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AIRHEAD Products


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AIRHEAD 4 Rider Tube Rope
AIRHEAD Lob The Blob Floating Game
AIRHEAD Bungee Tube Tow Rope, 50 ft.
AIRHEAD Super Slice Towable
AIRHEAD G-Force 2 Towable
AIRHEAD Hot Dog Tube
AIRHEAD Lazy Lagoon Inflatable Island
AIRHEAD Rebel Tube Kit
AIRHEAD Big Shot Towable
AIRHEAD 2 Rider Tube Tow Rope
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AIRHEAD™ water sports products are manufactured by Kwit Tek Inc., a Colorado company founded in 1991. Since its founding, AIRHEAD's popularity has grown to become a huge competitor in the world of water sports.

AIRAHEAD designers detail each product to ensure the safety and value of each item. It uses the highest-quality materials, such as substituting nylon in place of polyester and installing two layers of Polyurethane coating instead of one. This attention to detail and quality is what has made AIRHEAD popular in over 50 countries and worldwide.

Beginners and professional water enthusiasts agree, AIRHEAD has the best products available on the water sports market.