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Nike Swim Latex Nose Clip

Nike Swim Latex Nose Clip Reviews

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3 star rating (24 Reviews)

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  • 7/11/2014 Great Clip!!

    rating star By Synchronized Swimmer

    I love this nose clip!! Everybody is saying how they don't fit. Nose clips rarely fit until you adjust them by biting the metal or twisting the ends, to fit your nose. This clip stayed on for a whole practice, which was amazing!!

    Synchronized Swimmer
    Seattle, WA


  • 6/25/2014 Finally a nose clip that fits

    rating star By Nodge Adams

    It's large enough to fit my nose.  I was able to squeeze it down a bit to make it fit perfectly.   The latex coating is sticky so it doesn't slide off like all the other nose clips out there.  If there's a downside it would be style, it's not cool like the blue plastic clips, but who cares this product works.

    Nodge Adams
    Denver, co


  • 6/6/2013 learn to use it!

    rating star By synchronized swimmer

    You guys are just saying it doesn't work and is too big because you need to tighten it!! I'm a synchronized swimmer and I use this same modelling everyday and it works perfectly! To tighten, twist the two ends together or bite down on the metal part. It adjusts quite easily!

    synchronized swimmer
    Minneapolis, mn


  • 1/15/2015 not recommended

    rating star By Diana

    The bridge on this latex nose clip is too big!!!!!!!!!!
    Not helpful for those who wish to prevent water from entering, which is the entire point of nose-clips...



  • 8/4/2014 No Good

    rating star By RockHead

    Slides off my nose immediately. Metal cross member would stick out quite far from nose if it were to stay in place.

    North Dakota


  • 12/26/2013 nose clip

    rating star By Bob

    good for keeping water out

    Freeland, MI


  • 11/13/2013 For huge noses?

    rating star By AB

    This was not a great product for our synchronized swimming team because the wire is really wide at the top. The swimmers have to adjust them drastically, and even still they do not work well. We will not be ordering this product in the future.

    Richmond , VA


  • 8/2/2013 Nose clip

    rating star By Deborah M.

    I purchased the clip for my husband's use during his  daily swimming workout.  They would not stay in place and kept slipping off his nose.  The bridge arch seemed too big.  He still got water in his nose.

    Deborah M.
    Kenner, LA


  • 2/2/2013 Nike Swim Latex nose clip

    rating star By Mary Ann

    Just too large!!

    Mary Ann
    Lincoln, NE


  • 6/27/2012 GREAT FIT!

    rating star By John P.

    I need nose clips due to sinus problems.  I tried the Sporti plastic-like ones and was a little disappointed.  This style has always worked for me and these are no exception.  I can't WAIT till my next swim!

    FYI, most clips will be tight until you get use to them.  DON'T let that deter you from buying these!  They are GREAT!

    John P.
    Columbus, OH


  • 5/24/2012 Sizing off

    rating star By Ann

    This think is ENORMOUS!  I could fit 2 noses in it...and I don't have a small nose.

    Fort Collins, CO


  • 10/19/2011 disliked by the swimmers

    rating star By j. l.

    The swimmers didn't like this nose clip.  It is difficult to get a good grip on the nose.  It is big and difficult to adjust.

    j. l.
    st-eustache, QC


  • 9/21/2011 Nose clip falls off freqeuntly.

    rating star By joe m.

    It works when it stays on but fails off doing laps.

    joe m.
    east moriches, NY


  • 9/15/2011 Way Too Big!

    rating star By Mom O.

    I bought these for my two daughters (ages 8 & 10.)  This brand is  gigantic and impossible to use!  They didn't fit at all!  My girls were used to the another brand, which were fabulous, but discontinued.  I was so happy to have found these, only to be highly disappointed when they tried them on.  I will be returning these and looking for something much, much smaller!

    Mom O.
    Amherst, NY


  • 9/10/2011 Its ok.

    rating star By Sabrina

    Im using it. Its fine.



  • 9/5/2011 returned it

    rating star By barbara k.

    fit was way too big - tried it on after receiving it, even dry it was way too big!  like the style but not the fit

    barbara k.
    charlotte, NC


  • 9/1/2011 Nose Clips for Bigger People

    rating star By Maine Novice Triathlete

    Although you can't tell from the photos, these nose clips are really (I mean, really) big.  A normal sized female cannot wear these clips for even a short period of time.  If there was a standard sizing system, these would be large or extra large.  Great for bigger guys, but not useful for most women.  Too bad.  This is my favorite design of nose clips.

    Maine Novice Triathlete
    Central Maine


  • 5/31/2011 Nose Clip

    rating star By Heather

    I purchased this item cause I am training for a triathlon and can't swim without nose plugs.  They work great.  The only thing I have noticed is you are better off to not remove them once you put them on and put them on before you enter the water.  They don't feel as snug once you are wet and take them off and have to put them back on.



  • 11/22/2010 Nike Swim Latex nose Clip

    rating star By Doug A.

    If you are prone to sinus infections, this little clip really works at keeping water out. I use a small black rubber band to attach it to the bridge of my googles so I don't lose it.

    Doug A.
    San Rafael, CA


  • 10/9/2010 Great Nose Clip

    rating star By Detlef E.

    The first nose clip which stay on the nose and does his job. Nice!!

    Detlef E.
    Charlotte, NC


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