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Top Swim Products Tested and Reviewed by Gold Medalist Mark Gangloff


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Top 2014 Tech Suits Compared - The Gangloff Review (168)

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  • Sep

    Art Institute of California Fashion Show: Student Interview

    This Saturday, September 27, the Art Institute (AI) of California - Silicon Valley is hosting their annual portfolio show. This event, put on by the AI students and faculty, showcases innovative design and fashion talents. is proud to announce that we have partnered with the AI students and donated Sporti swimwear, accessories and gear to help make their visions come to life on the runway. 

    In honor of our sponsorship, we selected one AI student to interview prior to the event. Nicole Przemielewski, AI fashion student, shares her journey, inspirations and goals. Get to know Nicole:

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  • Feb

    Missy Franklin Ready for 2013: Gold Medal Minute Presented By


    5-time Olympic Medalist Missy Franklin gives a great interview on Gold Medal Minute about her post-Olympic life, including media appearances, swimming for her high school, winning Golden Goggles awards, and her Bieber Fever! 



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  • Dec's Top 10 Viral Swimming Videos of 2012

    We made a list and checked it twice. With the end of the year upon us, we thought we’d look back on some of the best viral videos from 2012. Enjoy some laughs and Happy New Year from

    #10 - Elon Swim Club goes Gangnam Style
    It’s the biggest video phenomenon of all time, here’s the swimming version!
    #9 - Tony Azevedo's Lamborghini Trick Shot Video
    See U.S.A. Water Polo star Tony Azevedo pull off quite an unbelievable trick shot during a kids clinic in California.
    #8 - Breaking the Ice
    A man cannonballs into a frozen pool. Watch it and wince!
    #7 - Matt Grevers' On Deck Proposal
    How about this for catching your girlfriend by surprise! Great work from Olympic champion Matt Grevers.
    #6 - The Meaning of Jeah!
    Ryan Lochte takes us through the various interpretations and meanings of his own addition to Webster’s Dictionary: “JEAH”

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