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ABOUT The Race Club

The Race Club™ is an organization that prides itself on bringing out the best in swimmers. In 2000, before they were officially the Race Club, they had 13 swimmers and one goal: To blow their competition out of the water in the Sydney Olympics. In order to achieve their goal, the swimmers were put through a new training style that the Race Club developed and it has made all the difference.

The Race Club (at the time called the World Team) did not just have swimming coaches. To excel as swimming athletes, the original 13 swimmers had swimming coaches as well as strength training coaches, mental training coaches, nutrition coaches and recovery coaches. The Race Club was not disappointed with the results. 10 of the 13 swimmers competed in the Sydney Olympics. And of the 6 that swam for the United States, they won 10 medals. Just these 10 swimmers from the Race Club brought the United States 10 percent of the Olympic medals. Later at the Beijing Olympics, all 17 swimmers that trained with the Race Club all swam personal best times.

Now the Race Club has an international following and a diverse group of swimmers. The swimming instructions and swimming lessons that are taught at the Race Club have led to everything from full scholarships to simply more confident swimmers. If you would like the Race Club's swim training advice, you can also get it from their instructional DVDs. The Race Club is the destination for instructional DVDs that are backed by one of the most advanced swim camps worldwide. By combining competitiveness, athleticism and passion, the Race Club's instructional swimming DVDs are a must-have for swimmers who strive to be better.