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Rusty the Wired Series

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Rusty Wired Series:

Rustybroke the mold when they created the Wired Series. The Rusty sweatshirts, Rusty jackets and Rusty shirts in the Wired Series stand out because they have built-in headphones. In place of ordinary drawstrings that only adjust the hood, the drawstrings on these Wired Series tops are machine-washable headphones.

The wired sweatshirts, wired t-shirts and wired jackets are all easy to set up because you just plug in your MP3 player or music player and enjoy the music coming out of the earbuds. To wash the Rusty wired jacket, wired sweatshirt or wired shirt, you just pop off the earbuds and throw the whole thing in the washing machine. Rusty found the most convenient way to keep you warm and supplied with your favorite music.

Another bonus to the tops with built-in headphones is that there are no cords on the outside. The headphone cords are all internal, so they won't get in the way or accidentally get pulled out. Keep it clean and simple with these hidden and machine-washable, built-in headphones.




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