent to grab gold has become the stuff of Internet legend.

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  • Jun

    Journey to Omaha: Part 2

    By Andrew Saeta, 2008 & 2012 Olympic Trials

    While planning out my journey to Trials, I figured it would be a good idea to leave myself several opportunities to qualify for the meet, even if I was getting a late start to my qualifying goal. After all, with the 50m free being such a short race, one unfortunate start or breakout can wreck your chances of snagging that cut. My first opportunity, an age-group meet at a high school pool in Orinda, CA – just outside Oakland – didn’t pan out the way I had hoped.

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  • Jun

    Countdown to Omaha: Emma Reaney

    National Team member Emma Reaney has always been athletic, but it took some trial and error before she found swimming--a sport that actually stuck. Growing up in Kansas,“I did every sport you could possibly imagine: dance, tee-ball, soccer, gymnastics and track,” recalls Reaney. At age 8, a family friend convinced her to attend a new swimmer clinic and everything clicked right away. “I don’t know why we didn’t put two and two together sooner. I had always been a water baby, never wanting to get out of the pool or tub,” says Reaney. They put her on a kickboard and she happily kicked breaststroke up and down the pool, naturally and with ease. Reaney remembers,“The coaches were like ‘yup, she can definitely stay!’”

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  • May

    Journey to Omaha: Part 1

    By Andrew Saeta, 2008 & 2012 Olympic Trials Competitor

    Editor’s Note: Most general sports fans know the U.S. Olympic Trials as the event where Olympic stars qualify for the Olympic team and have one final preparation for the upcoming Games. But for many elite swimmers, just reaching the 2016 Olympic Trials is the goal of a lifetime. We caught up with one swimmer hoping to make the cut-off time to compete in Omaha, this summer. Here’s his story and his challenge!

    In March of 2013, I took the last stroke of my collegiate career as the anchor for Stanford’s 400 Freestyle Relay at the NCAA Championships in Indianapolis. That last stroke represented the end of an era for me – one that lasted 15 years where I spent thousands of miles staring at the black line at the bottom of the pool. Although the moment was bittersweet by any standard, I was excited to hang up my swim suit in exchange for a dress suit, as I began my professional career in the financial industry.

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  • Apr

    On Deck: Q&A with Haley Anderson

    with Haley Anderson

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

    SwimOutlet Blog: Hey Haley, how’s it feel to be in the Olympic year, just 6 months away from Rio – especially since you’ve already qualified?

    Haley Anderson: It's crazy that we are already four months out! This year has really flown by! Right now we are in the thick of training and since I have already qualified it means I can really put my focus on Rio and not have to worry about anything in between. Makes the training plan a bit easier to map out.

    SwimOutlet Blog: This won’t be your first rodeo, you had that great silver medal in London – so is the approach different for you in 2016 given your experience?

    Haley Anderson: London was such a crazy whirlwind that I really had no time to take a breather and enjoy the journey. Now this go around I'm really making sure I am enjoying the process and the journey and taking time to be grateful for everything.

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  • Feb

    2016 Will Be a Banner Year For Swimming

    by Staff

    Even with all the on-going chatter about the Zika virus and concerns over a lack of readiness from the Brazilian hosts, it’s hard not to get excited about 2016. After all, it’s an Olympic year, right?!

    This is the year when heroes in our sport are made, when races become legend and our aquatics athletes are part of water cooler conversations across the country. Scratch that, across the globe!

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  • Jan

    2016 USA Swimming Calendar

    The Olympic Year has arrived, and the best swimmers in the World are gearing up to make history! America’s best have their eye on the trials, returning to Omaha, Nebraska from June 26-July 3 for the third straight time.

    Check out this year’s USA Swimming calendar and tell us which event you might attend and you could win a 3-month supply of Bonk Breaker®, Official Supplier of USA Swimming.

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  • Jan

    15 Things We're Looking Forward To In 2016

    We're starting the new year off right-- starry-eyed and excited. More specifically, we're looking forward to another year of fun in the sun (and rain), dreading and loving practice at the same time, and hiding from coach in the locker rooms (just kidding). Who's with us?

    Here's what we're really looking forward to most in 2016 at;

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  • Dec

    Exclusive Camp for US Trials Qualifiers

    Our long time partner, Fitter and Faster Swim Tour Presented by, has announced an exclusive and elite camp for swimmers who have qualified for US Trials, their coaches and parents. Trials qualifiers are invited to Omaha, NE from April 1-3, 2016 to kick off their last three months of training and gain a competitive edge going into the biggest meet of their lives.

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  • Jul

    Omaha Trip Contest Winner: Inspirational and a Hero

    From April to June, we held our Omaha Video Contest. The videos were aimed at promoting a positive message about the sport of swimming. It was a success! Contestants were asked to submit a video responding to the question: "How has swimming inspired you?" The grand prize winner received an all-expenses paid trip to Omaha for Swim Trials (a $6,000 value including flight, hotel, 2 tickets to the meets, and $150 spending cash per day)! We received a lot of video entries. Our judges had a tough decision to make, but finally came to a verdict. Continue Reading...



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  • Jun Launches Its Very First Billboard in Omaha!

    In honor of the Swim Trials taking place this week, we launched our very first billboard in Omaha, Nebraska! There will be over 100,000 swimming fans coming in for the week-long event.


    In addition, we also have a mobile billboard traveling around Omaha! The billboard is promoting a unique contest! To participate, all you have to do is take a picture of the mobile billboard and post it on the Facebook page. This automatically enters you in the contest, giving you the chance to be one of randomly selected winners. We will be selecting 100’s of random winners daily from June 24 until July 2. Winners will be receiving a SURPRISE gift!


    If you're in Omaha this week, keep your eyes peeled! Check out the contest here:



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