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Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (253)

Escape from Alcatraz

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (253)

I need to improve my swim so I can beat Tina

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (253)

First in age group in 17K Portland Bridge swim

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (253)

I am an above the knee amputee and my goal for my first event (wa...

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (253)

Finish my first Tinman in hopes to eventually complete an Ironman...

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  • Nov

    15 Reasons We're Thankful for Swimming

    With Thanksgiving upon us, we're feeling extra nastolgic about the sport we love to hate. Despite all of the complaints, dreaded early mornings, and constant hunger-- we're forever thankful for swimming. Here's why;

    1. It keeps us busy and out of trouble (most of the time)

    2. We appreciate being outdoors

    3. Our forever cheerleaders, our parents

    4. Our coaches for believing in us even when we don't believe in ourselves 

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  • Sep

    Fall into Fashion: SwimOutlet Style Giveaway!

    As the last of summer's seashells are washing back to sea, we're packing up our beach blankets and hanging up our surfboards. Although we're sad to see the care-free days in bikinis go, we're welcoming sweater weather with open arms. Whether it's the football, all of the pumpkin-spiced goodies, the autumn leaves, the cozy candles, or the fun new fashions after a summer in cut-offs and tanks-- there's just something so refreshing about fall. 

    As swimmers, we know that we don't get to hang up our swimsuits and goggles just because the summer sun is setting (do we ever get a break?). But regardless of our countless hours in speedos and our chlorine hair tied up in knots, we can't help but fall in love with all of the fall fashions this year. Here are some of our favorites: 

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  • Jun

    2014 Fashion Swimwear Trends

    The five-day countdown to summer has officially begun. With that in mind, we’ve tucked away our parkas (for now) and we’re packing up our beach bags. Although we love our tech suits and goggles, we can’t help but share the fashion forecast for the 2014 summer season. Here are the styles that you can expect to see under the sun this year…

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  • Nov

    Cool Gear to Warm Up on the Pool Deck


    As swimmers we choose to expose ourselves to extreme weather conditions in the hopes that all of our hard work will soon pay off. As we tread deeper into the colder seasons, our parkas and warm-ups become vital accessories to keep our bodies warm and insulated. Nobody wants to have chills prior to diving in for a 200-yard swim. For that very reason, the Blog has selected a curated mix of cool (by that we mean hip) and functional products to help warm you up on the pool deck this winter.

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