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Shimano Products


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Shimano Men's SH-R078 Road Cycling Shoes
    Shimano Men's TR32 Tri Cycling Shoes
      Shimano Men's R065 Cycling Shoes
        Shimano Smart-Silicon HB Cycling Bar Tape
        Shimano PRO Compact Telescopic Magnet Lock Minipump
        Shimano PRO Fiberglass Bottle Cage
          Shimano PRO Tri Fuel Cage Saddle Mount
          Shimano Men's R321 Cycling Shoes
            Shimano Women's WR32 Road Cycling Shoes
              Shimano Dura-Ace WH-9000 50mm Carbon Clincher 11-speed Wheelset
              Shimano RS Carbon Clincher 50MM Cycling Wheel Set
              Magellan Cyclo 505 HR/CAD Cycling Computer
              Magellan Cyclo 505 GPS Cycling Computer
              Magellan Cyclo 315 HR/CAD Cycling Computer
              Shimano PRO CNC Telescopic Mini Pump
                Shimano PRO Aerofuel Maxi Top Tube Tri Bag
                Shimano PRO Aerofuel Medi Top Tube Tri Bag
                Shimano EQX2 Polarized Glasses
                Shimano Men's R107 Cycling Shoes
                  Shimano Women's WR62 Cycling Shoes
                    Shimano Women's Triathlon Cycling Shoe SH-WT60
                      Shimano Men's Triathlon Cycling Shoe SH-TR60
                        Shimano Men's Cycling Shoe SH-R320
                          Magellan Cyclo 315 GPS Cycling Computer
                          Shimano Sports Camera
                          Shimano Men's R171 Cycling Shoes
                            Shimano EQX2 Photochromic Glasses
                            Magellan HR Monitor for Cyclo ANT+
                            Shimano PRO Mini Strap Cycling Saddlebag
                            Shimano PRO Medi Strap Cycling Saddlebag
                            Shimano SPD-SL SM-SH10 Fixed Cycling Cleat
                              Shimano Men's Cycling Road Shoe SH-R106L
                                Shimano SPD-SL Ultegra Carbon Cycling Pedals
                                  Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7900 50mm Carbon Tubular Wheelset
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                                  ABOUT Shimano

                                  Shimano® started off with humble beginnings in 1961. At the New York Toy Show, Shimano presented a 3-speed bike hub that sparked the popularity for multi-speed hubs. Once they became established with a head office in Japan, Shimano expanded to the United States.

                                  In New York, Shimano started off small with only 3 employees. The main goal for Shimano new office was to be closer to the American customers and distributers. By being in the same country, Shimano was able to provide assistance and receive reviews faster. Their decision to become more accessible has paid off since Shimano now is a well-known and popular destination for bike gear including some of the most efficient bike shoes and road shoes on the market. Their ever-growing collection of Shimano bike shoes are popular among triathletes and those who are looking for a healthier lifestyle.

                                  Some of the design benefits for Shimano bike shoes and Shimano road shoes are the oversized strap or the micro-adjust buckle that help you make a fast transition and keep your feet secure. Other Shimano bike shoes also have metal fiber sown into the lining to prevent the heel from lifting out of the shoe. As technology keeps growing, Shimano bike shoes are sure to keep expanding.