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  • Aug

    U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Month - August 2015 is proud of its partnership with U.S. Masters Swimming and carries a full line of U.S. Masters Swimming products from training accessories to swim gear. Each month, we look forward to highlighting some of the great swimming clubs across the U.S. that feature Masters teams for all types of swimmers. This months’ team comes from Oregon City, Oregon with Oregon City Tankers Masters. features a full-service team division that offers customization and bulk order discounts. We also have a team affiliate program that allows teams to set up their own online store to earn cash back for their team or club.

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  • Aug

    Five Things We Learned at World Championships

    Photo credit: R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya

    The 2015 Swimming Worlds wrapped up this past weekend in Kazan, Russia. There were some incredible individual performances from the likes of Katie Ledecky, Katinka Hosszu, Sarah Sjöström, Sun Yang and a trio of young Australians, all of whom are under 24 and won at least two individual golds: Mitch Larkin, Emily Seebohm and Bronte Campbell.

    If you were under a rock this past week and missed all the action, we break down five key things we learned from Kazan with an eye towards the big event next summer in Brazil.

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  • Jul

    The 2015 FINA World Championships TV Schedule

    The 2015 FINA World Championships begin the swimming portion on Sunday in Kazan, Russia at Kazan Arena Stadium. It’s the last major international swimming event before the 2016 Rio Olympics one year from now and will give us some major storylines heading into the Olympic year.

    Top Americans Nathan Adrian, Missy Franklin, Katie Ledecky and Ryan Lochte will all be in action! Can Katie Ledecky continue her scintillating performances from the past year including world record times? Will Missy Franklin bounce back from her struggles at the 2014 Pan Pacs to become the first woman to win the 200m backstroke at three consecutive World Championships? Can Ryan Lochte turn around his season after a 2014 that didn’t live up to his normal standards? And which new international stars will emerge like multi-event standout Katinka Hosszu or sprinter Cesar Cielo have over the past few years?

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  • Jul

    Get to Know…Clark Burckle!

    Clark Burckle is a 2012 Olympian who upset two of the top American breaststrokers at the 2012 Olympic Trials to earn his spot on the London Olympic team.  In London, Clark made the final and finished 6th.

    Originally from Louisville, KY, Clark comes from an athletic family; both his parents were collegiate athletes, and his sister Caroline Burckle is an Olympic bronze medalist in the 4x200m freestyle from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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  • Jul

    Catching Up with Brent Hayden

    Brent Hayden is a world champion, Commonwealth Games champion and Olympic bronze medalist who finished third in the 100m freestyle at the 2012 London Games under unlikely circumstances. His perseverance through tough competitive times and some unlucky breaks earlier in his career made Hayden’s bronze medal in London all the more special. 

    We caught up with the Canadian freestyle legend in time for the launch of our latest Gold Medal Delivery video and with the start of the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto, Ontario just days away.

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  • Jul

    The Long Journey to Rio, Part 1

    By Jarrod Shoemaker, 2008 Olympic triathlete

    I have been a pro triathlete for 11 years and each day I have two ultimate goals that I work towards:

    1) Be the best athlete that I can be;
    2) Represent my country at the Olympics

    As an athlete, the opportunity to compete in the Olympics comes around once every four years when the lucky few get to compete for a spot on their country’s Olympic team. I had the opportunity to represent the United States in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics and I just missed the team in 2012 despite being ranked #1 in the U.S. I am going for it again in 2016 and I will be sharing my experiences on that road with you.

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  • Jun

    Top 2015 Tech Suits Compared - The Expert Review

    TOP 2015 TECH SUITS REVIEWED (all prices subject to change at any time)

    2015 Men's Elite Technical Suits - Jump to Reviews | Visit Category Page
    *NEW* MP Michael Phelps Xpresso - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Speedo LZR Racer X - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Arena Carbon Flex WC Edition - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    TYR Avictor - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Hammerhead Silver Armor - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Dolfin Titanium - Gangloff Review | Product Page (available 4/1)
    Arena Carbon Air - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Rocket Science LIGHT2 - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Jaked Jkatana - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Blueseventy neroFIT - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    [Note: Speedo LZR Racer X and the new Michael Phelps’ “MP” suit will be added when available]

    2015 Women's Elite Technical Suits - Jump to Reviews | Visit Category Page
    *NEW* Speedo LZR Racer X - Stupp Review | Product Page
    Arena Carbon Flex WC Edition- Stupp Review | Product Page
    TYR Avictor - Stupp Review | Product Page
    Hammerhead Silver Armor - Stupp Review | Product Page
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  • Jun

    10 Reasons Why Swim Meets Are Better Than Practice

    Face it, 7 times out of 10 going to swim practice seems more like a chore than a fun extra-curricular activity. Everyone has those days when jumping into a cold pool and swimming back and forth for two hours is the absolute last thing they want to do. So, why do we do it? Two words-- swim meets. It goes without saying that swim meets are what keep us motivated, interested and coming back for more. When it comes down to it, meets are better than practice. Here's why;

    1. At meets you swim about 1/10 of the yardage that you normally would in any given practice.

    2. There are hours of downtime between events, which means quality team bonding. 

    3. The snack bar. Need we say more?

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  • May

    Brand Q&A: Catching Up with Jaked

    Jaked is one of the newest entrants into the tech suit market in the U.S., although they’ve been well-known in Europe for several years. We caught up with Jaked’s U.S. rep to learn more about the brand that has had swimmers talking since the brand’s terrific visibility at the 2009 World Championships. Blog: So first off, is Jaked considered an Italian brand because of the heritage?

    Jaked: Jaked is an Italian company with the headquarters in the North of Italy (close to Milano). The company has been created in 2008 when four guys had a great intuition: to use the polyurethane together with a state-of-the-art construction technology in the manufacturing system of the full body competition suits. It has been a real revolution in the swimming world! In the 2009 Swimming Worlds in Rome, most of the swimmers were using the Jaked competition swimsuit called J01, breaking 17 world records and earning 37 medals.

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  • Apr

    U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Month: April is proud of its partnership with U.S. Masters Swimming and carries a full line of U.S. Masters Swimming products from training accessories to swim gear. Each month, we look forward to highlighting some of the great swimming clubs across the U.S. that feature Masters teams for all types of swimmers. This months’ team comes from Pennsylvania with the Flying Fish Heads. features a full-service team division that offers customization and bulk order discounts. We also have a team affiliate program that allows teams to set up their own online store to earn cash back for their team or club.

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  • Apr

    Introducing: the Speedo LZR Racer X

    By Megan Mills, Associate Category Manager, Competition Swim

    Any time a new technical suit is rumored to be coming out from one of the leading swim brands, the buzz begins on deck and in the water. What will it look like? What is the new material? When can I get it?

    Speedo is a household name in our sport and we know when they introduce a new product, specifically a technical suit, it’s going to be a top product. We were right.

    After much pre-launch promotion and hype, the date is finally here to get your own Speedo LZR Racer X!

    When the retail team first saw the suit, we saw that the LZR X had taken the Fastskin line to a new level. I was incredibly excited to finally see and touch the suit for the first time in our office last month.

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  • Mar

    Interscholastic Coach of the Month Award - March

    Coaches are the backbone of any swim team and frequently the unsung heroes of an athlete’s success. They are the instructors, motivators, teachers and role models for many young athletes and swimmers. That’s why it’s important that partners with organizations like the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA). Every month, we recognize a different coach around the country for their tireless devotion to our sport and its athletes with our Coach of the Month Award.

    This month’s Coach of the Month spotlights Russ Ingold, a 21-year coaching veteran at Blue Valley Southwest in Overland Park, KS. Congrats!

    Name: Russ Ingold

    School: Blue Valley Southwest

    City: Overland Park, Kansas

    Years Coaching: 21 years.

    Biggest Team Success: Helping to bring the first state championship to Blue Valley Southwest High School. The 2013 Girls team was the first team state championship in the school’s short 3 year history, and then repeat in 2014.

    Favorite thing about Coaching: This is a hard question to answer and I hope this doesn’t sound too corny because I’ve been fortunate to work with some very talented athletes, league champs, state champs, high school all-Americans, a few that went on to dive at D1 colleges,  and even one that made the Olympic Trials finals. But my favorite things about coaching is, having that high school kid walk on the pool deck for the first time ever and have them say, “I want to try diving.” Then getting them to believe that they can do things that they never thought they could ever do, and then watch them do it.

    Favorite Drill: We play a game called Jump or Dive. It’s a game that helps to teach balance on a forward take off. The diver does a front approach and as they come down from their hurdle step the coach yells out jump or dive. The object of the diver is to listen and either go in the water feet first or hands first, depending on what was called. If the diver has their weight on their heels it is hard to rotate to go in head first. If they are leaning forward they will have too much rotation and go in head first.

    Congratulations, Coach Russ!

    Check back next month for April's Interscholastic Coach of the Month recipient.

  • Mar

    Brand Q&A: Catching up with TYR

    TYR recently launched their latest Avictor tech suit in their line-up to much critical acclaim. The suit received straight A’s in our 2015 Tech Suit Reviews and has made an impression for its colorful style. But TYR is more than just a top-of-the-line tech suit. We caught up with TYR’s media rep Erika Amandola on some of the latest TYR developments. Blog: The TYR Avictor is your new statement suit, tell us a little bit about the product development and characteristics of the suit?

    Erika Amandola: This suit has been a pursuit of ingenuity two years in the making. Manufactured in the United States, it stands alone from so many other suits on the market, and that is something we as an American based company, are very proud of. From the start we were dedicated to utilizing the latest technology in both materials and manufacturing. Now fully developed, the suit consists of three major advancements. The first, Hydrosphere Technology, allows swimmers to maintain a position higher above the water, reducing drag and adding speed. The second, Speed Dry Fabrication, enables swimmers to feel lighter and dry faster. Finally, Super Flex Bonding, conforms to the swimmer’s body to provide a durable, 360 degree stretch.

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  • Feb

    "Touch the Wall" Movie Review: More Than a Swimming Documentary

    Touch the Wall, the documentary that shadows Missy Franklin and Kara Lynn Joyce during their preparations for the 2012 London Games premiered last November to a packed theater in Franklin’s native Denver.

    Since then, the movie has been playing in theaters and community centers across the country, hosted mostly by swim teams before the scheduled DVD launch in May.

    Some of us here at SwimOutlet had the chance to preview the movie during the documentary’s New York premiere just before Thanksgiving.

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  • Dec

    Top Swim Snorkels Compared - The Stupp Training Review

    By Julie Stupp, Olympic Trials Finalist

    Swimming with a snorkel can be very beneficial to pool and open water swimmers of all ages and abilities, as well as triathletes. has quite a few different snorkel options and products to choose from.

    In order to help you hone in on the right snorkel for your holiday shopping, I have reviewed five different brands and they have all left me with very little air to train!

    The three major benefits of training with a snorkel are: 1) an increased lung capacity; 2) an improved technique with the ability to monitor your own strokes and; 3) being able to enjoy the underwater view for extended periods of time.

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  • Oct

    Five Easy DIY Costumes for the Pool Deck

    As swimmers, we dedicate a large portion of our lives to the sport. As much as we try to maintain a normal day-to-day lifestyle, we find ourselves drowning (pun intended) in our busy schedules. At the end of the day, despite the endless dedication and countless hours of practice, swimmer's just want to have fun-- right? 

    Halloween screams (literally) "FUN." Halloween makes it socially acceptable to dress up, binge on candy, and watch spooky movies-- what is more fun than that? Okay, so maybe swimmers can't devour a bucket of candy before a three-hour practice or stay up all night watching Hocus Pocus the night before a big swim meet. But we CAN dress up! In honor of the devoted swimmer who has a fear of missing out, we came up with five easy do-it-yourself (DIY) costumes for the pool deck. 

    1. Day of the Dead - Technically, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) isn't celebrated until after Halloween, but it still makes a killer costume. How easy is this? Grab your favorite skull or skeleton practice suit and some black and white face paint. We suggest the Turbo Halloween Skulls Water Polo Suit or the Splish Skeleton Thin Strap (and a YouTube tutorial for the makeup). 

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  • Oct

    Five Tips for Tapering

    by Jarrod Shoemaker, 2008 Olympic Triathlete

    Tapering, or peaking for performance, is one of the most important aspects of an athlete’s training regardless of what timed sport you compete in: swimmingrunningcycling or all three: triathlon. If you have been training for a race for months you do not want the last week leading into the race to ruin your race. That hard part about tapering is that every athlete reacts differently to drops in volume, quality or an increase in rest.

    When I was running in college I averaged 75 miles a week, but had friends running 110 miles a week. For my taper I would drop down to 35-40 miles a week, meanwhile my friends would barely drop down only to 70-80 miles a week. If they had dropped half their mileage or more they would not have performed as well. This leads me to a key point about tapering, you train every week and assuming you are hitting all your workouts, why change things too much?

    I had a high school cross country coach who told me “Anything you do 10 days out from a race can only hurt you.” If you are looking to have a breakthrough performance on race day, just do exactly what you are supposed to do in training. Just because you feel better does not mean you should try to set a mile PR in practice, save it for race day!


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  • Sep

    Art Institute of California Fashion Show: Student Interview

    This Saturday, September 27, the Art Institute (AI) of California - Silicon Valley is hosting their annual portfolio show. This event, put on by the AI students and faculty, showcases innovative design and fashion talents. is proud to announce that we have partnered with the AI students and donated Sporti swimwear, accessories and gear to help make their visions come to life on the runway. 

    In honor of our sponsorship, we selected one AI student to interview prior to the event. Nicole Przemielewski, AI fashion student, shares her journey, inspirations and goals. Get to know Nicole:

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  • Sep

    Michael Phelps’ Swim Brand: Q&A with Aqua Sphere Swim

    In August 2014, the most decorated Olympian of all-time, Michael Phelps, announced he was entering into a partnership with southern California-based Aqua Sphere to create a new global swim brand that will develop innovative products that are inclusive and accessible to a broader range of swimmers and non-swimmers across the full swimming lifecycle beginning in early 2015.

    Aqua Sphere was previously known best for its line of fitness swimsuits, Italian-made swim goggles, open water wetsuits and accessories, but gained instant credibility in the performance tech suit market with the new Phelps relationship.

    We spoke with Aqua Sphere Business Line Manager, Todd Mitchell, about the new deal with Phelps.

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  • Aug

    U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Month - August

    Masters Swimming products from training accessories to swim gear. Each month, we look forward to highlighting some of the great swimming clubs across the U.S. that feature Masters teams for all types of swimmers. This months’ team comes from sunny California with the Mountain View Masters Swim & Social Club. features a full-service team division that offers customization and bulk order discounts. We also have a team affiliate program that allows teams to set up their own online store to earn cash back for their team or club.

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  • Aug

    Open Water Swim Tips

    by Jarrod Shoemaker, 2008 Olympic triathlete & expert contributor


    The growth in open water swimming in the past decade has been tremendous, whether for fitness, competition or multi-sport events like triathlons. Venues range from lakes to rivers to bays to oceans and each one presents different challenges. Most open water swimmers train for races exclusively in the pool and this can leave them unprepared for open water swimming. There are a few important techniques to think about when swimming open water, so I put them together with my tips: sighting, stroke efficiency, buoy turns and water entries and exits.

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  • Jul

    The Road to 70.3 - Race Day

    By Jordan Turner, Social Media Coordinator

    “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.” I will be the first to admit that I found a lot of excuses on the road to 70.3, most of which involved avoiding my bike. However eventually, after countless hours of training, endless support, a few meltdowns and some serious soul searching, I also found my way.

    On July 26, I completed my very-first 70.3 distance triathlon, Barb’s Race in Sonoma County. Crossing the finish line after a long 70 miles— a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride, and 13.1-mile run—is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, it was my biggest athletic accomplishment to date.

    I know what you’re thinking, who in their right mind would sign up to race 70 miles in the first place? Well, being that I am young and fairly active (and maybe a little bit crazy), I am constantly finding new ways to challenge myself. At first, after college, it was a 5k fun run here and there—emphasis on fun (often times a tutu and paint were involved). When I got bored with the local 3-mile courses, I graduated to half-marathons. After having a handful of half-marathons under my belt, I decided it was time to test the waters in a triathlon (you see where I am going with this?). A few races later, I found myself standing on the edge of the Russian River in Guerneville, CA anxiously awaiting the 10-second countdown to my first 70.3 triathlon.

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  • Jul

    The Gangloff Review: Mark Gangloff & Julie Stupp Break Down the Latest Swim Watches

    By Mark Gangloff, Olympic Gold Medalist

    For quite some time “land” athletes have benefitted from technology. Between watches, GPS devices, computers, and even shoes that provide key metrics, land athletes have been able to track their training, compare results, and set goals rather easily. In the pool, we are often left to our own devices (no pun intended): counting.

    Recently, there has been a transition to swimmer-friendly technology. Among them, has launched in beta this summer, providing a swim tracking and workout platform that is compatible across multiple wearables, including some tech watches that I have reviewed here.

    Tech watches – some people call them smart watches – for swimmers provide key feedback and relieve the athlete of counting, tracking, and roping an innocent bystander into keep your pace.

    Over the last several weeks, I have tried many tech watches for swimmers. I am thrilled about these innovations and what they could do for our sport and our athletes so a brief overview follows.



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  • Jul

    Get to Know Connor Jaeger


    A 2012 Olympian in the 1500m freestyle, Connor Jaeger shares his thoughts of the recent Santa Clara Grand Prix, his approach to setting goals, maintaining swim-life balance and even some recent workouts done in the pool with our exclusive Fitter & Faster Swim Tour presented by Q&A!

    And don’t forget to enter the contest to win a “Swim Like a Champion” DVD by telling us your favorite dryland training exercise in the comments below by July 11.

    Q: You recently competed at the Arena Santa Clara Grand Prix, can you give us a recap of how the meet went for you, your best races and any good stories?

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  • Jun

    The Expert Review: Open Water Goggles

    By Julie Stupp, Olympic Trials finalist

    Tell us in the comments below where you will be doing your open water swimming this summer and you could win a pair of open water swimming goggles featured in our review!

    Competing in the open water can be very intimidating for many swimmers and non-swimmers alike. The conditions in open water can often be a challenge. The water can be cold, choppy, there may be a current and most of the time it is murky so you have no idea what is lurking beneath you. Not to mention in most races there is a high probability of getting hit in the face with an arm or a leg of a competitor.

    One of the few things you do have control of is what you are wearing and how well you react to the obstacles in the race. Having a great pair of open water goggles can relieve a lot of stress by helping you clearly see where you are going and what is going on around you.

    Open water goggles are quite different from pool goggles and unfortunately I learned this the hard way during my first triathlon. I realized there are four main components I need to have in a great open water goggle. 


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