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Assisted Access Equipment


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Finis Floating Island
FINIS Swim Teaching Platform 1.2m x 1.1m
Spectrum Aspen/Freedom/Traveler Remote
Spectrum Fixed Anchoring Assembly (For Units Prior to 3/12)
Spectrum Fixed Anchoring Assy (for Portable units)
Spectrum Freedom Lift Arms
Spectrum Traveler/Aspen/Freedom Battery Pack
Spectrum 2 Bend 72 Rail
Spectrum Kokanee 60 Rail
Spectrum 3 Bend 72 Rail
Spectrum Summit 400WPM (not ADA compliant) Anchor Kit
Spectrum 2 Bend 60 Rail
Spectrum 3 Bend 60 Rail
Spectrum Kokanee 48 Rail
    Spectrum 2 Bend 48 Rail
    Spectrum 3 Bend 48 Rail
    Spectrum 3 Bend 60" Rail
    $196.00 - $485.00
    Spectrum Kokanee 48" Rail
    $191.00 - $478.00
    Spectrum 2 Bend 48" Rail
    $177.00 - $437.00
    Spectrum 3 Bend 48" Rail
    $177.00 - $437.00
    Spectrum Traveler Anchor Kit
    Spectrum Portable ADA Lifts Lift Cover
    Spectrum Aspen and Freedom Anchor Kit
    Spectrum Traveler Lift Cover
    Spectrum Aspen and Freedom Lift Cover
    Spectrum Lolo/Gallatin WP400 Lift Cover
    Spectrum Summit 500 Anchor Kit
    Spectrum Coho 26 Grab Rail
    Spectrum Varden 48 Rail
    Spectrum 2-Tread 25 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum 2-Tread 27 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum Varden 60 Rail
    Spectrum Preset Swimlift Anchor
    Spectrum Retrofit Swimlift Anchor
    Spectrum 2-Tread 30 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum Swimlift Water box
    Spectrum 3-Tread 25 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum 2-Tread 36 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum Cisco 26 Grab Rail
    Spectrum Summit 500BP Lift
    Spectrum Traveler Lift
    Spectrum Portable Aspen Lift
    Spectrum Portable Freedom Lift
    Spectrum Gallatin WP 400 Water-Powered Lift
    Spectrum Lolo Lift WP400- Water Powered Lift
    Spectrum Aspen Lift
    Spectrum Freedom Lift w/ Anchor
    Spectrum Summit 400WPM (Not ADA Compliant)
    Spectrum Toddler Dock Training Platform
    Spectrum Traveler Wheelchair Attachment
    Spectrum Spectraforce Booster System
    Spectrum Traveler Transport Cart
    Spectrum Aspen/Freedom Transport Cart
    FINIS Swim Teaching Platform 1.8m x 1.1m
    Spectrum Traveler Spineboard Attachment
    Spectrum 5-Tread 27 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum 2-Tread 25 Heavy Duty Ladder
    Spectrum 5-Tread 25 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum 4-Tread 36 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum 4-Tread 30 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum Cisco 17 Grab Rail
    Spectrum 4-Tread 27 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum Burbot 30 Grab Rail
    Spectrum Pike Adjustable 26 Grab Rail
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