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ClubSwim Antifog Optical Pro II Goggles

ClubSwim Antifog Optical Pro II Goggles Reviews

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4.5 star rating (403 Reviews)

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  • 8/15/2013 This is the place to buy Goggles!

    rating star By Sharon E. Bessey

    I have been very happy with these swim goggles for several years...I discovered your company for my Grandson's first goggles when his prescription was a lot less than it is now.  As his prescription changes...I buy new goggles.   I have looked other places and the prices are outrageous!  Your goggles are perfect and so is the price!  Thank you for offering them for sale as they are a life-saver to my be able to see when his eyesight is very bad!  Thank you!

    Sharon E. Bessey
    Coos Bay, OR


  • 6/3/2013 just what we needed

    rating star By i.a.

    I have 2 daughters who are nearsighted (appx -5.5 and -6.0).  Prescription goggles make swimming even more fun - who doesn't want to see what's going on?

    westlake, OH


  • 10/18/2012 Incredibly good for the price

    rating star By Critical Al

    Quality-wise these goggles  are indistinguishable from the very best prescription goggles I have used in the past. They are optically perfect, well made, durable and best of all, dirt cheap!
    I have been using them for years, if there is a minor criticism is for the anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens. The coating is not very durable, when cleaning, the lenses need to be handled with great care.

    Critical Al
    San Francisco, CA


  • 1/16/2012 Don't touch the lens interior!

    rating star By Steven B.

    Pros:  The headband is one of my favorites--it doesn't catch in my hair or cut into my skin.
    Cons:  1) The bridge digs into my nose slightly, no matter which of the three bridges I use.  2) I made the mistake of wiping droplets from the inside of the lenses with a cotton towel which permanently smeared the anti-fog coating--I had to use goo remover to get rid of the rest of it so I could see again, but they now fog up.  3) The seal appears to degrade with time because they leak more than they did when they were new (one year ago).

    Steven B.
    Provo, UT


  • 9/1/2011 A real bargain!

    rating star By Critical Al

    Very good product, great bargain, optical quality perfect.
    A few complaints though:
    Head-strap material very durable but slippery, tends to loosen up,  
    requires frequent adjustment.
    Anti fog coating not as durable as would be desirable.
    All in all, among the best goggles I ever used.

    Critical Al
    San Francisco, CA


  • 4/24/2011 It is nice to see in the pool

    rating star By Brightshadow

    These goggles are great because they correct my eyesight so I can recognize my friends in the pool.  Sometimes I have trouble with the seal and have to adjust them.  I have that problem with most goggles though. The straps don't slip out of place so I don't have to spend time rethreading them.  I like it that there are two straps in the back to help me keep the goggles on over my swim cap.  So far the antifog treament that they come with is still working.



  • 4/22/2011 Good goggles

    rating star By Joyce H.

    I use these in an indoor pool, they work as well as the more expensive ones

    Joyce H.
    Manassas, VA


  • 4/21/2011 My son LOVES these!

    rating star By Swimming Mom

    My son's prescription is high for someone so young.  He was THRILLED to know there was sauch a thing as prescription goggles and I was THRILLED with the price!  The best part is the antifog feature.  I wish mine were antifog!

    Swimming Mom
    Huron, Ohio


  • 4/21/2011 The googles you were looking for

    rating star By steph

    I love these googles..they are light, cute and best part
    Keep the water out of my eyes. People always ask me
    Where I got them and I tell them special order online.



  • 2/21/2011 Great value!

    rating star By LisaG

    These goggles are the best value...not only are they better than the drugstore goggles that I have been buying for twice the price...but my son can see now thanks to the easy-to-order prescription lenses!
    Thanks so much!

    Seattle, WA


  • 2/14/2011 I can see clearly now.....

    rating star By Joe Miller / I can see clearly now....Joe

    I am a sixty two year old former long distant runner.
    Both my knees need to be replaced.
    I swim for an hour, about 2500 meters, very other day.
    Before wearing these googles, with the optical correction, I embarassed myself by swimming into another swimmer who thought I touched her intentionally.My eye sight is that bad. Not only the optical correction but the anti-fog feature keeps  me in my lane.  This is the thrid pair I have purchased from  Swimoutlet and it will not be the last.

    Joe Miller / I can see clearly now....Joe


  • 2/14/2011 Great value

    rating star By Phil

    Like these a lot.  Much much cheaper than the pair that I paid $90 for 5 years ago at my optician. Seem identical to the Sporti Antifog Optical Pro II Goggles I bought at the same time.  Have used for a couple of months now and very happy.

    Miami Beach


  • 2/7/2011 Great goggles

    rating star By sini

    These are great.  Fit tight without hurting!!! and a bonus of being able to see!!! Love them.



  • 2/3/2011 Great product for a great price.

    rating star By agumieny

    My son can't see a thing when we go swimming.  These are great.  I looked into purchasing a pair through our eye doctor.  The goggles alone were $55 without the lens.  Granted they were higher quality.  These were such a great price I bought 3 pairs(he tends to lose things).  I paid a little over $21 with shipping. Awesome!

    Plymouth, WI


  • 2/2/2011 Great for the price

    rating star By super kids

    Good price! My son use it 3 times a week for practice, it does not seem to have any problem. Do not leak!

    super kids
    Lacey, WA


  • 1/28/2011 very good for the intended use!!

    rating star By Kaanna

    Bought three of different prescription for three family members and we all loved it. Can't even buy regular goggles for this price!! Very happy with the order and handling from Thank you and will buy again and refer friends.

    Suwanee, Ga


  • 1/24/2011 Great prescription goggles!

    rating star By Judy S.

    I have purchased 4 pairs of these goggles over the past year.  I have a small face and they  fit perfectly with the shortest nose piece, no water gets in and I can see clearly.  The price cannot be beat.  The only problem is that it is very difficult to change the nose piece.  I broke one side doing so but received a free replacement  within a couple of days.

    Judy S.
    Danbury, CT


  • 1/20/2011 Great for the price!!!

    rating star By Pam G.

    Wore for the first time yesterday and I could read the signs all the way across the pool!   I have a high power, -7 and it was well worth it.

    Pam G.
    Bedford, NH


  • 1/19/2011 Excellent Prescription Goggles

    rating star By Divyang

    I love the way they look and fit. It is very easy to adjust and very comfortable. Only down side is that it looses its "fog free" feature after about 10 uses like any other so called fog free goggles. I guess, there is no such product out there...

    Fairfax, VA


  • 1/19/2011 Priscription Goggles

    rating star By Wenqing L.

    Good quality, reasonable price, wonderful service!
    Surely I will come back to shop at

    Wenqing L.
    San Gabriel, CA


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