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Top Swim Products Tested and Reviewed by Gold Medalist Mark Gangloff


What to Look for When Choosing a Women's Tech Suit - The Julie Stupp Guide (14)


I'm trying to find a tech suit that is a better...

Top 2014 Tech Suits Compared - The Gangloff Review (162)

my daughter wears a 27L in the speedo LZR elite. Any idea what s...

Custom Cap Competition: Download and Design! (5)

Hi Guys,

The winner of the custom cap contest will get...

Custom Cap Competition: Download and Design! (5)

The get they're cap online and money, duh!

Custom Cap Competition: Download and Design! (5)

What DOES the winner get? No self-respecting artist/designer is g...

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  • Dec

    Swim Like a Champion DVDs: Behind-the-Scenes of the Production

    By Chloe Sutton

    When I work with the Fitter & Faster Team, I know that no matter what we do, we do it big! We take an idea and we do everything possible to make it the best thing out there. When you’re working with a group of Olympic Swimmers, you know that we’re competitive, disciplined, and we never settle for anything but an epic success. So when I was invited along with a group of my favorite fellow Olympic swimmers to San Jose, California for a secret project, I knew that something amazing was in the process. 



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  • Aug

    Top Tech Suits and Fashion Suits at 2013 Worlds

    While the world was checking out times and tallying scores at the recent 2013 Swimming Worlds, the fashionistas at noticed other aspects of the meet: the best and brightest swimsuits on display in Barcelona.

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