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Barracuda Predator

Barracuda Predator Reviews

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3.5 star rating (34 Reviews)

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  • 11/6/2013 Excellent. Comfortable and no leaks

    rating star By William W.

    I bought these because my "normal" goggles would hurt my face during longer (40-60 minute) workouts.  These goggles are great. No fogging, no leaking and totally comfortable. Best $20 I've spent in a while!! Highly recommended!

    William W.
    Washingotn, DC


  • 1/5/2013 Nice Goggle

    rating star By Fish0177

    For a non-mask style, this goggle puts the least pressure on the eyes that I have personally found.  And, yes, it keeps all water out!

    Minneapolis, MN


  • 10/24/2015 These are large swim goggles, or are they ski goggles

    rating star By David K.

    For me not large enough to fit over my eyebrow, which they needed to do, and not small enough to fit under my brow. The only way to find out if they fit your face properly is order them. If I were to do it again I would order these along with another pair with the intent I would return the pair that didn't fit. Now I have to order some other and wait another week ...

    David K.
    Greenville, SC


  • 4/28/2014 Fits Great

    rating star By Patt12

    These googles fit great, feel secure and don't fog up during my swimming laps in the pool. I will definitely purchase other pairs of googles. Thank you!

    New Orleans, LA


  • 1/11/2014 Perfect choice

    rating star By Triguy

    I tried these after seeing favorable replies by others.  They gave a great fit and excellent visibility. After my first 90 minute swim with zero leaks and no painful fit around my eyes plus no fog whatsoever...I had to tell my friends. This is a great goggle!  Highly recommended. I can't wait until I can try them in open water.

    Philadelphia, PA


  • 9/25/2012 Best for open water

    rating star By TG

    I have been on a search for a great goggle for Triathlon.  I tried at least 4 before I found these.  Great for sighting.  The lens tint makes for great vision.  Never a fogging problem.  Great fit to face with no leaking.  I have found my go to Tri Goggle with these.

    Highlands Ranch, CO


  • 7/2/2012 Terrible google!!!

    rating star By socalswimmer

    super durable but leaks and so uncomfortable. can't do more than 20 lap without being in pain. made for fat faces. skinny people stay away.

    san diego ,├ža


  • 5/11/2012 Predator goggles

    rating star By Lawrence D.

    Goggles arrived promptly.  Thanks

    Lawrence D.
    Carbondale, IL


  • 2/3/2012 Barracuda Predator

    rating star By Lady swimmer

    The goggles are great.  They don't leak or fog up. They are relatively expensive but worth it.

    Lady swimmer
    Princeton, NJ


  • 8/7/2011 Barracuda Predator googles

    rating star By Bonnie

    The lenses are BRIGHT and the seal is tight around the eyes, NO LEAKAGE!!

    Fort Myers, FL


  • 8/5/2011 Not a favorite

    rating star By Reviewer

    Brilliant headaches and leaking



  • 8/1/2011 Best so far...

    rating star By Todd G.

    My experience with goggles is limited but I have been very pleased with the Barracuda Predator goggles. No problems with leaking or fogging and visibility is great for open water swim triathlons. My only complaint is this, DO NOT try and clean the lenses as you will remove a protective film that prevents fogging.  I've learned the hard way...twice.  Otherwise, great goggles.

    Todd G.
    Mount Carmel, IL


  • 4/22/2011 Tried two different goggles, both leaking on the left side from day one.

    rating star By andrew k.

    Tried two different goggles. both leaking on left side from the first day. Very disappointed.

    andrew k.
    omaha, NE


  • 3/28/2011 Great fit for a larger face

    rating star By Norm

    I purchased a pair of Speedo Vanquishers and they were just too small and uncomfortable.  I returned them and purchased these and I love them.  Very comfortable for a larger face.  I'm 6' 3" 250lbs with a head to match, so these work great.  Not sure how they would do on a smaller, narrow face.



  • 2/24/2011 Amber lens works well, good seal, comfortable

    rating star By Kelly

    Great for swimming in the bright sun.  They make a good seal, are comfortable, and have a high quality feel.  I have deep-set eyes and a wide face, but they seem like they would work for a lot of face shapes (and eye depths(?)).  Now I wish they would make a snorkel mask with amber lenses that doesn't cost a fortune.

    Yakima, WA


  • 10/12/2010 For larger faces

    rating star By Adam L.

    Great for sunny days, but not for smaller faces.  The goggles are large in the orbital area.  Therefore, they sometimes leak during the "push-off' phase of the turn in the pool.

    Adam L.
    Houma, LA


  • 8/23/2010 excellent product

    rating star By Fernando T.

    Comfortable with no leaks.

    Fernando T.
    Kingwood, TX


  • 8/11/2010 trash....

    rating star By PK

    first of all it doesn't keep water out. The hard plastic doesn't stick to my face at all. Water is constantly leaking in....
    and this is not my first goggles so don't say I don't know how to use them.
    The line is also hard to adjust.
    I would give it  0 stars if I could.
    I would actually wonder why someone would sell these.

    Springfield VA


  • 8/1/2010 Absolutely watertight! Easy to adjust too!

    rating star By Ron

    My wife actually swims like a Barracuda!  But for years she was plaqued by goggles that leaked.  She also has trouble in one eye from a childhood injury... So it's been a constant irritant to her when other goggles leaked.  She does the Olympic turn at each end of the pool, but the leaking problem was slowing her down terribly.
    Her last pair of goggles before these was a "girly " pair in a lovely pink that wouldn't leave lines on your face.  (They also wouldn't keep out the water!)  While she was adjusting them, they finally broke - and that brought us to Swimmers Outlet.  What a selection!!!  That's when she found these excellent goggles.  If you're a serious swimmer who has no time for stopping to mess with your goggles, this product is for you.

    Louisville, Kentucky


  • 7/25/2010 Barracuda Predator

    rating star By Barracuda Predator

    Great value...  Fits well; good vision.  Needs to come in a smoke or dark tint.

    Barracuda Predator


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