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Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (143)

Open water swim

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (143)

My first triathlon will be early June in Minnesota - my goal is t...

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (143)

I want to swim a ten k open water!

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (143)

Ironman Coeur d'Alene 70.3 !

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (143)

My goal for my first race of the season is to relax and enjoy the...

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  • Mar

    Top 2016 Tech Suits Compared - The Expert Review

    TOP 2016 TECH SUITS REVIEWED (all prices subject to change at any time)

    2016 Men's Elite Technical Suits - Jump to Reviews | Visit Category Page
    Arena Carbon Ultra - Gangloff Review | *Available Soon
    FINIS Onyx - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    A3 Perfomance Legend - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Funky Trunks Apex Stealth - Gangloff Review | *Available Late March 2016
    Jaked JKeel - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    FINIS Fuse - Gangloff Review | Product Page

    2016 Women's Elite Technical Suits - Jump to Reviews | Visit Category Page
    Arena Carbon Ultra - Stupp Review | *Available Soon
    FINIS Onyx - Stupp Review | Product Page
    A3 Perfomance Legend - Stupp Review | Product Page
    Funkita Apex Stealth - Stupp Review | *Available Late March 2016
    Jaked JKeel - Stupp Review | Product Page
    FINIS Fuse - Stupp Review | Product Page

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  • Feb

    2016 Will Be a Banner Year For Swimming

    by Staff

    Even with all the on-going chatter about the Zika virus and concerns over a lack of readiness from the Brazilian hosts, it’s hard not to get excited about 2016. After all, it’s an Olympic year, right?!

    This is the year when heroes in our sport are made, when races become legend and our aquatics athletes are part of water cooler conversations across the country. Scratch that, across the globe!

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  • Jan

    15 Things We're Looking Forward To In 2016

    We're starting the new year off right-- starry-eyed and excited. More specifically, we're looking forward to another year of fun in the sun (and rain), dreading and loving practice at the same time, and hiding from coach in the locker rooms (just kidding). Who's with us?

    Here's what we're really looking forward to most in 2016 at;

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  • Dec

    2015 Awards

    It’s time for our first annual year-end Awards, recognizing the best in aquatics for this calendar year. So we looked back on some of the best performances, funniest moments and best products that we saw in 2015. Here’s our list – hot off the press – just in time for New Years!

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  • Dec

    Exclusive Camp for US Trials Qualifiers

    Our long time partner, Fitter and Faster Swim Tour Presented by, has announced an exclusive and elite camp for swimmers who have qualified for US Trials, their coaches and parents. Trials qualifiers are invited to Omaha, NE from April 1-3, 2016 to kick off their last three months of training and gain a competitive edge going into the biggest meet of their lives.

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  • Sep

    Brand Q&A: Catching Up With Blueseventy

    Bluesevently recently launched their latest NERO TX tech suit. The suit has certainly made an impression in the swim community for its enhanced technology and colorful style. But Blueseventy is more than just top-of-the-line tech suits and fun practice gear, they're a leader in the triathlon industry. We caught up with Blueseventy's marketing manager Helen Gorman on some of the latest Blueseventy developments. Blog: Blueseventy has been a popular open water swim brand for years, but you are moving more and more into high-end tech suits. Tell us about that evolution?

    Blueseventy: Our heritage is open water, but we’ve been involved in pool swimming since before the Beijing Olympics, that’s eight years of making performance swimwear for swimmers in the highest level of competition. It’s a market we feel we can make a difference in.

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  • Aug

    2015 World Championships Prize Winners!

    The 2015 Swimming Worlds have wrapped up in Kazan, Russia and so has our Prize Headquarters! Over the past two weeks we have given away over a dozen awesome swim prizes on social media and the blog including autographed gear, exclusive products and tech suits.

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  • Jul

    2015 World Championships: Prize Headquarters!

    The 2015 World Championships are here! From July 24-August 9, the world’s best swimmers, divers, water polo players and synchro swimmers will be competing in Kazan, Russia for the chance to be crowned world champions!

    For swimmers, it’s the last big event to show their stuff in the one-year countdown to the 2016 Rio Games. The U.S. team is lead by some familiar names – Nathan Adrian, Missy Franklin, Katie Ledecky and Ryan Lochte – but new stars are sure to emerge over the next few weeks!

    Here at we’ve put together a whole package of fun prizes around the 2015 World Championships with giveaways every day of the workweek during competition, beginning July 27.

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  • Jun

    Brand Q&A: Catching Up with Dolfin

    Perhaps best-known to swimmers of all levels for the crazy patterns and bright colors of the Uglies, the Dolfin brand recently unveiled its newest elite racing tech suit, the Titanium, in May. The Titanium marks the brand’s first real top-of-the-line racing suit highlighting an increased focus on performance product. We caught up with Dolfin Brand Director Matt Zimmer to hear more about Dolfin’s plans and products as a swim brand.

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  • Mar

    Brand Q&A: Catching up with TYR

    TYR recently launched their latest Avictor tech suit in their line-up to much critical acclaim. The suit received straight A’s in our 2015 Tech Suit Reviews and has made an impression for its colorful style. But TYR is more than just a top-of-the-line tech suit. We caught up with TYR’s media rep Erika Amandola on some of the latest TYR developments. Blog: The TYR Avictor is your new statement suit, tell us a little bit about the product development and characteristics of the suit?

    Erika Amandola: This suit has been a pursuit of ingenuity two years in the making. Manufactured in the United States, it stands alone from so many other suits on the market, and that is something we as an American based company, are very proud of. From the start we were dedicated to utilizing the latest technology in both materials and manufacturing. Now fully developed, the suit consists of three major advancements. The first, Hydrosphere Technology, allows swimmers to maintain a position higher above the water, reducing drag and adding speed. The second, Speed Dry Fabrication, enables swimmers to feel lighter and dry faster. Finally, Super Flex Bonding, conforms to the swimmer’s body to provide a durable, 360 degree stretch.

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  • Feb

    25 Reasons Swimming is a Love-Hate Relationship: Celebrate Valentine's Day + Win!

    With Cupid aiming his arrow at February 14, we’ve got one true love on our mind—swimming. As swimmers, we devote countless hours to the sport. We develop a strong passion that fuels us day in and day out. We unknowingly put the sport before our own wants and needs. We create unforgettable memories and unbreakable bonds. We put our entire heart into the sport of swimming. Sounds a lot like love, right?

    Sure, we love swimming—if we didn’t, would we really be jumping into water in near-freezing weather? But every swimmer will be the first to admit, with that undying love, there’s a little bit of hate.

    Swimming is the true essence of a love-hate relationship. Here are 25 reasons why;

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  • Jun

    2014 Fashion Swimwear Trends

    The five-day countdown to summer has officially begun. With that in mind, we’ve tucked away our parkas (for now) and we’re packing up our beach bags. Although we love our tech suits and goggles, we can’t help but share the fashion forecast for the 2014 summer season. Here are the styles that you can expect to see under the sun this year…

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  • Aug

    Top Tech Suits and Fashion Suits at 2013 Worlds

    While the world was checking out times and tallying scores at the recent 2013 Swimming Worlds, the fashionistas at noticed other aspects of the meet: the best and brightest swimsuits on display in Barcelona.

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  • Jul

    Steves Test of Gleam

    This is a test

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  • May

    UPDATED: Global Market of Arena POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro Suits Waived of FINA Approval

    Arena Waiving FINA-Approval on the Global Market Supply of POWERSKIN Carbon Pro Technical Suits, Offering Replacement with New Generation Carbon-Pro Mark 2

    UPDATE (7/22): The new FINA-approved Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro MK2 has arrived in stock and is now available for purchase in limited quantities for both men and women.

    To order women's Carbon Pro MK2

    To order men's Carbon Pro MK2

    Dear Customers,

    Arena announced on Monday May 6, 2013, that it was waiving FINA-approval from all Arena POWERSKIN Carbon Pro suits, even those produced and sold prior to 2012. 

    This includes:
    Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Full Body Short Leg Closed Back (AR220994)
    Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Full Body Short Leg Open Back (AR220993)
    Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Jammer (AR141364)

    Arena has stated suit problems arised due to manufacturing irregularities which caused an unintended - and unexpected - reduction of the permeability to air of some of the racing suits produced between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. While only part of their production has been affected, FINA is withdrawing the approval codes for all Carbon Pro models at Arena's request.

    We realize this is a major announcement and unfortunate to current owners of the suit, as the Arena Carbon Pro is considered to be one of the most popular technical suits for competitive swimmers on the market. As testament to Arena's unwavering commitment to its athletes and customers, Arena will provide a new generation, Carbon-Pro Mark 2 as an exchange to any customer with a current model Carbon Pro suit with proof of purchase.

    We will provide a replacement suit (FINA-approved POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro Mark 2) to all customers who have purchased Arena Carbon Pro suits from us in the past. Arena has alerted us that replacements suits will be available to the global market around the July 2013 time frame. We have already alerted current purchasers of this suit about this time frame in case they have any important competitive swim meets planned before that time period. 

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  • Feb

    What to Look for When Choosing a Women's Tech Suit - The Julie Stupp Guide

    This month, has brought in Olympic gold medalist Mark Gangloff and former US Olympic Trials finalist Julie Stupp to do independent reviews of some of the top tech suits on the market. Those reviews will come later in Februaryclick here to checkout those reviews and here's a quick "what to look for in a tech suit" written by Julie for women's suits. You can also check this handy reference guide from on women's tech suits here.

    Choosing a Women's Tech Suit

    By Julie Stupp

    When choosing a racing suit, each individual athlete has their own likes, dislikes and style preference. You can compare choosing a suit to differing stroke techniques. Every swimmer's stroke is built from the basic technique, but every swimmer has their own flair. Just like every suit has a basic cut, but each suit has its own differing high-tech qualities that makes it stand out.

    While one particular stroke technique or suit brand works for swimmer A, it may not work for swimmer B. When I choose a suit I look for five main components including: 1.) ease to get in; 2.) fit; 3.) comfort while swimming all four disciplines; 4.) compression and; 5.) durability.

    1) Ease to get in
    When I am at a major competition I don’t want the suit to take me too long (more than 8-10 minutes) to get on and I definitely don’t want it to wear me out in the process. If I get too tired while putting on a suit or it becomes a struggle, it is not worth the trouble.

    2) Fit
    The fit of the suit is very important in competition. For me, the suit must not be too tight in the shoulders and it must be long enough in the legs. If the suit is too tight in the shoulders then I know my muscles will easily fatigue in a race, because of all the tension the suit is causing. The suit’s length in the legs is also important to me, because if the suit is too short then it will most likely be too tight around my quads and hamstrings. This tightness can cause a loss of circulation throughout my body, which can cause fatigue and hinder my race performance.

    3) Comfort while swimming all four strokes
    Because I swim the Individual Medley, I must have a suit that functions very well in all four of the strokes. If the suit is comfortable for only a few of the strokes, it does me no good. I want a suit that will stay in place for the breaststroke, create compression in my core and legs for butterfly and freestyle and one that will resist water in the chest for backstroke. This is a tall order but there are definitely suits that have all of these qualities.

    4) Compression
    Finding the perfect balance of compression is tricky. If a suit is too tight you can lose sensation and fatigue quickly but if a suit is too loose you run the risk of trapping water in your chest, torso or legs, which causes major drag. I like my suit to be on the tighter side of compression throughout my core and legs, but I don’t want it to be too t Read More



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