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  • Aug

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

    We’re sad to say it, but Mercedes Benz [Fashion] Swim Week has come to an end. It was fun while it lasted—the clear, blue ocean, palm trees, the salty breeze, and how could we forget the amazing runway shows. We could talk about the Miami madness all day, but what really left us wanting more was the sneak peek of all of the hottest new trends for 2015. Miami left us with sand in our shoes, and a new love for fashion swim in our souls. Here’s what you can expect by the water in 2015:

    Stand up paddle boarding? Beach Volleyball? Jet Skiing? We’ve got you covered! Cropped Rashguards give you the ability to stay active, and the freedom to still show a little skin. Rashguards have come a long way from the solid black tops that they once were. In 2015 you will see the fitness fashionista in crops, zip ups, one pieces, and fun prints.

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  • Jul

    Must-Have Gear for the First Time Triathlete

    by Evan Rudd, Triathlon Category Manager

    Maybe your best friend talked you into it. Maybe you’re looking for an athletic challenge that takes you outside the confines of a gym. Maybe you lost a bet. Whatever your reason for committing to your first triathlon, your life will never be the same.

    Once you cross that finish line, you’ll be able to call yourself a triathlete, which is a pretty impressive bullet point to add to your résumé of life. But in order to cross that line in a blaze of sweaty glory, you’ll need a few pieces of essential gear to help get you there. You’ll also need to train for whatever event you’re planning to participate in, but this article is focused on the equipment you’ll need for your first triathlon. 

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  • Jul

    Go Team USA + Props to the Swim Brands that Support Them!

    Congratulations to all of the swimmers who qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team! And a big thank you to the brands that got them there! View all athletes who made it to the London Olympics and the swim brands that supported them!

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