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TYR Stationary Swim Belt

TYR Stationary Swim Belt Reviews

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4.5 star rating (34 Reviews)

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  • 5/23/2009 Better than I thought

    rating star By Frank

    I'm an Age Group Triathlete and don't have the chance/time to train a lot in pools, but we have an Up ground Pool  in our backyard for the kids so I thought to give it a try. I have to say its much better than I had ever thought.
    It works really fine although you have to pace yourself with a heart rate monitor because there's no chance to measure speed/distance or time.

    It's definitely worth the money and a good alternative when you live in the Desert like me.



  • 6/17/2012 Fantastic product

    rating star By Skee

    I love this swim tether. It has a modest amount of flotation in the belt to assist in keeping you prone. It is comfortable and allows me to get a non-impact aerobic workout in the family pool. Shipping was quick and with a pair of goggles I was in the pool. I have recommended this product to everyone that has a pool in their backyard.



  • 4/23/2012 Good for intense work

    rating star By RWD

    I am a triathlete who travels for work periodically. Hotel gyms typically have treadmills and stationary bikes. How to keep up on training while on the go? This belt will do it for you. I swam varsity in college, so I can assure you that you will not "out swim" this belt. The harder you swim, the harder it pulls you back.

    On my maiden voyage with this, I did 2 minute repeats -- much like doing hill repeats on the bike or run. I don't think I'd enjoy doing a straight 15 minute swim, because there is no break and no opportunity to rest.

    It's a stiff bungee cord - not super-stretchy surgical tubing like what I was used to in my previous swim belt experience. I get the impression it will be long-lasting.

    The neoprene cover on the belt makes it very comfortable - without gouging or rubbing. The kit includes a carabiner so you can quickly detach the belt from the cord.

    You'll get immediate feedback about which part of your stroke is non-productive, because the cord will pull you backwards. I will probably take this belt to a group workout to let other people experience what it feels like.

    The only disadvantage I can think of is that -- because you are not moving forward in the water -- you produce no "bow wave." This makes breathing a little different. You need to turn your head slightly more to get air. If you don't already take advantage of the bow wave with your breathing, you might not notice the difference.

    This is an inexpensive, well-thought and executed product. Really glad I got it.



  • 3/21/2012 this is awesome

    rating star By William H.

    Takes some getting use to but overall a really great product. I use it when I travel and don't have a pool big enough for lap swimming. Swimming against your resistance is by far a harder workout.

    Everyone who swims should have one of these !!

    William H.
    Va Beach, VA


  • 3/21/2012 LOVE it!

    rating star By Heidi

    I bought this last summer to do triathlon training in my above-ground pool at home.  It is very comfortable, it is super easy to tie down. In the above ground, it caused many waves off the sides, but I liked it because it helped me get used to waves for an open water swim. It is one of my best investments for the money!

    Killeen TX


  • 3/20/2012 Swim Belt is good for traveling

    rating star By pete

    Use it at hotel pools while traveling..easy to pack along with suit, goggles and swim music

    Inclie Village, NV


  • 3/19/2012 get your swimming done, even in tiny pools

    rating star By Blesk

    Great product, allows me to get my swims done even while travelling with access only to tiny hotel pools.  The workout is a bit tougher since you are pushing against stationary water at all times, but that just makes it that much easier when you get back to regular swimming.  Item is comfortable to wear, and doesn't draw nearly as many strange looks as I imagined.

    Tallahassee, FL


  • 3/19/2012 Gret product

    rating star By Swimgirl

    This was a replacement for a swim belt made of rubber tubing and it is a much more durable product. I used it in my swimspa everyday last year and look forward to using it when I open my spa in early May. It was also a much cheaper price than previous rubber belts.



  • 2/17/2011 "Simply the Best"

    rating star By Chris

    "Simply the Best" product and Service!! I received my TYR Stationary Swim Belt 3 days after "internet" ordering my product.. I am training for a Triathlon and this Stationary Belt works great in my pool when I cannot get to the beach... I LOVE IT and LOVE YOU!! I will be recommending you to all my friends.. Thank You..

    San Diego, CA


  • 8/19/2010 Great swim belt

    rating star By Trivet

    I am a competitive triathlete. I bought this so I could work on my other strokes as well as swim in my own pool when I can't make it to practice. It is easy to use and hook up-- I attached it to our ladder. The belt is a bit large so if you are thin, you have to really cinch it.



  • 8/2/2010 Exactly as advertised

    rating star By Tucker1

    Simple, inexpensive and does what it was designed to do!!
    I thought the cord would be too short but it is fine. I bought a plastic C clamp and have no problem attaching it in any pool I want to work out in. It packs flat and light. Dries out quickly if I am traveling the same day.

    Fort worth TX


  • 7/26/2010 good training product

    rating star By E E.

    This product is great for swimming in an above ground pool.  It may be a little difficult for larger people to use.  I have a 38" waist and it was snug.  But once it is is very good.

    E E.
    Winnsboro, LA


  • 7/7/2010 Great Training Tool

    rating star By Barb

    I am not a competitive swimmer, just training to do a 1-mile benefit swim.  This allows me to swim in my above ground pool very easily since I can't swim laps in it.  The resistance is perfect and I just attached it to a deck post.   It  works just as I was hoping it would!!

    Potsdam, NY


  • 7/6/2010 Just like swimming!

    rating star By LINDA M.

    I bought the swim belt because I have a 18 ft round pool.  I took a bungie cord and hooked it to the fence, then the belt.... 25 minutes of swimming and I'm done.

    LINDA M.


  • 7/4/2010 All You Need.

    rating star By ygrt93

    This works great!  i was  worried that it wouldnt work well because it costs so much less than others, but it works just the way it should.  I hooked it to a loop in the side of my pool and i just swim any stroke.  
    If your looking for a Stationary swim belt, this is the  one to get!

    Patterson, CA


  • 6/13/2010 Great Swim Belt!

    rating star By DARCY K.

    Great product. It is comfy and does the trick. I will use it all summer for sure.

    DARCY K.


  • 5/31/2010 Belt

    rating star By Dwayne A.

    Awesome training tool!  My boss even bought one after he saw mine.  Makes for a great workout when you can't swim in open water.

    Dwayne A.
    Morgan City, LA


  • 5/24/2010 looks usable

    rating star By BobbieH76

    I have not tired it out but looks at if it will do the job.  I am looking forward to using it this summer!



  • 5/19/2010 Great Product

    rating star By Andres F.

    This product is great for training in a small pool.

    Andres F.
    Houston, TX


  • 5/6/2010 Works good

    rating star By James B.

    Product works as discribed.  Easy to swim in place and can be used in a smaller size pool with ease.  Strap it on and start swimming.

    James B.


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