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FINIS Neptune 4GB MP3 Player (Version 2.0 - Latest Model)

FINIS Neptune 4GB MP3 Player (Version 2.0 - Latest Model) Reviews

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3.5 star rating (95 Reviews)

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  • 8/12/2013 Comparison to SwiMP3 and Overall Review

    rating star By George F.

    I have used Finis SwimP3"s since generation 1.  

    I loved my first generation product (blue and white).  No glitches at all.  Songs loaded up very quickly and hassle free.  Yes, it had limited capacity, but I was only swimming for an hour at a time, so didn't really need that much space.  When those finally died, Finis was on the second generation of the product (yellow and black).  This one had firmware issues out of the gate and was not readable by a mac.  When I got the new firmware onto the set, these too worked very well.  Alas, these too died about three weeks ago.  Which brings me to the Neptune System.

    (1) Songs loaded up like a charm.  Copied over mp3 files from my iTunes library and they played beautifully.
    (2) Sounds better than the old SwimP3.  If you are old enough and remember listening to music on an AM station and then listened to music on an FM station, that is the sound improvement you are looking at when you move from SwimP3s to Neptunes.

    (1) Design.  The ear pieces have clips that go from bottom up not from top down.  Imagine using a clothes pin and pinching from above (SwimP3) vs pinching from below (Neptune).  For me this is less sturdy than the top down approach.  
    (2) Design (2).  The back of the head unit is bulky.  It is a top down clip, but the back of the head unit is quite large especially if you wear a swim cap and wear the cap over your goggles.  It's only a centimeter thick, but that extra centimeter makes your cap just that much tighter.
    (3) Song Display.  Do you really need to see the song title and artist displayed while the song is playing?  If you are like me, you're swimming when the songs are playing and the unit is behind your head where you can't even read what song is playing.  In my case, its even below my swim cap so I really can't see it.
    (4) Reliability.  This is the HUGE con.  My Neptune is dead.  My Neptune was delivered on 8/1.  I didn't start using it until 8/4.  It wouldn't play any songs this morning 8/12.  In total, it lasted 6 workouts (11 miles).  I don't believe it is actually waterproof.  I can see a water bubble under the screen.  The pool I swim in is only 6 ft deep (max), so I couldn't have exceeded the depth.

    I am contacting Finis later today to discuss.  Will update when that conversation is done.

    George F.
    New York, NY


  • 1/7/2014 Like the previous model and just as good!!!

    rating star By sjonesjrmd

    I had the previous version for 4 years. I swim 5000 yards 3 times a week for exercise. This version is an improvement over the previous. Recharges quickly, storage of a lot more tunes. Controls are much easier to manipulate, one charge lasts at least 4 hours. Color is great and the clips on the ear pieces are a much better design. Makes the time pass quickly during swimming workouts. Love it !!!

    Cartersville Georgia


  • 10/24/2013 super product, yet...

    rating star By Tomas T.

    daily lap swim 1-2 hrs in chlorine/salt combo pool
    super improvement from early generations with Neptune's easy to read screen. I have used Neptune for 6 months now.
    former waterfi user(two years) and still use the last generation finis swimp3(one-year and counting). I use both generations of swimp3, because once i load my music i don't like to change until the weekend.

    I do this (honest admission coming) because I cannot figure out to load playlists or make them (even with the new Neptune) and that for me is  a drawback. I miss the convenience of loading itunes to waterfi's ipod. I know its a platform issue, but geez!

    But once on, it's effortless (i do like Neptune's control box) and always NO HASSLE with earplugs while flip-turning!!! You can't beat this product for convenience and cool-ness!

    Tomas T.
    San Diego, CA


  • 7/26/2014 Takes the boring out of lap swimming

    rating star By Shana L.

    This is my second Neptune. 1st one I bought off of ebay and it worked perfect until I spilled nail polish all over it. :-(. Went several months thinking I wouldn't buy another. Now I'm training for a triathlon and the pool workouts are getting boring. I decided to buy another. Still works great (so far) and I found some old cds that I'd saved tons of music on and I'm transferring it to the neptune. Transferring can be tedious but oh well. Great for lap swimmers.

    Shana L.
    Plaquemine, LA


  • 12/29/2013 It WORKS!!!

    rating star By Robbie O.

    When I was swimming with out it i sat at the wall a lot. I now have the extra motivation to swim even more. I love music so when I go to the gym I have my iPod in while I'm running, riding, and lifting weights, and now I have music to swim!! It WORKS!!!!

    Robbie O.


  • 9/9/2013 Finis Neptune Mp3

    rating star By miriam t.

    I absolutly love my mp3 player, it's the sounds like I'm in surround sound when I'm in the water. I also was able to connect it to my car usb radio and played my songs in my car...double function. real easy to load songs from the internet. 10 thumbs up!!!!

    miriam t.
    college park, GA


  • 8/8/2013 Good product

    rating star By LCates

    I bought this product because I got board with the same swim routine. I find that music takes your mind off of the workout and lets you relax.
    PROS: Shipped very fast,does what it claims, easy to operate
    CONS: Can not load playlists from ITunes. You have to load them individually.

    Pitsburgh, PA


  • 8/7/2013 Fun in the pool

    rating star By Nancy

    This was a gift for my husband who is an avid swimmer and loves music. We weren't sure how well in would work but after six weeks of use are very happy with the outcome. He uses it everyday while swimming to listen to his favorite tunes!

    Houston, Texas


  • 11/17/2015 Nice but.....

    rating star By Richard

    I am on my third Finis Neptune model and this one is my second version 2. When they work they are really great, but these guys have really quality issues. My prior two units both stopped functioning.

    The wires to the headphones are not well attached so the sound starts and stops many times. My last unit recently died when water got into the player behind the screen. Just to be clear I've been gentle with this last unit and have tried to take care of it, but it just isn't built right.

    Orange County, CA


  • 10/8/2015 Broken already

    rating star By Drew

    Unit began acting strange volume would go down by itself and finally it just wouldn't work at all

    Jacksonville Beach, FL


  • 9/29/2015 2 broke and they sent me reconditioned unit also broke

    rating star By Rich

    Please do not buy this. They break easily and it is hard to get them to replace it.

    San Diego


  • 9/25/2015 Garbage

    rating star By Swimmer

    Expect it to die after 3 months, I have had three and none have made past the summer.  DO NOT buy this!! It is crap!

    Las Vegas


  • 9/21/2015 3 units went bad

    rating star By Borisme

    The product looks good and attractive until you start to use it. I got one in January as a birthday gift. Start to use it in May. 3-4 workouts and water got inside. Finis replaced the unit within 1.5 - 2.5 weeks. Note: FINIS requested traceable delivery so I paid. Not sure but they may sent back refurbished because the new one even did not tasted the water - battery did not keep the power. So, sent back again. At this time they paid postage. The third one was good... up to 3-rd workout. FINIS refused money back because the "gift" was bought through Amazon.

    Los Angeles


  • 9/9/2015 Not compatible with audiobooks

    rating star By Sadigh

    This is the main reason that I got this MP3 player. I reached out to finis and they do not support. Also, they haven't given me a solution for where to purchase audiobooks that are compatible.

    Danville, CA


  • 7/21/2015 Neptune mp3 player

    rating star By cwelb

    The unit shipped to me required a firmware update to allow the shuffle feature to work properly. I found the instructions for updating confusing, however,  the customer service representative was very helpful in stepping through the update procedure
    I had hoped that the water noise, with ear plugs in place, would not deter from my ability to clearly hear song lyrics. This was only partially the case. In all fairness, I have not used ear bud units so can not make a fair comparison.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the product. It makes time pass much more pleasantly through my workouts.

    Upland, CA


  • 8/1/2014 Looks like an improvement in durability

    rating star By Sargam

    I used the very first of these devices when they went to market. I would not consider anything else as I hate ear buds. The sound conduction works just fine with the speakers placed on the temple rather than then ears themselves, though it is best underwater so if you are one who does the variant of breast stroke where the whole head or one side of it is out of the water, then it may not work for you. I have a very small pool and so do alternate lenghts back stroke or entirely underwater. My one criticism has been durability. I find that the original design of plastic clip on the headphone part lasts a year at most and when one of those breaks the device is useless. Its a little expensive to throw away once  a year. This years model appears to have major redesign. The electronics is now in a separate module to the phones and has gained a screen so you can see what you have loaded. In particular the clip appears now to have a metal spring in it which I am hoping might extend its life.

    Nampa. ID


  • 7/25/2014 Outstanding

    rating star By Dr. M.W.

    It is by far the BEST swim music player I've ever had.  Crystal clear music underwater is heard while I swim laps WITHOUT the discomfort and problems associated with earplugs.  Finally, I have stress free, clear music while I swim.  I'm going to turn all my old cassettes into mp3 files so I have my favorites to download.  Then, all I need to do is drag and drop them onto the Neptune... The neptune was highly recommended by a colleague who swims (pool and ocean) and I'm sure glad I asked for his recommendation.  The Neptune is awesome!

    Dr. M.W.
    Philadelphia, PA


  • 4/30/2014 Cannot believe the positive reviews

    rating star By April girl

    I cannot believe the positive reviews given Neptune mp3 player. I do concur with all the cons that are voiced. Finis this Neptune is a big mistake. Bring back the earlier generations. I actually have worn out 4 of them, but at least they were reliable for about a year.

    April girl
    Corpus Christi, TX


  • 4/29/2014 great underwater mp3 player. Worth it

    rating star By Brad

    I use this player about 5 times per week for about an hour per session.   I was a little worried about the battery life, as some reviews indicated that it was relatively bad.  I can confirm that my battery life has faded over the 3 months that I've had it, however,  not to the point that it worries me, yet, though.  One charge is easily enough to get through 3 nights of swimming without a problem.   It's pretty easy to move music to and from the player, and it charges up easily and quickly enough.  

    Sounds good under water, and not that terrible above,  although it's inconsistent if you're popping your head in and out of the water to breathe.  I have not tried ear plugs, as others have recommended,  yet, so that may solve the problem.

    Overall, a great piece of equipment.  I knocked off a star due to the fact that I feel the battery will not hold up for as long as I initially expected.  Great in all other aspects.

    Geneva, IL


  • 3/19/2014 more fragil than the previus model

    rating star By Florencio G.

    The model finis earlier was much handy

    Florencio G.
    Miami, FL


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