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Seea Hermosa Limestone L/S One Piece
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Seea Doheny L/S Luna Rashguard
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Seea Hermosa L/S Prarie Swim Shirt
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Seea Nosara Burgundy Top
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Seea Solimar Luna Reversible Bottom
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Seea SanO Luna One Piece
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Seea Leucadia High Waist Luna Bottom
  • Video 
Seea Jamala Geogold Top
  • Video 
Seea Jamala Geogold Bottom
    Seea Nosara Burgundy Bottom
    • Video 
    Seea Leucadia Luna Top
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    Seea Palomar Black Diamond Crop L/S Rashguard
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    Seea Balboa Prarie Surf Legging
      Seea Mundaka L/S Luna Wrap Top
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      Seea Hermosa Luna L/S Surf Suit
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      Seea Hermosa Blue Fossil L/S One Piece
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      Seea Riviera Cableknit One Piece
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      Seea Calafia Prarie Surf Legging
        Seea SanO Cableknit One Piece
          Seea Pavones Black Dot Top
            Seea Jamala Black Dot Bottom
              Seea Jalama Black Dot Top
                Seea Leucadia Limestone High Waisted Bottom
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                Seea Leucadia Tea Leaf Triangle Top
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                Seea Laguna Ivory Pant
                  Seea Leucadia Skirted High Waist Tea Leaf Bottom
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                  Seea Montara Apricot L/S Rash Tee
                    Seea Chicama Cableknit High Waist Bottom
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                    Seea Palomar Red Flower Crop L/S Rashguard
                    • Video 
                    Seea Jamala Seaglass Bottom
                      Seea Leucadia Limestone Triangle Top
                      • Video 
                      Seea Jamala Tea Leaf Bottom
                        Seea Jalama Seaglass Bustier Top
                          Seea Jamala Tea Leaf Bustier Top
                            Seea Ensenada Apricot Bottom
                              Seea Ensenada Apricot Triangle Top
                                Seea Avalon Prarie Surf Overalls
                                  Seea Hermosa L/S Earth Waves Surf Suit
                                  Seea Palmas L/S Nautique Surf Suit
                                  Seea Mundaka L/S Earth Waves Wrap Top
                                  Seea Doheny L/S Nautique Rashguard
                                  Seea Chicama Rosa Top
                                  Seea Chicama Rosa Bottom
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                                  ABOUT Seea

                                  An elegant mix of retro-modern style and contemporary design, Seea is dedicated to the pioneering women who first braved the waves, and for every woman who wants a suit that is feminine, fun, and comfortable. Founded by Amanda Chinchelli, Seea seeks to create a cohesive collection through a mix of retro-modern styling and contemporary colors and prints.

                                  Committed to domestic production, Seea suits are a locally crafted, Californian product. Even small details, like the hangtags, are vintage made and multi-use, complete with a hair band for your next surf session. Simply put, Seea strikes the perfect balance between comfort, sun protection, & style.

                                  "These suits are made for you ladies, so enjoy them and play often. We are women… We are the graceful sliders of the Seea." -Amanda Chinchelli, Seea designer & founder.